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November 22 2012

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A Wee bit of a Blog

Just some views, who’s doing what and other weird stuff?
Escapades with the Canadian and South African Mis-government

Just say NO to corporate secrets !!!
(you did know governments are corporations too, right?)

Consider this all subjective observation, rant and editorial opinion.
Any opinions here are mine so go get your own.

NWO Delenda Est !


I think this chart is a little out of date LOL, we’re pooch’d methinks!


It’s just a movie clip, but very pertinent

The “reason” behind every political decision these days only requires the prefixing of a “T”
I said that.

Making My Story Available On-line

March 22, 2012 - I see the military and intelligence agencies still frequent my site, hey ppl ;-) waves! And the searches I see are pretty funny like, “What does a baby broker do?” C’mon now, they take your money, usually lots of it because they know you’re desperate and these sharks do smell your blood in the water. Then they pay some chick for her eggs or whore her out as a breeding vessel/tank for what will be produced and whallah, you get a baby. I don’t know why someone has to look that up on the internet?

I am still seeing lots of searches for things like all manner of Synesiou’s (c’mon other Synesiou’s didn’t grandaddy tell you what we did in SA?), concertina wire (usually corporate searches including a lot of banks, lawyers and food warehousing, wonder what they know?) and circumvention methodologies for security systems. Predominantly the searches are for the Helderberg and her victims, for that reason and the wealth of information on this site, I leave it up and running.

And don’t let the site counters fool you, they show a lot less than what actually transpires. My monthly visitor hits range between 12,000 and 30,000 individual visitors and sometimes I get charged for extra bandwidth. Page views are actually closer to 100,00. But unfortunately, these missing counts are caused by people using anonymous servers and have their cookies and all the tracking counters blocked. You can’t fool my ISP and the actual site logs ;-)

I am considering placing the entire book online, one page per day (plus any pictures from that time period) so it would run roughly 600 days. Anybody think this might be a good idea, e-mail me. It’s a lot of work but if there is enough interest, I’ll do it. I would also try to make the pages easily accessible to mobile browsers if that seems a good idea. It’s just a thought for now. Feedback is good!

As I’ve told people in the past, the book is Non-Fiction. It’s an autobiography of my past in both South Africa working with/for the military and military contractors as well as my time in Canada when I was a whistle blower on a $150 million tax and public funds fraud. I still can’t name the people in Canada because of gag orders, but that isn’t a problem for people in South Africa or the US. I may even add to the story and explain what has occurred after I wrote the book (the first quarter of 2000 - but was published in 2006).

The Case of Disappearing Links

March 5, 2012 - It’s funny how a few years can make a helluva difference in the links one attaches to for support documentation. I have to wonder how zealous the spawn of past financial and government criminals must be to force the deliberate removal of some of this information. I don’t know if the removal is for superficial reasons or for more sinister purposes. Fortunately, I kept copies just in case.

Time to go and do what I do best, R&D

December 1, 2011 - I’ve been lax lately, I should have been updating more frequently but it has been strange the last little while. I have to make some decisions in the next few days about where I am going to be in 2012. Depending on how things transpire in the new year, I may be able to update weekly or maybe not at all, I tend to get seriously busy when I am operating in R&D and work 18 hour days, sometimes more. Not because I have to, but because I love the work. The creating and attacking new problems and challenges, it’s what I live for really. Especial when it involves specialized products that help mankind in general. I don’t mean a new flat screen TV, I mean making the energy that powers it without nuclear fuels, cars that don’t use fossil fuels and vehicles that don’t require thrust created by enormous amounts of combustible gases and solid fuel. That’s what I’m talking about, renewable and sustainable energy sources!

I’ve worked 35+ years in engineering, about 25 of those have been spent in R&D. I’ve developed a lot of devices. Maybe it’s time to put them all together to try and make a better world. Maybe this is how I am supposed to repay my karmic debt?

Obviously I will leave the site up for those who still search for answers concerning the Helderberg and the corruption that is South Africa (the world for that matter). I am going to go through all of my files and post ALL of the information I have over the next month in my off time. I can generally be reached on Skype at Meckanic or Dave Meckanic, usually only at night EST and I do check my emails.

Thanks again to all the people who said the book was great and even the one guy who said I didn’t write that well but it was an incredible story with vast amounts of detail. Thanks to the people in the book, who if they weren’t there and didn’t do the things they did, would have made for a pretty boring autobiography which wouldn’t have been written. Also a big thanks to my friends in the intel community and friends in the UK, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Zambia, the US and Canada that helped with additional third party research and mapping for this website!

To Sam and all those whole lost people on the Helderberg, I hope one day you all receive closure. I don’t care if it’s through me, what I have done or through someone else, just as long as get it...

It’s Just Amazing...

November 5. 2011 - In 1991 I was approached by NRC to produce an adiabatic reactor which of courses produces BEC’s. Then in 1993, I decided I’d get clever with the project and started injecting plasma. Of course it produced results that I couldn’t totally explain, so I asked for advice both from universities and KeeleyNet. Well the universities weren’t any help and offered no explanation as to the particle reaction that produced energy. KeeleyNet was much good either, but I did explain the project and how it worked. A few years later, 1995 to be exact, JILA labs brought out there adiabatic reactor as if it were something new and unique, well that’s a big FAIL, since personnel at JILA admitted to me that they had seen the info on KeeleyNet back in 1993 when I called them in Colorado in 1995.

Does it ever end? Now we have a guy who was in Iran and is now in Belgium saying that he has some kind of plasma reactor that makes energy and changes matter states. Well duh! The tech has been around in my lab since 1992/92.

I used to have a website for my company that explained quite a bit about adiabatic reactor, Bose-Einstein Condensates and of course what happens when you inject plasma to the dynamic magnetic field that just so happens to be spinning at little over the speed of light. I have logs from that site as early as 2002 that have all kinds of hits out of Iran/Tehran. I don’t mind people trying to work forward based on my original work, but it would be nice if they gave some credit. Of course it would be nicer if they paid me and I don’t mean a visit, sizable cash transfers will do fine.

My adiabatic reactor sits here and all of the papers and records are with the NRC, my NRC rep and in a couple of secure locations dating back to 1991. I guess I must be getting used to this kind of thing now, this intellectual property and technological plagiarism. Of course it didn’t start until Sinesonics and Armcsor in South Africa with the military, followed by my smart meter and Power Line Modem/Network technology I developed there, but it has continued unabated. I expect to hear something very soon from a Canadian university about a new technology for moving data through spatial compression. Yeah, that’s mine too (a spin-off of the reactor), watch for it!

I’ve Been Busy

September 27. 2011 - I gotta ask, WTF is with all the searches for “Concertina Wire” and “Fuck Stephen Harper” ??? I could understand it if people were planning on building a razor wire enclosure to keep the evil that is Harper inside, but that sucker would just keep getting out and keep creating more trouble. I heard he is trying to sneak through some odd “bills,” C50, C51 and C52 that come complete with allowing the government to get information on the activities of all Canadian citizens without using a warrant. Well, if Harper wants to know who I am, all he has to do is ask me using a registered government email address and then he can ask CSIS who I am and what I know about his fucked up government. It’s funny actually, they want to put through these intrusive “bills” but they won’t even give you information on yourself because of privacy laws. What kind of stupid logic is that? It could only come from the assclowns in our government.

And now for a bit more of a rant.... SO apparently the government knows all about me and my time in South Africa, what I did before South Africa and what I have been doing since South Africa. They wire tap, monitor my cell, read my emails and of course check on this website as well as other websites and forums I frequent. A bit invasive since they have been doing this without charges or warrants since 1990 anyway. What I find absolutely comical is the amount of negligence required by government officals, CSIS, the CAF and the local police forces to allow what should have been a known rapist and murderer, Russell Williams - CO Trenton AFB, to ascend to that level of trust and responsibility. I mean seriously, the guy went to university with Paul Bernardo and had rape contests and yet Russell Williams flew under the radr of our allegedly competent intelligence services and flew Harper all over the place as well as the queen (you know that inbred absentee landlord across the pond). How is it that they could know all about me from 18000 kms away and not know what was going on in their own backyard?

Only a few words come to mind really like gross negligence, extreme incompetence, excessive apathy or maybe it was deliberate. Maybe in order to succeed in the government, they have to have dirt on you first so they can at least try to control you.

And another thing, where the hell is Elenin? I thought we were going to have some big-ass earthquakes and shit going down today? Survey says! WRONG. Oh well, there can only be as much doom in the world as days in the years and of course people to promote it. We are after all a society controlled by government fear mongering. But this year and those following, try to take a leap of faith that nothing will happen unless it does, get laid bad. Change what you can and forget about what you can’t.

