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November 22 2012

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Stranger Than Fiction

A Reasonable Hypothesis


Consider everything on this page supposition and opinions. For the sake of legalities we’ll cal it  “fiction” based on circumstantial evidence. This text is in no way a condemnation of the UN or IMF or any other party, it’s just the way I see events unfolding into larger situations.
 Any opinions reflected on this page are those of Dave Meckanic and my opinion and a buck fifty will buy you a regular coffee.

Just a quick question for my viewers ;-)

A friend of mine in Florida thinks I should publish the entire book online, a page a day. Not hold anything back and name names for the South African half anyway. I wonder what other people think. I might actually consider doing this, but I need feedback on this specific topic of timed online document release. I have no problem writing or setting up web pages or adding pictures, it’s just a lot of work and I don’t mind doing it as long as the interest is there. Which I think it is since I am getting about 1,500 hits a month public and around 10,000 through anonymous servers and counter blockers (you can’t trick my ISP counters/loggers).

So what do you people think, do you think I should publish online? Maybe make it so the book can be read via mobile devices like smart phones?

I get a lot of emails already from people thanking me for putting all this information up here. I didn’t do it alone, I had help in the gathering and generation of much of the math, charts, naval information, etc. from a very smart gentleman now in Indonesia who was once on the SRO for the Helderberg and also from people involved in the FOVOH. I have to thank them all!


A friend of mine named Jakes in South Africa, who worked with me, used to say, “The truth may hurt, but it can never be a lie.” He liked that line and used it a lot. He was a nice guy with a wife and a new baby, just trying to make a life for himself. He used to help put together the instrument racks for the lethal security systems I designed for the military and key points. I hope everything worked out well for Jakes and that he made it out, I know our Managing Director and his ‘spawn’ did.

A little update, Jakes did make it out of South Africa. Last I heard he’s doing well in a different African country.

There are certain events that DID happen, leading up to the changes that occurred in South Africa in 1994 that spanned a more than 30 year time period. These events can be researched and connected just as a mathematician can prove the existence of some obscure civilization using Archimedes' and Fibonacci spirals. But not everyone looks at the underlying reasons, the causality associated with an end result. As humans, we are generally absorbed in the day to day affairs of our own lives. We would never even consider a 30, 50 or 100 year plan, except in the case of our retirement funds. The gratification period associated with seeing the results is either unacceptable, simply because of the span of time or we’d be dead anyway.

But in the limited scope of this document (which I reserve the right to change as I see fit), let’s look at who might and did benefit from a long term change in the political topography in South Africa;







IMF/CFR/World Bank


Resources and Economic Control




United Nations


Political Control




African National Congress (ANC)


Nationalisation and Dictatorial Control




United States


Capitalism & Resource Interests






Following UN Lead






Marxist Transference




European Community


Following UN Lead




South African People






As I have discussed under my Hegel-Delphi page, a series of open and yet insidious events took place from the early 60’s forward. As I have stated before, I am not big on conspiracy theories. People seem to like to use them when they believe they have no control over what is happening around them. They like to blame the Masons or the Catholic Church or the Illuminati or some nebulous group that is always just out of reach, too powerful or so obscure and diverse as to be totally untouchable.

It’s just people and whoever the puppet masters are at any given time, the only power they have is that which we collectively give to them. Can you imagine how the balance of power would change if there was no longer currency, banks or the stock markets? Or if suddenly, there was no more oil or natural gas. Or better yet, if everyone knew the truth about this “game.”

But what does this have to do with South Africa you ask? Well, I’ll get to all that eventually through the text.

Let’s look at History and what actually happened.

1961 Forward

Dag HammarskjoldDag Hammarskjold, the UN Secretary General under pressure from UN Members and the IMF attempted through economic pressures and sanctions to disband Apartheid in South Africa. During one of his missions to Africa on September 18, 1961, his plane crashed (or was shot Rooi Rusdown) near Ndolo in the Congo. It is alleged, that Dag survived the crash (two eye witnesses) but was summarily executed by T.H. Swanepoel aka Rooi Rus (Red Russian), a South African mercenary operating under the direction of the South African NP government. We do know that Cecil Margo actually performed the investigation into the crash, before he was a judge. Why would this occur you might ask?

