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November 22 2012

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A Little On Me...

CSIS Response to my FOIA Request concerning information on myself
The pdf file includes the relevant Privacy Act sections as quoted on the CSIS response.

At a wedding, I clean up OK.My career background is primarily in engineering, chemistry, metallurgy and physics and has crossed a wide range of sub-disciplines. I finally settled on product development and hardware/software research in applied physics. I’ve worked with, or for, governments, universities, the military and the private sector developing technological solutions to a number of complex and very unusual problems. One of my companies is in the process of releasing a recently patented Active EMF Shield that operates up to 5ghz. This EMF shield could be used as a countermeasure for EMF weapons systems so we are looking at expanding its range to 100ghz. .

I’m not a bad guy, but I am a determined guy, I refuse to give up on anything and can be like a pit bull with a hockey stick. In the case of my book, I am quite focused on what needs to be done, which is simply to cause people to rethink what they know about certain very specific events, like plane explosions and arms deals. Hopefully to force governments to reopen and properly investigate some of the ‘events’ outlined in the book as well as tandem activities by the UN, CFR and IMF/World Bank.

I never had the chance to read the original TRC and Margo Helderberg reports before I finished the initial draft of the book in 2000. It’s quite funny actually (read: odd) that a judge can change reality through simple judicial pontification. I look back at the Margo Inquiry farce and I have to laugh a little, people were so naive that they bought the government song and dance. But the stage was set and the artists performed for the sake of the IMF, UN, ANC and the South African government to fool the people into accepting what was coming.

Everything in the book concerning the Helderberg was taken from my notes/diaries and memory from the time period between 1986 and 1990. When the aircraft went down in 1987, it was on a Saturday, November 28th, I was scheduled to have a brai (BBQ) later in the day with a couple of my associates, their wives and one of my employees and her husband. This of course was canceled when we were informed that a guest’s father (my Armscor CO), was meant to be on the plane (but for some ‘reason’ was not). Prior to the crash I had been working as Chief R&D Engineer/R&D Manager for Sinesonics (Eclair was the construction arm of the business), which were military contractors and Armscor directly (see the Google Earth Map for some of my work).

Armed  (like usual) and getting ready for the Zimbabwe border.The SADF and Armscor had a problem in Angola with Russian Migs, one that I might be able to ‘fix’ with a new weapon that used fissile material to produce a SLW particle stream (in effect a focused EMP generator). At the same time, there were of course backup plans in place to increase the voracity of the SAMS that were fired at the Migs.

I didn’t find out what happened to the plane, until a few days later, when the father of the guest showed up in my laboratory, as he did most regularly. He was lucky to be alive as he was meant to be on the Helderberg. It was only then, that I was provided with the story in its entirety straight from ‘the horse’s mouth’ on how and why the Helderberg went down.

I have written the story, “With Malice And Forethought”, as an autobiography with many of the names changed in the second half of the book, for one very specific reason, any evidence that existed concerning any event  in the book has probably long since been destroyed by the ‘players’ themselves (well except for what I have stored away in other locations as well as what my attorney holds). However, there is a great deal of information on the internet concerning some of the events in the book and the reader is advised to examine the information and make their own decisions. Investigators, such as Dr. David Klatzow, with whom I have spoken at length, have their own ideas about events such as the Helderberg. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but it is interesting that much of what he postulates in fact parallels what I had been told back in the mid summer of 1987 in South Africa.

To be honest, my life at times has not been a ‘pretty’ thing. For the last twenty years, I have been in one trench or another, fighting off the invading hordes of terrorists or corrupt government officials and business personnel. I am tired of having to operate this wTeaching my 5 year old daugyter to shoot s CZ-83 9mm pistol.ay, but I don’t really have a choice. So after six years of waiting and pondering the outcome of the release of this book, I published. I am going to let the proverbial ‘cards’, fall where they may.

I could have added much more to the book, but when I draw a map, I simply draw the main streets, a compass and the destination, I don’t have the time to produce it in full relief and I really don’t want to “hold your hand” and guide you. Intelligent people without agendas generally don’t need to be “spoon-fed” the information, they are capable of drawing their own conclusions

The small pieces I have given investigators like Dr. David Klatzow in South Africa are much the same. He has been wrestling with the Helderberg plane explosion, or ‘accident,’ of November 28, 1987 for more than a decade. The clues are all there and he doesn’t need a relief map, as I said, to figure out what happened. All he should need is a sketchy little stick drawing of what was going on at the time. I have provided that much, all he has to do is read the book and match real names to fake ones. And of note, I don’t know how much information Dr. Klatzow has gleaned from his newspaper requests, but a thought; Would you tell what you knew if the hit men were a few miles away in the same country, where life is based on the cost of a bullet? I don’t think so...

Me an my toy, a 1987 Fiero GT, race equipped.With all that said, I probably should have dedicated this book to the families of the Helderberg as it is an important part of the story and gives some insight into the lengths, to which Armscor and the National Party, were capable of going, in South Africa in 1987 to protect themselves, the ANC and the UN/CFR/IMF. So my sincerest apologies for not listing the dedication.

I however, had no control over what happened to the plane, I just know what I was told about the incident from inside CI and Armscor at the time, after the fact. My understanding is that within a month of the incident most of the people directly involved, were killed. I know that’s not enough, but I don’t have any more information other than the reasons, the target and the alleged method.

Knowing how Armscor and our governments operate, they prove truth is like time, it’s a relative thing and the truth today may not be the truth tomorrow, after it gets warped by the gravity of ‘heavy’ players like the UN, IMF and CFR pulling the strings of the SAA, aircraft manufacturers, universities, governments, banks, insurance companies and others. It seems we are all moved around like little chess pieces in a huge game of power and greed. My only advantage in this case, has been my proximity to the events and projects.

The four above pics: Top one in Canada (I clean up OK), the upper middle one in South Africa and armed with a pair of 9mm’s (CZ-83 and CZ-75), the lower middle one is my daughter (at 5 yrs old) in the cage when I was teaching her to shoot (CZ-83) and the bottom one is at the lake with my toy (it’s funny to see the shocked look of people when I get out of this tiny thing).

South African ID Book.
The cover of my SA ID Book

My work permit pages in my passport.
My work permits stamped in my passport, before I received Permanent Residence.

A few SA medalsA few SA medalsA few SA medals
Some more evidence of my being in SA? Like I need it, I have so many pictures.

Canadian Consul's business card.
Well, what have we here, Adrian Brazeau, the Canadian Consul’s business card. Notice, there is an emergency number for the Consul at his home, which was there for my wife and kid’s, so she could contact him to get them out once I was dead (the stated condition by which Brazeau would help my family escape SA, Brazeau said in the meeting we had that I was a dead man, I just didn’t know it, but actually I did know). He wrote in the top number and I wrote in the bottom one. What a friendly bunch our governments!




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