The Death By A Thousand Cuts

February 23. 2011 - Interesting stuff in the news these days, Don Huber (US with warning letters to the FDA) has apparently discovered a micro fungal pathogen related to Mons(ter)anto’s RoundUp garbage. Apparently, this micro pathogen which can only be seen at 36,000x using an electron microscope, effects both plants and animals. More great news about the people who brought you Frankenfood! In addition, this pathogen is very possibly related to both the bee deaths (Colony Collapse) and the Bat deaths (White Nose Fungus) and may even be related to Morgolon’s Disease. It’s interesting that the Canadian Government promotes these nightmarish GMO products. I think it’s about time we start making lists of our own, complete portfolios, of the criminals in our government, so we know who needs to be charged with treason, like Harper, Manley, almost every past government minister, etc. and the authors of Bills like C6/36, C45, etc. Actually, I’ll start making a list and post it here, since I am already on the CSIS list, what the fuck eh, two wrongs don’t make a right but maybe three do?

We are long overdue for a complete and independent accounting of our government’s activities so that all the criminals can be routed and dealt with, legally of course.

I Think I’ve Been Busy...

February 22. 2011 - So 2010 has come and gone and now we sit waiting to see what happens in 2011. Food, gasoline and energy prices are on the rise, sunspots and solar winds have presented unique problems, earthquakes and weather disturbances are on the rise, animals are dying off, the bees have gone with Elvis and all the while the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and moving. Corruption in governments, banks and the UN is rife and people in third world nations are starting to for organized rebellions. Revolution will eventually spill over into North America and Europe because our governments and banks are just as revolting as the ones in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria, etc., the only way we are going to obtain accountable and transparent government is to make it ourselves with strict laws on lobbying and even stiffer punishment for government officials and bankers breaking those laws, like TREASON charges.

Have you seen the CSIS headquarters in Ottawa, a finished pyramid and an inverted cross! I couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s fucking crazy! But it does let you know why politicians are the way they are and who is breeding Paul Bernardos and Russell Williams types. It’s also an excellent indicator that psychopaths and sociopaths rule the world. A couple of pictures, btw, it looks like the building is oriented to some magnetic line (magnetic north keeps changing), but I am not sure, maybe someone would like to check this.


Someone in the government approved this design, does anyone know who?

A Comic, Adventures in a Virtual World

September 14. 2010 - What a pain in the ass it was linking all those images back to my original site! Anyway, I put the comic from around 2001 up here under the author tab. I’ve always like Doug Compton’s work, the guy is an excellent graphic artist, he just happened to make a comic where I was slotted as being the villain. I guess due to my lovable teddy-bear like nature.

Fun with Bell and Cointelpro...

September 8. 2010 - So, my internet went off again today after I talked to friends in South Africa about going back down there to dodge bullets. I did a check of my logs and right after I sent the email, I had a massive DoS attack, looks like about 5 million hits over a space of about 30 seconds. I waited a few minutes, checked my lines and called Bell to see what the deal was and if they could give me their logs on the DoS attack. Naaaah, it’s Bell, they don’t know shit from sandwiches. While waiting for information that wasn’t forthcoming from Bell, the internet access jumped back on as if nothing happened. So, what could that be all about? Is CSIS playing again or maybe ex-ass-ociates? I guess the line analyzer is going back on permanently, but I expect if anything odd is being done it’s at the local CO. Maybe I should throw on the trunk tracker and the bear tracker to monitor LEO and other government activity as well as throw down a few acoustic sensors. I wonder if we are entering the time of “strangeness?”


September 7. 2010 - Today, <sigh>, I encountered unreserved and unmitigated idiocy. I imagine like most of the sheep, everyone knows what the TV shop “Glee” is and what it is all about. Well, it was impressed upon me that the fantastic and classic song “Don’t Stop Believing” was actually a product of the minds of the “Glee” TV show. WTF! It’s by Journey, you know Steve Perry. People need to get a clue!

Stealth Technology et al

September 6. 2010 - So, you want to make your car, boatd, plane or other vehicle basically invisible to microwave based radar. Yes Dorothy, it can be done and it really isn’t that expensive and like the company “NanoFlight” who probably got my fero-polymer design from one of my past business partners, DARPA or the NRC, I am going to provide the formula and the process for producing the stealth coating technology on a large scale surface. Any takers out there? Just e-mail me and we’ll talk price. BTW, this technology was developed in 1994/95 by me, so if the Israeli’s think they had it first or want to pretend they did, in the words of the band Aerosmith - Dream on... BTW, the technology is well documented and tested at two universities as well as by the Metro Police with the Canadian Military present. This is a true nano structured fero-polymer that can be painted on anything and provides a minimum -10db attenuation to confuse the hell out of radar systems.

I’ve done a lot of strange work in my life, just ask Macom/General Instruments who actually cracked tms70c series processor in their original VideoCypher or Texas Instruments who cracked the TMS7500 encryption processor (I still have all the code) or the Strategic Defense Initiative ask who developed the failure testing module for embedded processors so the code could be dumped to external RAM. And then there are a couple of universities working on my spatial compression system that uses a novel and very specific device based on quantum geometry/field effect or ask Jila Labs how they got the idea for an adiabatic reactor from Keelynet and NRC where my adiabatic reactor designs went, during and after it was working, along with my research papers. Or maybe you want to ask Andy about the day I offered to bring him in on the AC/DC power line modem system that could be used for remote monitoring electrical and other utilities or ask CI in South Africa who developed the ring laser EMP generator to knock planes out of the sky, the one that ended up with DARPA eventually, after the US/Iraq arms deals. I’ve done so many things, I have to wonder why I never get paid properly for them, oh I forgot for a second there, I kept dealing with scum bags. For some reason I gravitate, or visavie, to these assholes.

Now I am sitting on inexpensive windmill technology, an HHO generator that can run a 2.5kw generator with 1900 watts of surplus and of course an adiabatic reactor that makes 5kw. I wonder what bag of dirt is going to try their BS skills on me next?

So, I‘m Back to Another Fine Mess

August 29. 2010 - I’ve been a bit busy of late, but I occasionally threw a word down here or there on the laptop, hence the dates below.

Is Canada ever fucked up, just like the US except our sheeple just don’t want to acknowledge the disaster. I love those words “a jobless recovery.” Let’s see, what has the government done or allowed?

1. Sent all the customer service based telephone jobs overseas. Pretty stupid, the corporations that contract out those jobs don’t pay any taxes anyway, so I guess our super-intelligent government won’t be getting taxes from all those people they put out of work.

2. Bill C-36, formerly Bill C-6, now there is a totally invasive, unjust and corrupt bill, better all fight that one, if you don’t, you get what you deserve.

3. Copyright reform! What fucking reform, our government is cow towing to the recording industry again. The majority of Canadians polled said they wanted reform, not the new bill pushed through parliament. Bet hey, we are only the people that pay these assholes salaries, why should we have a say?

4. Soldiers still in Afghanistan, WHY? Why the hell are our people half way around the world dying for the US and their corporate masters, like Haliburton?

5. The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Spill. The oil drops to the bottom due to Corexit, screws up the entire Atlantic loop current and what could happen next? Does everyone in Europe have snow shovels and skidoos, if not ya better buy them soon.

From the rumor mill, I heard Andy’s daughter in law bitch slapped Andy’s remaining daughter, I would have paid money to see that. South Africa is still a mess, cockroaches wearing ANC arm bands have screwed up everything. BTW, what do you do about a dog with AIDS? Nothing, just make sure you catch the ANC guy who gave it to the dog.

I guess Andy’s spawn is living in the security compound it looks like he made in Bedfordview.

I hear a lot of the old military people went deep underground when the Harmes and TRC commissions were running. So I guess old Jorie Jordaan won’t be lifting his head anytime soon. But you know, I think he’s in Canada somewhere, I will have to dig a little deeper.

Adrean Brazeau of Foreign Affairs got away with his negligence. Foreign Affairs in Canada don’t want to pursue his inaction in South Africa when he was Administrative Consul at the Canadian Embassy in Pretoria.

I wonder how my two old partners are doing these days, personally I hope the fuck they are both dies and died miserably in a pain amplifier. They only stole a 100 million and then shifted another 50 million of tax payer money into universities while operating under breach of agreement and theft of intellectual property based on a fraudulent agreement that someone way up in Revenue Canada has been paid to not prosecute.

Canada the good? No. Canada, the fucked up colony.

“It’s Been Awhile,” But I Prefer “Outside” by Staind

August 23. 2010 - Ahhh, that masonic magick number 23 again! I better phone the OTA and the OGD! Seems we are coming up to the conjunction of a few major events;

1. European market crash as Greece, Iceland and Italy drag the EU down
2. US market crash after commercial RE bubble breaks
3. Substantial failure in crop yields
4. More open wells spewing oil
5. The Iranian reactor going online at Busher
6. Chinese and Indian manufacturing and RE bubble breaking, causing an Asian market crash
7. The awakening of the Sun in Solar Cycle 24 (the one after 23)
8. It seems like there is an increase in earthquake size and frequency.
9. Big pharma looks like it’s getting ready to release another plague

It’s an impressive lineup! Something I am quite sure Gerald Celente could tie into quite quickly plus of course there is that pesky Hindenberg Omen, ewwww! You can use the links or simply Google for the info, better yet, use SCROOGLE which will use the Google search terms and prevent tracking!