South Africa at the time was fully independent, they grew their own food, had their own foundries and supplies of raw materials, a weapons program, manufacturing, etc. they didn’t need or want outside interference. The UN at the time was threatening sanctions and embargoes, so South Africa decided to send a message back in a body bag. They wanted the interference to stop and wanted to be able to operate as the sovereign nation that they were. Consider what Canada might do if Rooi Rus and Rodney Barnettsuddenly the UN walked in and told the government to abolish some law and give all the land back to the North American Indians. Or better still, the UN dictating to the United States, yeah that’s going to work out well.

One has to consider “Who owns the land”? Is it the people who may or may not have been there or is it the people who built everything including an infrastructure and developed trade so the country could prosper? Who shepherded the development of the country, gave it direction and purpose? Or should effort, even when one sided, be shared equitably and reasonably without greed and demand?

Regardless, the people of South Africa built South Africa. It started with the Voertrekkers and ended in 1994 with Mandela. I don’t condone how the government dealt with the UN, but I do understand their position.

 (copied from Wikipedia)

Tit for Tat

“The National Party under Verwoerd won the 1966 general election. During this period, the National Party government continued to foster the development of a military industrial complex, that successfully pioneered developments in native armaments manufacturing including aircraft, small arms, armoured vehicles, and even nuclear and biological weapons.

Three days before his death, Verwoerd had held talks with the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Chief Leabua Jonathan, at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Following the meeting, a joint communique was issued by the two governments with special emphasis on "co-operation without interference in each others' internal affairs".

On 6 September 1966, Verwoerd was assassinated in Cape Town, shortly after entering the House of Assembly at 2:15 pm. A uniformed parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in the neck and chest four times before being subdued by other members of the Assembly. Members who were also trained as medical practitioners rushed to the aid of Verwoerd and started administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Verwoerd was rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital, but was declared dead upon arrival.

Tsafendas escaped the death penalty on the grounds of insanity. Judge Beyers ordered Tsafendas to be imprisoned indefinitely at the "State President's pleasure."

Verwoerd's funeral, attended by a quarter of a million people, was held in Pretoria on 10 September 1966. He was buried in the Hero's Acre in front of the Union Buildings.

The still blood-stained carpet where Hendrik Verwoerd lay after the murder remained in Parliament until it was removed in 2004.

The town of Orania in the Northern Cape province houses the Verwoerd collection – memorabilia collected during Verwoerd’s lifetime and now on display in the house where his widow lived for the last years before her death in 2001.”

A highly suspect situation this and what appears to be a direct response to the assassination of Hammarskjold.


Vickers 818 ViscountThe Rietbok Crash (a Vickers 818 Viscount and was Fidel Castro’s personal aircraft before being purchased by the SAA) occurred of which, judge Cecil Margo tabled the inquiry. High ranking Broederbond member and vice-principal of the University of Port Elizabeth, Professor Johannes Bruwer (very likely a UN/IMF agent/supporter) was on the flight. The entire investigation was shrouded in mystery and covered up by security personnel within the SA government. Apparently, Bruwer was the progenitor of a UN backed plan to enable black empowerment in the different homelands, which was met with incredible resistance by the National Party, the Church and higher echelon members. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Bruwer was assassinated by factions within the South African government with no regard for the other passengers on the plane.

For the next 18 odd years, the UN in their imminent wisdom tried sanctions and embargoes in varying measures and degrees. South Africa laughed. You cannot lever a country unless you have something they want and South Africa needed or wanted very little, everyone else wanted what they had, gold and diamonds, and of course a very cheap labor force. Over the years, South Africa grew into a first world nation with gleaming towers, industry and international banking centers. They produced products for export and had a rising balance of trade in their favor. All of this under a cloud of sanctions and embargo, they were the world’s best dressed ‘pariah’.

This was a problem for the UN and IMF, South Africa was uncontrollable and at their rate of growth would soon overtake other first world nations. With SA’s cheap labor force they would become too competitive in the world market. The fact that they had a 70’s nuclear weapons program out of Palindaba and Velindaba didn’t help matters either. The UN decided to enlist the aid of one of South Africa’s long term enemies. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Wrong!

The IMF using the UN alongside Russian interests, laid the framework of a long term plan and funded much of the ANC’s programs for regime change. They solidified ANC territory by producing Marxist rulers in the surrounding countries. Zimbabwe and Mugabe is simply one example of economic and racial polarization, and crimes against humanity. The eruption of conflict in Angola between the MLA and UNITA is another example. South Africa came to the assistance of UNITA (in their own interest of course) and fought alongside the black UNITA troops with no color barrier for years.

I am quite sure as well that the relationship between the US and UN has been seen by presidents of the United States as ‘bitter blood’ mainly because the UN was propping up puppet communist regimes with the help of the Russians. It’s actually a bit of a wonder in itself that the US has been so tolerant of UN and IMF ‘shenanigans’ these long yJohn Stockwellears since the 60’s and possibly before (I don’t have a need to go into the country based Reserve Banks instituted in the early 1930’s by the IMF. There is ample documentation concerning the IMF’s influence in every country through the manipulation of its currency and banking control infrastructure. Reserve Banks are owned by the Shareholder Banks which are owned by the IMF/World Bank).


The Portuguese pulled out of Angola leaving the FNLA, MLA and UNITA to battle it out in a civil war. As the MLA started losing ground to the UNITA forces, assistance was requested from Russia and Cuba. South Africa seeing another country going Marxist, sided with UNITA to oust the MLA. John Stockwell was the CIA’s point man at the time who managed the Angolan Conflict from a US perspective and provided logistics, reconnaissance and weapons. Reference: John Stockwell


The Angolan conflict was raging and the US was helping UNITA and South Africa with arms to fight the MLA because of the communist connotations, Russia and Cuba were involved supplying AK’s, RPG’s, Migs and all manner of weapons and troops. Then along came Samora Machel, the president of Mozambique. A man who could further polarize the countries in sub-Sahara Africa against South Africa or so thought the UN, and they made it public.

Samora MachelSeeing this new threat and feeling ‘bulletproof’ for so many years because of their independence and ousting of UN/IMF interference, the South African government took a calculated risk. They decided to slow the IMF/UN’s plans by offing Samora Machel. But it had to look like it was an accident, negligence or just good old fashioned stupidity. At the time South Africa was working with the Israeli’s and a North American electronics firm to develop a VOR jamming system, also known as a false beacon. It was completed in 1985 and tested with some success, but proximity was a problem as well as diversion angle.


Samora Machel and Pik BothaIt didn’t take long for the SA Recon crew to set up the false VOR beacon. It was mounted on the back of a covered personnel carrier and easily driven through the bush and hard ground of a small mountain range, like the one just south east of the northern Swaziland border road. After all, there are a huge number of dirt tracts in the area. There were only six guys in the actual crew, four watchers, a CO and an operator.

On October 19th, 1986 during a routine flight from Lusaka, Zambia to Maputo, Mozambique, Samora Machel’s plane, a Tupolov 134 with Russian crew, went off course and slammed into the Lebombo range near the South African, Swaziland and Mozambique borders, south-south east of Komatipoort.

Machel's Tupolev 134ASamora Machel was dead along with 33 of the 44 passengers and crew, possibly, the UN/IMF thought that South Africa’s aggressiveness or arrogance would polarize the ANC’s efforts further. But it didn’t, out with the old boss, in with the new boss. In Africa, leaders only look at what they get, they can’t see the greater good, else why would every country fail? Then we come to the joint task force to determine what went wrong in Machel’s Tupolev and of course, this was tabled and presided over by Judge Cecil Margo, not a big surprise.

But something much more dramatic was needed from inside South Africa to bring it down. The vendetta between the IMF/UN and South Africa had been going on for more than 25 years, it was time for the IMF/UN to become seriously pro-active.

The UN had a full blown weapons embargo against South Africa. One of it’s strongest supporters was the United States, who had been feeding arms to UNITA and South Africa during the weapons embargo, for the Angolan conflict with the Russians and the MLA. But we weren’t getting anywhere fast in Angola. Every time we got a little ahead, they’d send more Migs or more troops or both. Armscor needed the Russians distracted, rethinking their strategy, so in came the special weapons programs. Like the false beacon technology, they wanted to make the Russians think it was their own fault the planes were crashing. Either it was something wrong with the planes or the pilots.

But there was a problem in the South African government and Armscor. The UN/IMF had 25 years or more to install ‘sleepers’ that were now in positions of power that could make decisions to change the course of the war and government policy. Open orders, like a retreat would be questioned and charges of treason may have followed, but pretending to go along with a plan and circumventing it in the end without anyone knowing, now that would work.