One thing I should mention about the past 23 solar cycles... it is the number of cycles required to perform the “great work” of the masons/illuminati. We are entering solar cycle 24 which means basically that the “great work” has been completed and we should see a paradigm shift in society and the financial markets very shortly, I expect September or October.

On a lighter note, it seems like every time someone I know is planning a dirty deal, I just happen to find out about it and end up with a shit load of evidence. My most recent fact finding mission involves the escapades of some locals and some developers. Apparently, they want to bribe politicians to expropriate some land from a fellow I know who is quirky but quite pleasant. Of course this happened just before April and I have been “busy,” but I have compiled the video in multiple copies and sent it to a number of locations as sort of a dead man’s switch as I did with all the South African information and all the information from 1995 through 2001. More later as this develops, I am submitting all of the evidence shortly to the necessary authorities. As I mentioned in my disclosure letter to the authorities, “I expect trouble, but then I always do as no good deed goes unpunished.”

Fortunately, I only have three major sets of protagonists, plus of course the government.

July 30. 2010 - So... I’ve been away for a bit and won’t be back until the fall. I see the rest of the world is slowly and deliberately falling apart. I keep hearing that there is going to be a total crash in September (2010), seems like kind of a stupid time to me, but, it does catch all of those students on government loans off-guard. I am not sure what currency will make any difference if a crash occurs, you might want to have physical gold, silver, platinum, copper, titanium, cobalt, etc. on hand, but even a bunch of metals might not help, you can’t eat them.

As usual, I’ve gone over the logs and I see the usual sprinkling of criminal elements going through the site, you know... politicians, businessmen, lawyers, DND, Cointel, etc. Funny junk!

It’s a Long Way To Tipperary

June 4. 2010 - It’s amazing the difference in the way the temperature feels between the beach (30/32 C @ 75% rh) and the jungle (36/38 C @ 95% rh), it’s just crazy. There isn’t much air moving under the “canopy” and the beach has a nice light breeze from between about 6 and 8 kph. Paradise and hell are only a couple of hundred kilometers apart, which is actually about 5 hours on some of what they call roads, more like parallel cattle tracks. And when it rains, what a sticky mess.

Anyway, onto other matters, I see more information from additional directions coming foreward on the Helderberg. I’ve been communicating with Michael Bowery, a writer from South Africa who has dedicated an entire chapter of his new book to that episode. Hopefully he’ll have better luck than I at getting the word out on how heinous this crime was against the people of South Africa.

Until all the truth comes out, the IMF and the military/industrial complex will continue to pursue their goals with no regard for human life. But that’s not news to anyone that does research, that’s just the way it is and has been for hundreds of years. Killing technology is just more efficient now.

While I had the chance, I checked on some old “friends” in the Baby Brokerage and Political Manipulation businesses. It’s just my opinion, but it seems that evil simply grows unabated like a cancer, that no present social “medicine” will ever fix. And WTF is Matt Entenza?

Please Join Matt Entenza & Lois Quam
As Matt kicks off his run for Governor of Minnesota

With Friends
U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison

State Sen. Dick Cohen ⋅ State Rep. Tim Mahoney ⋅ State Rep. Cy Thao ⋅ State Rep. Sheldon Johnson ⋅ Stu Alger ⋅ Andrew Andersen ⋅ Dean & Dorie Anderson ⋅ Judy Bartlett ⋅ Tanya Bell ⋅ Edward Bergmark ⋅ Julie Blaha ⋅ Joyce Bowers & Gordon Pederson ⋅ Bob Brandt ⋅ Melissa Butts & Kim Rowe ⋅ Richard Cash ⋅ Gerald Cathcart ⋅ Dave Colling & Sarah Steil ⋅ Maria Christu ⋅ William Cope Moyers ⋅ Gail Daneker & Ian Keith ⋅ Andy Dawkins ⋅ Thomas DeGree & Dean Schlaak ⋅ Joanne Disch ⋅ Gloria Contreras Edin ⋅ Nazie Eftekhari ⋅ Ellen S.L. Ewald ⋅ Gregg M. Fishbein ⋅ Glen Fladeboe & Stephanie McCleerey ⋅ David Galligan ⋅ Herb & Trish Garcia ⋅ Rajiv Garg ⋅ Dennis Gerhardstein ⋅ Sara Gjerdrum & Charles Olson ⋅ Ajay Gupta ⋅ Marius Hansen ⋅ Roseanne Hope ⋅ Allison Hubel & John Hansen ⋅ Joan Humes ⋅ Bob & Jennifer Hussey ⋅ Bill Johnson ⋅ Chad Johnson ⋅ Marc Kimball ⋅ Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn ⋅ Faith Latimer ⋅ Dianne Lev ⋅ Curtis Loewe ⋅ Sue Luse ⋅ Lou Ann Matossian ⋅ Pat & Jon Mellenthin ⋅ Bill Melton ⋅ Carla Morris & Mark Lindsay ⋅ Peter Nikolai & Meg Luger-Nikolai ⋅ Sam & Cindy Orbovich ⋅ Karl Parens & Sabina Thatcher ⋅ David Piehl & Dannette Smith ⋅ Mike & Deb Pleasants ⋅ Nii Quaye & Brenda Radichal Quaye ⋅ Dr. Zhuoling Ren ⋅ Ted Roseen ⋅ Michael & Karla Rosenman ⋅ Jack & Marty Rossmann ⋅ Kari & Harold Schlachtenhaufen ⋅ David Schultz & Trudi Trysla ⋅ Ellen & Ryan Xexton ⋅ Alaya & Chad Sexton ⋅ Paru Shah ⋅ Lana & Andy Slavitt ⋅ Karen Sletten ⋅ Jackie Stevenson ⋅ Pastors Paul & Janet Tidemann ⋅ John & Betsy Van Hecke ⋅ Joe Walsh ⋅ Tom Welna & Ann Holt ⋅ Chris Zagaria

Matt is officially announcing his run for governor and he wants to hear from you. Please join us to learn more about the campaign and Matt’s vision for the State of Minnesota.

At the home of
Marta Takacs & Andy Synesiou

(Call for Details)

Suggested Contribution Levels
$50 $100 $250 $500
RSVP to Colin Laughlin at or call (651) 647-1425

Always check the history of your political representatives friends as well as himself as political malfeasance is such an easy thing to do these days!

There are no good politicians, they only vary by degrees of corruption.

Now let’s talk about police! The government’s sales force! You know, you can’t lose if you don’t buy a ticket! There’s no money in responding to sposal abuse or child endangerment but there sure is in traffic tickets. I’ll have to ask one of these characters after I get back, “If you’re a Peace Officer, why do you have a gun rather than a flower or some weed?”

I always get a kick out of that slogan “to serve and protect.” Serve and protect what? They don’t walk little old ladies across the street. They don’t carry your groceries. They don’t prevent crime. They won’t jump into the water to save you, that’s fire and rescue (I have a lot of respect for Firemen and women). Do they protect children even when there is evidence of beatings? Hahahaha, you can’t be serious! So... what the fuck do they serve and protect?

The Law, only the law!

And who makes up the law? The government. And who in the government makes the laws? Friends of criminals who are also criminals. They make up the law to suit themselves. now, to my point...

I set up the cameras and security in a friends apartment building. There are not a lot of units there, but there is almost always one alleged criminal that can screw it up for everyone else. So, my fiend one day witnesses something quite obscene; a woman (he tells me a very lose term for her) alleges some false accusations against her common law husband, he gets taken to jail. $3000 later in legal fees he still can’t see his kids. The day after he is arrested, POOF! like a bag of shit from depths of Hell’s bowels, the new boyfriend takes up residence (methinks the accusations against hubby were unfounded). Apparently according to my friend in the know, everything in the building went downhill and continues to slide towards the precipice.

One day, the evil stinky bitch on the upper floor goes out and does her dirty stinky laundry and brings the older kid “home” (read: Dante’s Inferno), but the child won’t get out of the car as he is afraid of the new boyfriend. What does the boyfriend do? Drag him across the ground while the kid is screaming bloody murder for his mother (IT) to save him, in front of about four witnesses apparently. Once at the door to the building, the boyfriend hoists the child over his shoulder and proceeds up the stairs while the kid tells the boyfriend that he’s hurting him. At the top of the stairs, the kid still screaming, he smacks the kid in the back with a more than audible slaps and proceeds to threaten the child with more to come.