Whether the installed ‘sleepers’ were ANC or UN/IMF makes no difference as the ANC were simply puppets. They produced a fractured government and military, one that instead of having a single direction and goal was split in two. One for independence and the other for capitulation.


George Shultz (CFR Member) and Secretary of State (US) met with Oliver Tambo the exiled leader of the ANC in Washington. A prelude of things to cHelderberg SA-295ome it would seem. It should be noted that at this point that Pik Botha and FW deKlerk are also CFR members.

Reference: Oliver Tambo

The IMF/CFR decided that South Africa had to be destroyed from the inside. The only way to accomplish this was through national disgrace and demoralization that would effect all facets of government and the military. Cut off the head of the snake and watch the body writhe, after all, South Africa needed to be punished for its insolence to the IMF/CFR and the UN.

The destruction of the Helderberg almost did it all in one blow. A government carrier, transporting military weapons and raw Flight Path - Courtesy of Big Bucks Berniematerials on a commercial passenger flight. How much more illegal does it need to get. What more does one need for public disgrace, if all the truth came out about the crash and death of 160 innocent people. In their panic to cover up what had been done, the government brought in Judge Cecil Margo, who had worked before on questionable ‘accidents’ and always seemed to lay blame on pilot error. They’d get him to fix it, after all, Margo owed them, big time. Again, not a surprise.

When the dust settled, the FDR and the ‘cargo’ went missing in the SRO conducted by the Armscor and SAA but managed by the CIA and US Navy Seals from CSO - Diego Garcia, no one said boo! South Africa of course did not admit to what was being carried on the flight, they Fire Locationwould have been responsible for the murder of 160 people. The US said nothing, they wanted the signatures from the reactor in North Korea from the fissle material on the plane. Every country protected itself as all countries do, they all lied. And the troops in Angola, well, they trudged along fighting a losing battle. With the loss of the Helderberg Reconstruction at Jan SmutsHelderberg’s cargo, there wasn’t going to be an EMP Cannon on the Angolan border or faster SAMS with the new ammonium perchlorate mix, which increased the probability of being bombed or shot down by Migs which demoralized our troops.

In the ensuing Inquiry which was tabled by Judge Cecil Margo, it was more like a legal ‘war-zone’. Every piece of evidence that made any reference to Armscor, SAA or the government as being culpable, was disallowed. Witnesses with key information were dismissed and witnesses that should have been called were not called to testify. In the end, the inquiry did not find truth, it provided disinformation.

One other interesting note on the CVR, the 37khz pinger power
source, batteries, had an expected life of 30 days once disconnected from the main power source in the plane. Batteries however, do degrade over time, shortening their ability to deliver power. But taking a best case scenario of 30 days plus a 10% margin of error, or 33 days total, the power supply for the pinger (locator beacon on the CVR) would have been depleted when the CVR was allegedly found. The Helderberg went into the ocean the early morning (just after midnight) on November 28, 1987 and therefore, the batteries should have died by the early morning of December 31, 1987. The CVR was allegedly found January 5, 1988 at ??? Recovered CVR ???09:00 or 5 to 6 days after the best case battery scenario. Realistically, the battery would have died between Dec. 25 and Dec. 28, 1987. The Sonne could not locate the CVR pinger right up to December 25th, 1987. Frik Corneelsen of the Stena Workhouse (ship) stated that the CVR was ‘discovered’ amongst the wreckage. What is the probability at 4400 meters depth of the chance encounter of one of the devices everyone is looking for (and not finding the other)? Also the Sonne Report does not mention a “Stena Workhorse” ship in the SRO compliment, this is questionable, unless the Sonne was no longer involved.

198843 2

Min. Gen. Magnus Malan (retired)Even though countries try to get the best deal for themselves that they can, with ministers scooping the best portions, the US extended an ‘olive branch’ since no one commented on the loss of the ‘cargo’ on the Helderberg. The US needed to invade Iraq and get the ball rolling for middle east democratic reform, at least that’s what we’ll call it here. In order to prime Saddam after his weapons had been depleted in the Iran/Iraq war and with much stroking by the CIA, the US allowed South African Ministers to make a large sum of money on a weapons deal SA Min. Pik Bothafor keeping their mouths shut. The ministers had to make some serious coin as they knew what was coming, there were hints that the UN/IMF were going to launch a new initiative to bring South Africa to its collective knees.

During December of 1988, Pik Botha, Magnus Malan and others in a South African contingent were scheduled to travel of Pan Am Flight 103 along with Bernt Carlsson, the UN Commissioner to Namibia. Pik, Magnus and others were allegedly informed, according to reports, not to board flight PanAm 103 and rescheduled on PanAm Flight 101. Carlsson apparently took a meeting with de Beers in London, boarded flight 103 and subsequently died in the crash. Reference: Pik Botha, Magnus Malan, Bernt Carlsson.


This was the year that could have literally destroyed South Africa (or maybe did), the IMF/UN put the final nail in the coffin (which eventually happened in 1994 anyway). The IMF made a final demand through the UN to release Mandela as he was the ANC’s poster boy for terror that would polarize all indigenous South Africans and would allow General Elections. The IMF knew what the result would be, black majority rule. Like every other country in Africa, South Africa would then be easily manipulated and resource pricing would be better than buying wholesale. After all, with inflation and a reduction in exchange, bribery was even discounted. It would make it so much easier to take the diamonds, gold and other natural resources out of South African control and into theirs (IMF/UN control) at roughly 2 cents on the dollar.

The card the IMF played was simple. They would flood the market with Russian diamonds which would drop the bottom out of sales and devalue South Africa. I heard it was a billion dollars in discounted diamonds that were going out and South Africa bought them, to stem the tide and to protect their future. But it didn’t help, South Africa had already lost as the IMF’s next threat was to devalue gold by flooding that market as well. South Africa being in an extended position had no choice by to comply with IMF/UN demands.


The Face of EvilIn accordance with the IMF’s extortion and the UN’s demands, Nelson Mandela was released (and promptly went to Russia).


The slide downhill ... to final capitulation and the world media campaign gained momentum to further convert Mandela from terrorist to hero.


The Boitapang Massacre occurred on June 17, 1992 and was allegedly planned and instigated by someone I am quite familiar with (knew) who never requested amnesty from the TRC.


In order to justify the IMF’s and UN’s actions to itself and the world, they purchased a Nobel Prize for Mandela and entered into a ridiculous media campaign to promote their decision and justify their actions. Who would give Mandela a Nobel Prize if he didn’t deserve it, right? The IMF and the UN would of course. One has to remember history here, Nelson Mandela never denounced violence in his pursuit for Marxist dictatorship, I mean freedom. In 1990, began the moral and ethical inversion, terrorists became heroes, it was official as pontificated by the UN and IMF, the media campaign continued to grow, to produce a new and disturbing reality.

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire,
what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?
George Carlin


Evil has no specific colour, Mandela and GaddafiEnter the puppet government. As designed by the IMF, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa. His wife Winnie Mandela, a venemous, obese and obscene piece of garbage, was at Nelson’s side eventually. He pardoned her for her past misdemeanors like the ritual sexual murder of minors/children, kidnapping, forcible confinement, theft, extortion, fraud, etc., all those things so common to other African cWhom might thses people be?ountries and culture. So began the Rainbow Nation with more colors of rape, murder and corruption than you could ever imagine.


September, the Lesotho uprising which brought in South African and Botswana troops to allegedly “restore democracy.”

Reference: Lesotho Uprising


A new face of evilThe installation of Thabo Mbeki as South Africa’s new president. Simply word association, what do you think of when you hear the name Mbeki?

Murder, rape, slaughter, animal cruelty, psychopath, fraud, egomaniac, drunk, dysfunctional, BEE, Affirmative Action, cesspool, corruption, graft, bribery, kiJacob ck-backs, extortion, vile, AIDS, censorship, dictator, Marxist, lay-a-bout, lazy, irresponsible, paranoid, delusional, muti-eating animal ... At this stage. I would think a therapist would say STOP, I get your point.


The last installment for today and potentially the new and continuing destroyer of South Africa, is the “corruption” known as Jacob Zuma. He’s actually a bit of an escape artist, he escapes jail time because of his position. Witnesses evaporate, charges are dropped. He’s apparently putting in his bid for the next election in South Africa, I wonder how much his bid will cost the people of SA this time?

Who or what benefitted in the end?

South African People - Not at all, black, colored, indian or white. Unemployment rates are hovering around 60% I last heard, AIDS at around 25% climbing at 580,000 plus new cases per year and poverty is at all time highs. There is no more middle class, you are either dirt poor (75%), real poor (23%), rich (1.9%), extremely rich (0.09%) or obscenely rich (0.01%). So, it’s not the people. NOT BENEFITTING.