Apparently, all the evidence and witness testimony was given to the CAS (Children’s Aid Society) and the police. What did they do? Quite literally nothing except try to teach the vacuous breeding tank on the upper floor how to parent. For the boyfriend in a clear case of assault, nothing at all.

And this is Canada the good? Nawww, it’s actually the Government’s Fascist Kolony of Kanadakastan!

and to our south is of course the Ununited States of Obamanation, go figure?

The moral of the story is two fold; lies will get the present husband thrown in jail to make way for the new boyfriend and of course, the police do not serve and protect the people and the CAS are simply bleeding heart blowhards.

Who do the police serve and protect? The government by way of the law, there is no evidence contrary to this statement. I rest my case.

I may send the video and testimony into a couple of TV stations just to see what they do.

It’s hard to post from a data phone, so the only time I can get to my site is when I have access to a real computer. It’s unfortunate that the CIA and other rogue agencies run many of the anonymous ftp/http servers. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later when I am home ;-)

Hell and Paradise

April 24. 2010 - I heard the Canadian government is pushing bill C-6 through, they’ve fastracked it, so get ready, if they make it law, ALL of your rights are gone. The police can walk into your house because you buy an LED light or some “flavour of the day” electronics. PLUS, it allows the implementation of Codex Alimentarius and as well, the government CAN SHARE ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH ANY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION.

Bill C-6 is a outright fraud and a deliberate attempt to steal property and destroy personal privacy by the government of Canada and their corporate overlords. The writers and any MP's supporting Bill C-6 should be charged with treason, as the rules and statutes fly in the face of the rule of law, the constitution and a person's right to privacy and noninterference, by not only the government, but by foreign corporations. Bill C-6 is an attack on Canada's sovereignty as a nation leaving its citizens open to abuse and manipulation by foreign governments and corporations. I site both the interpretations under Section 2 outlining "Confidential Business Information" and "Government" as defined in Bill C-6 (shown below) including Section 16.

Reasons for inspection as outlined in Section 20 are simply stated as "compliance" and that an inspector "annointed" by the Minister under Section 18 may acquire a warrant from a justice of the peace (not a judge) if a resident of a home or operator of a vehicle does not want to be inspected. There is no reasonable grounds for suspicion on the part of the "inspector" other than the owner of a home or vehicle refuses entry. Once inside, the inspector may use, examine, view and seize anything they wish and under law you may not resist. Therefore, if you have a nice new ipod and the inspector thinks you've been copyright infringing, there goes your ipod. If they want your computer, there it goes, maybe your whole house due to proximity. If you have a thumb drive in the player in your new Corvette, there goes your Corvette. A government's or corporation's power, whether domestic or foreign under this bill, is literally limitless.

Then we have forfeiture under Section 25 to Her former majesty. Her former Majesty of the former Great Britain, former Queen Elizabitch II (the sequal) gave Royal Accent and signed the Treaty of Lisbon in June 2008 which produced the de facto ownership of Great Britain by the European Union, renamed as Zone K )you can look this up in the MSM UK newspapers as of December 1st, 2009). If we go back to the 10th century, we actually find that all of England was given to Roman Catholic Church by the Normans and left to the Norman-English "monarchs" to simply manage. Royalty is in name only and they lease the land from the Vatican. But I digress, the point is that your property seized by the appointed inspector who had no cause or suspicion in obtaining a warrant other than because you refused to have your personal space violated, is now the property of the government and if they need to store it, you have to pay for the storage!

Then we have the new rules such as "Section 13.(3) The Minister may, subject to any terms and conditions that he or she may specify, exempt a person from the requirement to keep documents in Canada if the Minister considers it unnecessary or impractical for the person to keep them in Canada." One rule fits all, I cannot see how a Bill peppered throughout with this kind of statement can work. It is not only unfair, it flies it the face of reason, a minister may protect a "friend" or "relative" from this legislation just because he or she "feels" like it.

Bill C-6 cannot be allowed to pass into law. If it does become law, we can expect to see a massive erosion of our privacy rights as all private information can be shared with foreign corporations along with the loss of property due to arbitrary decisions by Minister appointed "hit men" in the guise of inspectors as well as increased corruption over the already untenable amount within governments, banks and corporations.”

From Bill C-6

“confidential business information” — in respect of a person to whose business or affairs the information relates — means business information

  • (a) that is not publicly available;
  • (b) in respect of which the person has taken measures that are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that it remains not publicly available; and
  • (c) that has actual or potential economic value to the person or their competitors because it is not publicly available and its disclosure would result in a material financial loss to the person or a material financial gain to their competitors.

“government” means any of the following or their institutions:

  • (a) the federal government;
  • (b) a corporation named in Schedule III to the Financial Administration Act;
  • (c) a provincial government or a public body established under an Act of the legislature of a province;
  • (d) an aboriginal government as defined in subsection 13(3) of the Access to Information Act;
  • (e) a government of a foreign state or of a subdivision of a foreign state; or
  • (f) an international organization of states.

16. The Minister may disclose confidential business information to a person or a government that carries out functions relating to the protection of human health or safety or the environment — in relation to a consumer product — without the consent of the person to whose business or affairs the information relates and without notifying that person if the person to whom or government to which the information may be disclosed agrees in writing to maintain the confidentiality of the information and to use it only for the purpose of carrying out those functions.



    18. (1) The Minister may designate an individual as an inspector for the purpose of the administration and enforcement of this Act and the regulations.

    (2) An inspector shall be given a certificate in a form established by the Minister attesting to the inspector’s designation and, on entering a place under subsection 20(1), the inspector shall, on request, produce the certificate to the person in charge of that place.

Obstruction and false statements

    19. No person shall knowingly obstruct, hinder or knowingly make a false or misleading statement either orally or in writing to an inspector who is carrying out their functions.

Are we having fun yet?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a girl who thought she was a princess.... If you’re expecting a happy ending, forget about it. But she did tell me to go to Hell eventually after I realized how psychotic people can actually be. Anyway, what to do? I’ve lived in the Hell of third-party psychosis and the Hell of flying lead. I’ve lived in multiple Hells, it was always hot, got the t-shirt, receipts and the bullet wound. I guess I am a sucker for punishment, the chick is done long ago (my condolences to her ex and the ex before then and any other ex’s I am not aware of, my advice, RUN the other way!). The old Hell, where bullets have the right of way I can understand, I know that drill, time to go back ;-)

Poland, the TU-154 and Similarities

April 18. 2010 - I’ve been thinking about the Poland crash of the TU-154 and looking at similarities to past events. First let me say that it is highly uncommon to put all of your “eggs in one basket,” or all of your key corporate personnel in one plane, or especially all your key government staff. What happened with the Polsh incident flies in the face of logic and security concerns, That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, I remember a time and so will Andy Synesiou when we flew out to and back from Nykogomo. We had the MD (Andy), the Chief of R&D (me), the Marketing Director (Piet), the Sales Director (Mike also the pilot) and a half dozen of our key R&D and Assembly Lab people. It was dumb, really dumb and I insisted that I go myself with Andre, but that fell on deaf ears. Regardless, Andy almost crashed the plane over Nelspruit when he screwed with the passenger entry door. But this was in the late 80’s, haven’t people learned that you don’t put all the important people in one place?

It seems not, hence the crash while landing in Russia. I also remember the Samora Machel crash and it’s relation to false VOR beacons and of course a person on the Helderberg. Samora Machel was an easy job, plant a false VOR and let the pilots do the rest, crashing into a mountainside. The Helderberg was just too valuable a target to miss taking down for political and military purposes, since it had MI ops on the plane, the Chief of CI was supposed to be on the plane and of course what’s a little plutonium and ammonium perchlorate between friends. It appears dirty tricks that work are always used the same way, over and over again. Want to take over a country, create a mess with a plane, kill some politicians, it goes on and on. In South Africa, the Helderberg was the beginning of the slide towards capitulation to the IMF and handing the country over to the Marxist terrorist and corrupt ANC. Which really means they handed to entire country over to Oppenheimer and the IMF, the ANC are just meat puppets.

Personally, after listening to the video, the sound bites, the gunshots and looking at motivations concerning the IMF, I am of the opinion, this was much like the execution of JFK, just on a larger scale involving more people (JFK’s “cabinet” was rife with traitors). This looks like the coup d’etat of Poland by IMF front men. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Everything points to the destruction of a political ideology that was going to help the people of Poland, that had to be eradicated in favour of the IMF/UN/WHO to keep or gain control of the country. But, maybe it wasn’t about flu vaccines or the IMF and central banks or the Rothschilds or the UN using Russia, maybe it was just an accident.

Realistically, none of procedures or security protocols surrounding the flight and crash make any sense, the situation is obscene on so many levels. I would say look to the person who organized the security and flight plans and work your way up from there, if they aren’t dead yet they probably will be soon. Something smells rotten in the state of Poland!

A little on the History of this Site

April 11. 2010 - It’s been around since 2006 even though I wrote the book in 2000, I thought Karen or Andy might like to know that, again. Primarily because there has been a lot of activity out of companies or sites related to both Karen and Andy. As it states elsewhere on this site, I am a fair guy, if you feel I have made mistakes in rendering information for public consumption, I can be contact at my e-mail address. Requests involving legal matters will be forwarded to my attorney. Please, before wasting my time, document your concerns and support them with real information that could be considered proof in a court of law, because mine can be tested ;-)

The Canadian Government CRA Ponzi Scheme

March 29, 2010 - So, today I called the CRA to find out about selling business losses and/or shareholder equity in my company, a federal corporation. As expected this bunch of lying sacks of shit have the rules tied up in such a way that you cannot transfer or sell losses or shareholder equity without taking huge personal losses. Here’s a simple example using approximate numbers; I have $800,000 in business losses and $700,000 in shareholder equity. This is all money that has been taxed or deemed taxed by CRA under audits in 2005 (8 years audit back to 1997) and 2009 (2008-2009). I have the books which were analyzed by Chartered Accountant and the notices of assessment showing at least the entire loss. Originally to the best of my knowledge (and my corporate tax lawyer) business losses could be sold/transferred to a third party corporation at arms length which was conducting a similar business. Apparently, this is no longer the case. These assclowns in government want to make it so that once you have the losses no one can use them but you. This forces business into a “new money” taxation protocol where they cannot use discounted tax instruments to save money and/or pay for additional employees, benefits or product.

Shareholder equity is even more ridiculous. Shareholder equity is based on personal loans from shareholders from monies that have already been taxed. Extraction of money from a company’s shareholder loan account is not taxable. So, because it’s your money/loan and not taxable, you would think you could do what you want with your own accounts/assets. NOT THE CASE! You may not discount and sell your assets, they have to be sold at actual value which gives no value to the buyer, therefore they don’t get sold.

The only option left is a merger or amalgamation. But if you sell your company, chances are you lose control of said company and if you lose or change control, you give up your shareholder equity along with any other assets in the company. CRA just told me that it would be possible to sell a portion of a company, say 49% without changing control and thereby be able to transfer the losses and retain the shareholder equity personally.

But, these people are lying asshats and they have the lawyers and the accountants in their pockets all subservient to the Bank of Canada. I think I need to form a new political party and run for office so at least someone can try to fix this stupid colony and its ridiculous laws.

The Government Fucks Up Again!

March 18, 2010 - What the hell is wrong with dalton macguinty and who’s ass is his head up this time? The more this character opens his mouth, the more I think he swallows suppositories!

I see we have the story of PST workers getting bonuses, er I mean severance, of 6 months pay for stopping work for Ontario PST employees on a Friday and starting work for them with the feds on Monday? WTF is up with that? Fire the lot of the scum sucking tax collecting bastards and list their jobs for public consumption!

This little macguinty stunt is going to cost taxpayers $50,000,000 and that isn’t small change. Twelve hundred and eighty (1280) PST employees will be absorbed by the feds in the HST department (tax job to tax job). This is like a transfer between corporate departments. So unless the present workers are fired and the HST jobs are put up for grabs, they do not warrant any severance.

The British Columbia government isn’t giving severance and they are doing exactly the same thing.

So mister macguinty, I suggest you grow a brain, pull your head out of CUPE’s ass and give your head a shake. You won’t be back come election time after a stunt like this and when we do make politicians accountable, I suggest you find a country to live in that has a non-extradition treaty.

Above Top Secret and Topographical Interferometry

Fenruary 25, 2010 - This of course is an interesting subject as it allows the PTB to monitor your position in real time using a bit of horizontal ground based radar and in addition, the interference patterns created by other electromagnetic devices like cell phones. As explained in the Above Top Secret Thread this technology is available now, at least all the individual technologies. I am not about creating invasive technologies for the PTB, but rather defeating them. My motivations for producing countermeasures are my own and each time a new technology pops up, I’ll be there to design said countermeasure or show a defeating process or method.

I used to do this a long time ago for software security, embedded encryption processors, satellite systems, the military and their products, etc. It’s a good idea to know where your fault lines lay, in order to build a better product. But with every improvement, there will always be some wanker like me out there that will get up under their skirts and fiddle with their bits. I remember a long time ago, I was part of the “gang of five” and TDT, we tore apart the satellite encryption systems and I personally pulled the code and the keys from a TI 7000 series processor used for the encryption and then passed all the code, commented of course, to the other 4 guys. General Instruments didn’t like me much back then and it warranted a visit to me by their Chief of Security. What a waste of time that was, I refused to stop doing what I was doing anyway. Similarly with Canada, I took all of my technology to South Africa even though they said I couldn’t after they burned me in a past SRTC deal for $800k. Oh well, never so can’t!

Since I have coupled technology and war for a number of clients to produce what they needed and I have developed military strategies, failure testing and countermeasures for countries, maybe it’s time to apply that information here. In the next few days, I will start putting up information on how to defeat lethal and non-lethal barrier systems as well as defeating cameras and the aforementioned topographical interferometry.

One thing I must say about information... It’s a great and necessary thing, everyone should have it or at least the ability to acquire it. Governments should be transparent and make everything available to the people who pay for their sorry asses, except possibly personal information. Unfortunately however this is not the way it works, if the Olympics is the epitome of a contest measuring one’s ability in sports, politics is the same but for corruption, malfeasance, stupidity and secrecy (multifaceted like the Olympics).

Information is not dangerous, the application of information however can be in the wrong hands for the wrong motivation. Government is a good example of the wrong people and the wrong motivation, hence the reason for countermeasures. Politicians who are ridiculously detached from reality can in no way have our best interests at heart, so they do the easy thing, the manage their own best interests.

The new page will be under Countermeasures. In the interim, my services are available for both countermeasures and original devices in the area of hardware/software/firmware and the practical application of physics in novel devices. Please remember that when the information is made public it can’t be unread and as always I have taken measures to insure publication in the event of a “problem” from intelligence agencies and NGO’s.

If you get the chance or feel so inclined, join Above Top Secret and take the red pill !

AJD, Olympics and Weather... Again

Fenruary 11, 2010 - Before I get started, I see Amandinnerjacket in Iran had a little premature ejaculation moment, maybe ADJ should use some Cialis?. He said that today would be the fall of the west. Ummmm... how’s that workin’ out for you oh fearless and delusional Iranian leader? Oh, and Iran made an electric car, did this horses ass ever hear of a Tesla? I am quite sure Iran’s people are just like any other, they want freedom and the ability to work. It seems all countries are plagued by the same kinds of idiot leaders and their global puppet masters.

On to weather, what a mess! Nice to see the idiot politicians in DC inundated in white shit rather than the regular horse shit they spout themselves. But what could it all really be cause by? What could increase earthquakes and radically change weather patterns? It sure as hell isn’t Fat Albert’s CO2. I started thinking about more macroscopic systems, cosmic even and if the scientists are correct and we are moving through an area of higher density space (more molecules/atoms per cubic meter) then everything that is happening makes perfect sense.

Let's consider something... we have a solar maximum coming and we are supposedly moving into or through this area of space of increasing density, even if it is only a gradual increase of 5 fold the number of H2 molecules per cubic meter.

The earth is a semi-flattened (equatorial bulging) sphere due to gravimetrics, centrifugal and tidal forces from primarily the Sun and Moon, and since the Earth is spinning, an increase in the pressure or density of local space would effect the curvature of the semi-flattened sphere. In effect, it would possibly cause a very minor depression on or near the leading edge of the planet moving through said higher density space.

If we are moving through an area that is pressure "different," I think it might be safe to presume that we would see an increase in earthquakes due to the tectonic deformation caused by the pressure and changes in weather caused by the additional friction. In fact, we should see heating starting to occur because a higher density space would not only increase transport friction transferred to a planet but would also facilitate energy transfer from the system's main source, the Sun.

I could be wrong, but I think we are in for a rough ride. An increase in local area pressure in space could with the help of a poorly directed M class flare, not only strip away our ozone, but our atmosphere as well.

A very simple test to determine changes in the space the Earth is traveling through I would think, would be to look for increases in H2 content in the atmosphere and a gradual but marked increase in the Sun's corona. If it's there, it's probably safe to assume we are in trouble and maybe this is the ELE that kills off almost entire civilizations. One other thing, combining H2 with Ozone and cosmic rays, that makes water in the form of clouds, so maybe increases in moisture in the atmosphere and clouds but that is kind of an iffy measurement and analysis. Of course Ontario Canada was pooched this last summer with maybe 4 days of sun, the rest clouds and rain and that was very unusual. We need specific protocols and proper analytical methods, anyone out there doing this these days?

More than likely the only reason we are so dysfunctional as a species after wards is because only a small number of the retarded elite business class survive to propagate producing increasing numbers of war and greed driven @ssholes (present company exempted of course, except for the trolls and dysinfo agents).