United States - Pulling out! NOT BENEFITTING.

Canada - Pulling out! NOT BENEFITTING.

European Union - They make a little, a lot less than before, but mainly in arms (like the recent deals eg. Zuma, Shaik, Mbeki, etc), supplying planes, helicopters and ships that people can’t operate. NOT BENEFITTING MUCH.

Russia - No, they don’t get much, except extortion money for diamonds (in the late 80’s) and it’s a drop in the bucket. NOT BENEFITTING MUCH.

African National Congress (ANC) - They are skimming the milk, not the cream. With the undervalued Rand caused by their own mismanagement, the bribery portion from outside countries is lower as it translates into larger Rand numbers. Most of the skimming is occurring inside the country, however, resources are being syphoned off to neighboring countries like Zimbabwe who don’t pay their utility bills. But, puppets, although they show no outward signs of sentience, still need to be paid. BENEFITTING SUPERFICIALLY.

United Nations - Another country, shepherded into the flock of subservient states. Under the direction of the UN, the puppet government will do what they are told, after all the ANC does owe a debt to the UN for installing the ANC in South Africa. BENEFITTING SOMEWHAT.

CFR - Adding of another resource rich country into the flock that is easily corruptable, provides a means to allow the CFR to continue to play their chess game, with a little more accuracy and power. Ultimately, the CFR benefits in that it controls the IMF and satellite country debt and thereby, all the money. BENEFITTING OBSCENELY.

IMF - A whole new debtor nation! A whole new taste in the mouth! I won’t say who the big players are here, specifically the individuals or groups in South Africa attached to the IMF that are reaping the benefits. I am sure you can figure it out if you have gotten this far. More importantly, those few in South Africa have control over the country’s resources and as I tell everyone, if you want to find out what is really going on, follow the money and it all goes back to the World Bank and the IMF. BENEFITTING OBSCENELY.

A note - At the time of this update, April 16, 2012, there are only two nations in the world that do not have a central fractional reserve bank controlled by the IMF/World Bank. Those two nations are Iran and North Korea. I find it humorous that the US, UK Canada and other nations are being used to float the lie that Iran is a problem. And after the recent test by North Korea and their failed missile, I really have to wonder if they are a problem. It seems it all comes down to the IMF/World Bank and their handlers operating in imperial expansionist mode to gain control of all currencies and all people in the world. I think we all need to recognize the enemy, it is our politicians and the fractional reserve system engineers/handlers because together they have subverted our nation(s) and destroyed more people than any religion, war or nuclear holocaust.

Conclusion - My Hypothesis and Opinion

  • The IMF/CFR/World Bank used the UN as its political control arm.
  • The IMF/CFR instructed the UN to carry out a 50 year plan against South Africa.
  • The IMF/CFR/UN then funded or organized funding of Marxist regimes in neighboring countries with Russian/communist capital, logistics and military support.
  • The UN enlisted the aid of the ANC to divisively undermine South Africa in cooperation with it’s own operatives planted in Armscor and the National party.
  • The ANC, with instruction from the UN fractured the direction of the South African government using embedded personnel in positions of power.
  • The ANC under the direction of the UN executed sanctioned plans to disable South African government control through humiliation, extortion and demoralization of the military and population.
  • The IMF/CFR/UN/ANC are responsible for the Helderberg catastrophe and possibly the Samora Machel crash (depending on whom the orders came from).

Who are the IMF, the CFR and World Bank?

Diamond in the roughThe IMF (International Monetary Fund and World Bank) are controlled by shareholder banks, which are in turn controlled by directors and officers who are generally CFR (Committee on Foreign Relations) members. The CFR exists in every first world nation and a few third world nations as well. They are a group of the richest, most powerful people in the world that have the ability to steer economies and countries through the media, banks and war. These people are called economists because they control and steer economies. To do this, they create countries, change political topographies and alignments, start and end wars. They control the insurance industries and fund regime change. They have all the power, because as most of you know, a bank is the only thing that can make money out of nothing and our society IS currency driven.

On the left is a shard off a raw uncut diamond (the original complete stone was much larger). This what they can look like coming out of the ground between Kimberley and Christiana where they have been water and sand washed for possibly hundreds of thousands of years. (Note again: This is simply a shard off a much larger diamond that I couldn’t find as I would have had to re-dig all the conduit trenches).

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