Can we get a rest on this Olympics crap. I realize sports is a way to distract the sheep, but this is getting so old and commercially ridiculous, it’s obscene. It’s a game, it isn’t reality, lives do not hang in the balance and PM Harpy being there doesn’t mean shit, he’s a flake politician like all the rest of them! Harpy should stop dicking around and get our house in order. End the prorogation and tell the Canadian people that we are no longer under British Rule, the Monarchy is toast and the whole lot has been sold the EUSSR. Canada is now a free agent, we can become a republic, unfortunately if Harpy stays in, we’ll be a pine cone republik. Right now we are only one step up down from Marxism and a full blown police state. We need some real change from Harpy and his crones, not this shit the PM’s hand the BOC have been shoveling out for the last 100 years or so.

One last thing for tonight... I expect that the US FOIA office mailing concerning the Helderberg will be in the mail when the M Class solar flair hits, thereby making it impossible to retrieve the information and/or evidence. If it does show up here, I wonder how redacted it is going to be since they have been doing this for 2+ years?


January 21, 2010 - I have been watching the meteorological systems as well as geophysical events and something just doesn’t seem right. A number of years ago, India experienced a major drought which brought fires that cleared the land of foliage. They then were hit with serious rain and flooding. Shortly thereafter, there was a major earthquake that killed thousands. Recently we have had a major earthquake in Haiti and minor ones in the US in Arkansas (of course there are hundreds every year at the Yellowstone Caldera).

In California, they have minor earthquakes weekly, but, they had a major drought burning off a lot of the foliage and now are experiencing major rains which are causing mudslides and flooding. It’s even extending into Arizona. So I wonder if the next large earthquake will be in California?

Also, in looking at the plates, I have to also wonder if we are going to see additional major quakes on the eastern seaboard of North/South America. For all you people living in Ontario, just a quick note about potential for earthquakes... Darlington Nuclear Generating Station sits on a fault line. It seems the Canadian government in their inexhaustible wisdom (or lack thereof) placed Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Generating Stations in one of the worst possible locations.


January 15, 2010 - Isn’t it time we had  some real audits of corporations that make a difference? I see the South African Reserve Bank come on here and it reminds me of all the loopholes and scams the NP were able to pull off for the sake of appeasing the IMF (the international banksters). The FED in the US is apparently going to get audited, although it’s in appeal by the FED to try and get the audit stopped. The Bank of Canada could use a full independent audit as well. I only mention this, because CRA the SA ResBank has been on recently and of course CRA put me through an eight year audit, which took more than 6 months to complete only to find out that I had 300 million in capital losses that they were not willing to give me a Notice of Determination for as they would have to charge government ministers, university deans/provosts, the banking community, stock brokers and of course a private corporation or two with tax fraud and illegal corporate transactions. I guess that’s why the government of Canada made gag orders?

We will not see change until we throw off the shackles of international banksters. Like it says below, 85.7% of the gross national product of Canada is going out to pay the international banksters and their population management division called the government of Canada.

The last day of 2009...

December 31, 2009 - Much like the last day of 2008, really no different. We still have governments lying to us, banksters ripping off taxpayer dollars, higher unemployment, lower standards of living, a shrinking middle class, more taxes coming, more Bilderberg.IMF/CFR scams and ponzi schemes fronted by the UN, puppets in government.

Plus c’est chanc, plus c’est la meme chose, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I would like to thank all those who bought the book, most of the money is used to fund additional research into what happened to the Helderberg and why. I would also like to thank all those who sent me e-mail cards as well as the snail mail variety. Some of those cards were very inventive.

I wish all a happy new year, health and prosperity in 2010!

I am not naive enough to believe wishes come true, but my thoughts are with you.

It’s that time of year again...

December 30, 2009 - Resolutions! What’s it going to be this year. I think I am going to go into politics, there is just as much dirt on me as the rest of them, except I at least admit upfront what I have done. I think I am going to work seriously at deconstructing this corrupt system. I’ve outlined a lot of what I believe in the Activism tab.

I see the Baby Brokers, Arms Dealers (ex or otherwise), soldiers are being killed along with reporters, the middle class is disappearing, poverty is on the rise, etc., and why? Because our politicians are still making out like bandits and this is the only reason the world is falling apart. It’s all about greed.

Have you ever sat down and looked at how much tax we pay and what kind of value we get for our money under this present regime (in any country)? I’ll use Canada as an example of insult added to injury;

  • Family of 3, two working, income $120k per year, income tax rate equals 50%.
  • HST or PST+GST, any purchases (Ontario) sales taxes equals 13% of 50% or 6.5%.
  • Hidden Taxes, tax on employee income to produce products you buy equals ~ 30% of 50% or 15%.
  • Hidden taxes in Duties and Customs imported products around 5%.
  • Excise taxes on Gas is about 47% of 20% of 50% or 4.7%.
  • Sin Taxes as in liquir, beer, cigarettes is about 90% of 10% of 50% or 4.5%.

So... if you add up all those highlighted percentages, what do you get? A total government tax rate of

You read it right!
No wonder they want to keep the system the way it is!

When did we buy into this shit? Feel free to fudge the numbers if you like. They are all real taxes and using an RRSP, RHSP or RESP just deferes when you have to pay the tax. In government think, that would be sometime 10 or 20 years down the road when the TAX RATES ARE EVEN HIGHER!

But think on this for a minute, even if we fudge the percentages/numbers and say that it’s ONLY 65% TO 90%, that still means that THE GOVERNMENT IS USING 65% TO 90% OF OUR COUNTRY’S TOTAL NATIONAL INCOME EVERY YEAR!

Be happy! You get to keep 10% to 35% of everything you work for!

It’s time for a change, NOT Liberal, NOT PC, NOT NDP, NOT Green Party, NOT US OBAMANATION, NOT EU type change. REAL CHANGE!

In Cananda (any country) we need government of the people and for the people, NOT THE CAREER CRIMINAL POLITICIANS, NOT THEIR HANDLERS, NOT THE BANKERS, NOT THE IMF, NOT THE UN or whatever legion of human carrion sits controlling those groups.


The UN’s Terror Campaign

December 18, 2009 - The UN decided to pull another fast one, an additional attempt at indoctrinating the masses. They made posters to promote the idea of AGW.

Now, normally one say OK, good idea. But, the these posters blatantly state humanity is the terrorist. Sort of the pot calling the kettle black? The posters are below, you decide ;-)




School yard propaganda, aimed at preteens and other juveniles like politicians that aren’t already on the UN/IMF payroll (I think there still might be one or two left). I saw a cute cartoon on ATS the other day that seems well related to present day life.


I was thinking about the past today, specifically my past. Going over everything I have learned, I know two things;

  • Everything I was taught in school and by society is still useful in a fully dysfunctional society.
  • Everything is a lie, politics, history, medicine, etc.

It doesn’t really matter which political group you pick. The outcomes are already determined based on what their handlers want.



I am waiting to hear what is going on at COP15 and if the Harper zombie sold us down the line. It’s funny actually, the UN says Canada is a baaaad polluter and yet, we produce less than a tenth of what the US produces. I know why they said that though, it’s because Canada has supposedly weathered the recession better than the US, so we have to be punished more. Fuck that noise! I wish I was president of Canada (screw that prime minister garbage), I’d sort things out and the very first thing would be to get a proper divorce from England and then get rid of the Bank of Canada. There’s an average 30% increase in the middle class’ disposable income! Then cancel personal income tax and go to a flat tax. Then new legislation to force banks and credit companies to operate with a reasonable deposit to loan interest rate ratio and if they won’t do it, nationalize them. Then start working on senators, canceling the golden handshakes and the ridiculous pay scales for government employees. It’s all on the activism page to the left in the menu bar.

It doesn’t matter whether you vote in Liberals, Conservatives, the NDP or the Green Party. you are going to get more taxes, fewer freedoms, more laws and less value for your dollar.

How stupid, as a country are we, that we continue doing this?

And Now I’ll Pull A Rabbit From My Hat...

December 13, 2009 - So, the EPA has decided to make CO2 a toxic gas. Hmmm, pretty funny actually since people exhale CO2 and plants use CO2 in photosynthesis. Funny since CO2 is the primary building block of life on this planet, which I guess means by extension that Obama through the EPA, believes life is toxic.

Maybe we should make Nitrogen, Argon, Helium or any other gas listed as toxic as well and while we are doing that, let’s look at di-hydrogen monoxide as toxic, since it contributes 70% to 90% of the total “global climate change” problem. A little bit of this stuff in your lungs can kill you, it can ruin many metals and cause serious mechanical problems. Seems like it might be a good idea to legislate a ban on this compound.

Literally anything can be vilified, one just needs a political agenda and some quack, buyable scientists to back you up. Such is the reason for and behind Copenhagen.

When I was young, my father planted a tree for me in our backyard. As I grew and emitted more and more carbon dioxide the tree grew. When I was 20 and 6’3” my tree in the backyard was about 40 feet high and absorbing more CO2 than I could breath out.

Our solutions don’t have to be complex involving government bureaucracies, global taxation and shifts in wealth to offset politically alleged “climate crimes.” All that does in put undeserved capital and control into the pockets of long term criminals and funds some new agenda they will pull out of their collective ass. We really just need to be a bit more responsible with population and waste products, move towards alternative energy and plant more trees.

Btw, di-hydrogen monoxide is water.

Fuck the governments and fuck the pale (chloros=pale=green) horses they all rode in on.

Orwell’s 1984 is just 25 years late.

stephen-harperDecember 7, 2009 - The scumbags are in Copenhagen signing our work and our lives away based on the fraud of the century, ClimateGate.

From the movie ”A Dinner With Andre”

"But has it ever occured to you Wally that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may be a self perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing created by a world totalitarian government based on money? And that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? And it's not just a question of individual survival Wally, but that someone who is bored is asleep, and somebody who is asleep will not say no? See, I keep meeting these people. Just a few days ago I met this man I greatly admire, a Swedish physicist, Gustav Jondstreim. And he told me that he no longer watches televsion, he no longer reads newspapers, and he doesn't read magazines. He's completely cut them out of his life, because he really does feel that we're living in some sort of Orwellian nightmare now, and that everything that you hear now contributes into turning you into a robot. And when I was at Findhorn, I met this extraordinary English tree expert who devoted his life to saving trees. Just got back from Washington lobbying to save the Redwoods, he's eighty-four years old and always travels with a backpack becuase he never knows where he's going to be tomorrow.

When I met him at Findhorn he said, 'Where are you from?'

I said, 'New York'.

'Ah yes, New York. That's a very interesting place. Do you know a lot of New Yorkers that say that they want to leave but never do?'

I said, 'Oh yes'.

'Why do you think they don't leave?'

I gave him different banal theories.

Stephen_Harper_crownedHe said: 'Oh, I don't think it's that way at all.' He said, 'I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards and they have this pride in this thing they built, they've built their own prison, and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners and as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they've made or even see it as a prison.'

And then he went into his pocket and took out a seed for a tree and said, 'This is a pine tree.' He put it in my hand and said, 'Escape. Before it's too late.'

An excerpt for Agenda 21, the CFR/Rothschild/IMF Plan;

Chapter 7 -PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT (c) Encouraging intermediate city development 7.18.
In order to relieve pressure on large urban agglomerations of developing countries, policies and strategies should be implemented towards the development of intermediate cities that create employment opportunities for unemployed labour in the rural areas and support rural-based economic activities, although sound urban management is essential to ensure that urban sprawl does not expand resource degradation over an ever wider land area and increase pressures to convert open space and agricultural/buffer lands for development.
7.19. Therefore all countries should, as appropriate, conduct reviews of urbanization processes and policies in order to assess the environmental impacts of growth and apply urban planning and management approaches specifically suited to the needs, resource capabilities and characteristics of their growing intermediate-sized cities. As appropriate, they should also concentrate on activities aimed at facilitating the transition from rural to urban lifestyles and settlement patterns and at promoting the development of small-scale economic activities, particularly the production of food, to support local income generation and the production of intermediate goods and services for rural hinterlands.
7.20. All cities, particularly those characterized by severe sustainable development problems, should, in accordance with national laws, rules and regulations, develop and strengthen programmes aimed at addressing such problems and guiding their development along a sustainable path. Some international initiatives in support of such efforts, as in the Sustainable Cities Programme of Habitat and the Healthy Cities Programme of WHO, should be intensified. Additional initiatives involving the World Bank, the regional development banks and bilateral agencies, as well as other interested stakeholders, particularly international and national representatives of local authorities, should be strengthened and coordinated. Individual cities should, as appropriate:
stephen_harper_prime_ministera. Institutionalize a participatory approach to sustainable urban development, based on a continuous dialogue between the actors involved in urban development (the public sector, private sector and communities), especially women and indigenous people;
b. Improve the urban environment by promoting social organization and environmental awareness through the participation of local communities in the identification of public services needs, the provision of urban infrastructure, the enhancement of public amenities and the protection and/or rehabilitation of older buildings, historic precincts and other cultural artifacts. In addition, "green works" programmes should be activated to create self-sustaining human development activities and both formal and informal employment opportunities for low-income urban residents;
c. Strengthen the capacities of their local governing bodies to deal more effectively with the broad range of developmental and environmental challenges associated with rapid and sound urban growth through comprehensive approaches to planning that recognize the individual needs of cities and are based on ecologically sound urban design practices;
d. Participate in international "sustainable city networks" to exchange experiences and mobilize national and international technical and financial support;
e. Promote the formulation of environmentally sound and culturally sensitive tourism programmes as a strategy for sustainable development of urban and rural settlements and as a way of decentralizing urban development and reducing discrepancies among regions;
f. Establish mechanisms, with the assistance of relevant international agencies, to mobilize resources for local initiatives to improve environmental quality;
g. Empower community groups, non-governmental organizations and individuals to assume the authority and responsibility for managing and enhancing their immediate environment through participatory tools, techniques and approaches embodied in the concept of environmental care. 7.21. Cities of all countries should reinforce cooperation among themselves and cities of the developed countries, under the aegis of non-governmental organizations active in this field, such as the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and the World Federation of Twin Cities.
E. Promoting sustainable energy and transport systems in human settlements
7.52. Promoting efficient and environmentally sound urban transport systems in all countries should be a comprehensive approach to urban-transport planning and management. To this end, all countries should:
a. Integrate land-use and transportation planning to encourage development patterns that reduce transport demand;
b. Adopt urban-transport programmes favouring high-occupancy public transport in countries, as appropriate;
c. Encourage non-motorized modes of transport by providing safe cycleways and footways in urban and suburban centres in countries, as appropriate;
d. Devote particular attention to effective traffic management, efficient operation of public transport and maintenance of transport infrastructure;

obama_harper02f. Re-evaluate the present consumption and production patterns in order to reduce the use of energy and national resources.

It’s seems we are pooched, when the assclowns, the Obamas and the Harpers of the world return, Copenhagen Treaty in hand, our lives as we know them (as badly as they have been corrupted by these assholes) is over.

We are not at the beginning of the downward trend into hell, rather we are a few inches from the end of the slide.

Funny Stuff !

obama_ed_motivationNovember 20, 2009 - So, I posted the other day about our bullshit education system (read indoctrination system) in Canada and now it all pops out, the Hadley Climatic Research Centre has been hacked apparently and many of those “scientist” doctored documents are in play on the internet. Hmmmm, I wonder how many people at Hadley are in a wee bit of trouble? That egg should stick to their faces for a while one would hope.

I hope no one out there is still stupid or naive enough to think that “government” is our friend as this kind of seals the deal on their intentions. Go look up the documents on Hadley and have a read!

I also sent emails to CTV.CA and the Minister of Education in Canada (Governments Socialist Republik of Kanadakastan) two days ago as follows;

“I have to ask, why are our children being given an assignment to write Harper and promote the signing of the Copenhagen Treaty? A treaty which  uses the fairytale of human driven global warming as a smokescreen for world governance and new taxation.

From conversations with high school attendees from multiple schools, I am told that the only kind of information they have received is tripe like "An Inconvenient Truth." Children have not been given the alternate  theories on global warming, or cooling as the case may be (and they are  all theories including the aforementioned movie). In addition, I direct  your attention to the Copenhagen Treaty itself from the UN websites, the  UNFCCC, on page 18, article 38, items a, b and c.

Am I to understand that the government of Canada wishes to abolish its  national sovereignty and to collect and pay a "breathing tax" for every  man, woman and child in this once great country, to an unelected  offshore political entity? Am I to understand that our "elected"  representatives condone and promote this kind of Ponzi scheme and use  children as facilitators?

I believe our education (or indoctrination) system needs to teach  critical and self sufficient thinking, not program, our children.

I am disgusted, but what can one really expect from a totally corrupt  government? I don't put any stock in puppets and therefore I am rarely disappointed or surprised, just amazed at the level of deceit and ineptness.”

You can download the actual files from “clear” virus free sites or by using applications like BitTorrent, just make sure you have a virus scanner, which is always a good idea with anything. From what I have seen in the 61 meg file so far, it looks real, interesting and all of their programs appear to run in Prolog 7, of which as I said, funny thing, I am an expert, so I guess I will be doing some testing to see where they added the number fudges ;-) if that actually is the case.


November 18, 2009 - Well, maybe Web-bot WAS a good idea (past tense), but so were pet rocks! Like all fads, this one too will fall by the way-side, Examining text on the internet is a little foolish, since 90% of the internet is garbage. So many things wrong with the world..... speaking of which;


Lord Monckton on the Fallacy of Climate Change and the Copenhagen Treaty

This would be Lord Monckton speaking on climate change and the Copenhagen Treaty (UNFCCC). The ministry of education are apparently asking school children to send in letters to Harper to sign this treaty. WTF is with that? Now the propaganda police are seriously embedded in our schools, see here for initial information.

no_dickheadsSo, Another Day of Losses...

November 1, 2009 - CIT Group, with assets of around 71 billion US, 65 billion in liabilities and payable derivatives around 3 trillion announced today it was filing for bankruptcy.

From CNN.COM - “The company also said it has filed motions in the bankruptcy court to allow for the continued payment of employees, and to allow the company to pay vendors and other creditors in full.

Common shareholders, however, will be out of luck. CIT said all existing common and preferred stock will be canceled upon emergence from bankruptcy protection. That would likely include preferred stock from the $2.3 billion in funding from the U.S. government's Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) the company received in its efforts to stay afloat.”

Looks like the NWO plan is running like clockwork and I guess we’ll see what the markets do tomorrow morning. Of course, the markets may do nothing, the stock markets are manipulated and crisis are staged. There’s more info here, much more and about a lot of other topics. Some hoaxes but there is a great deal of researchable and verifiable truth

In other developments, does anyone remember a few months back, Joseph Moshe said that Baxter was building a weaponized vaccine, re. the swine flu vaccine, in the Ukraine? Guess what, people are dying in the Ukraine from a supposedly unknown bacteria or virus. Makes you go hmmmm?

Speaking of the Swine Flu... is it a virus or is it bacteria (weaponized TB)? Here’s a little article I found on that you might want to read.... link here and an excerpt;

No one can deny the similarities between the onset of the 1918 epidemic and that of today, yet a Press Release, issued on August 19, 2008, by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), contains a striking finding and conclusion: The 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide from the great 1918 Influenza ("Flu") Pandemic were NOT due to "flu" or a virus, but to pneumonia caused by massive bacterial infection."(2)
Subsequently, a study published in JAMA by Talbot and Moore (3) in 2000 showed that Mexican immigrants to the US have the highest case rates for tuberculosis among foreign born persons. Mexico is the country where Swine Flu deaths were first documented.
The research of Lawrence Broxmeyer MD (4) first proclaimed that the 1918 pandemic was due to bacteria, particularly mutant forms of flu-like fowl, swine, bovine, and human tuberculosis (TB) bacteria:
( ).
These forms of tuberculosis are often viral-like, mutate frequently and can "skip" from one species to another. Moreover the antibodies from such viral TB forms react in the compliment fixation and later "viral" assays (5). They also grow on cultures which are supposed to grow only viruses.
In a supportive 16-page-paper which appeared in Population and Development Review, University of California demographers Andrew Noymer and Michael Garenne came up with convincing statistics showing that undetected tuberculosis may have been the real killer in the 1918 flu epidemic (6).”

The Fallacy of Global Warming

October 24, 2009 - So, here we are coming up to the UNFCCC Copenhagen Treaty from the UN that usurps the sovereign powers of every country in the world and passes them on to the UN to govern us all from a single one world government. I can understand Al Gore pushing this thing since IMHO he is full of shit, but Maurice Strong, well, I knew him back in the 90’s when he was head of Ontario Hydro and he didn’t talk this crap back then when we had a 1-1/2 hour conversation about political stupidity (remember Chad and External Affairs!). He was just as pissed of as I was about the idiots in the Canadian government as well as all the others world wide. I wonder what changed him, maybe the money?

I see the PTB have all the sheep whipped into a frenzy (CNN/CBC/etc) to promote this travesty and the media is pumping out the same old lies, you know, Polar Bear extinction, raising CO2 levels, ice sheets melting and it’s always our fault. No, it couldn’t be the Sun, after all, our CO2 emissions are melting the polar caps on Mars as well! Any logical person would look at this and say, “Hmmm, what is the common denominator? The sun maybe?” But this isn’t about logic, it’s about emotion and the creation of a “bogeyman” problem in order to force a paradigm shift in political power. They say the Obamanator and our very own Harris zombie will sign this garbage treaty (UNFCCC). Meet the new boss, way worse than the old boss. Real freedoms will be gone, but at least you may have the illusion of freedom, if you’re well medicated!

I suggest everyone read this entire piece of crap treaty and pay close attention to the three mandates (one shown);

    “38. The scheme for the new institutional arrangement under the Convention will be based on three basic pillars: government; facilitative mechanism; and financial mechanism, and the basic organization of which will include the following:

      a) The government will be ruled by the COP with the support of a new subsidiary body on adaptation, and of an Executive Board responsible for the management of the new funds and the related facilitative processes and bodies. The current Convention secretariat will operate as such, as appropriate.

      b) The Convention’s financial mechanism will include a multilateral climate change fund including five windows: (a) an Adaptation window, (b) a Compensation window, to address loss and damage from climate change impacts [read: wealth redistribution]], including insurance, rehabilitation and compensatory components, © a Technology window; (d) a Mitigation window; and (e) a REDD window, to support a multi-phases process for positive forest incentives relating to REDD actions.

      c) The Convention’s facilitative mechanism will include: (a) work programmes for adaptation and mitigation; (b) a long-term REDD process; © a short-term technology action plan; (d) an expert group on adaptation established by the subsidiary body on adaptation, and expert groups on mitigation, technologies and on monitoring, reporting and verification; and (e) an international registry for the monitoring, reporting and verification of compliance of emission reduction commitments, and the transfer of technical and financial resources from developed countries to developing countries. The secretariat will provide technical and administrative support, including a new centre for information exchange [read; enforcement].

Of course, there is a lot more, the above quote comes from Page 18, article 38 (a) through (c). The original document can be downloaded here or from the UN site here (go look for it) or here directly.

Are you ready to be taxed for breathing?
Are you ready to be controlled by a fascist corporate oligarchy from another country?
Are you ready to give up your national sovereignty?
Are you ready to be chipped?
Are you ready for the police state that will follow?
Are you ready for population reduction or serfdom (according to UN mandates)?

Read up on Codex Alimentarius and everyone should see Lord Monkton’s presentations on global climate change as a vehicle to promote political agenda’s.

Is everything just a coincidence or have all these crisis situations and events been created to further the globalist agenda? The banksters have created the largest fraud in the history of the world with the cooperation of governments to force in a financial equalization of nations, much like 1929 to 1933 in order to usher in the New World Order using the UN as a vehicle to “legitimize” the operation. The only thing next up in the plan, is the conversion to a fascist and tyrannical oligarchy of un-elected assholes totally out of touch with reality.

We have to dissolve the Bank of Canada right now, we need a complete restructuring of government and a rollback of every illegal treaty since 1930, before it’s too late.

If you think the government, any government, has your best interests at heart, you’re just plain stupid. Is it time to kick the tires and light the fires... yet?

I’m Back ? Or Am I ?

October 20, 2009 - I keep hearing about October 25th to 27th, like there is going to be some huge catastrophe in that day range. You must have heard about it from WebBot, TimeWave Zero and others. What won’t happen this time? Oh, I must say hi to Julie, Michael, Rob, Tanya and everyone else, sorry for the late responses (by 1 to 6 months) in email, I was away and for all intents and purposes invisible to TPTB for six months, eg, no cell phone use, no credit card or bank account use, no direct computer use on my accounts, etc. It was nice... 180 days of clean air, clean water and good people, a far cry from places like Toronto or Ottawa. I am going to try and get back into the Helderberg investigation along with the arms deals. I just sent an email to Roberta at the US FOIA request office, hopefully she’ll be back to me about my requests concerning the US Navy, CIA and State department soon, but it’s been two years of waiting so far.

Concerning the Helderberg, an associate mentioned something to me in email that no one else seemed to catch (me included)... Thinus Jacobs stated in his affidavit “I again saw him (Captain Dawie Uys) in the cockpit soon before departure, while he was signing the loadsheet.

My associate offers, So, what loadsheet or copy thereof was used in the investigation?! The one available now does not carry the capt.’s signature nor the chop and signature of the issueing CI – department.  So, that appears to be not a copy, but an additional print-out from the CI computer, easily to be tampered with before printing. And if there were indeed at least 15 copies, none was available in MRU, at least not for us, as I had requested from SAA (Mr.GvdW). This would have confirmed right there and then that, the toy car was part of the cargo, but as it was, this find was treated as “no news” at that time by people in charge of ops, although the items discovered / photographed were the first of the plane seen on the sea floor, at least to our knowledge. However, this info was used by SAA to get us a 72 hour extension of the original charter period.”

So, there is another clue to the huge puzzle that is the Helderberg ;-) Where the fuck are the original 15 loadsheet documents and copies?

I also see CERN has problems with the LHC. In a way I am kind of glad, personally I don’t like the brute force approach of throwing tons of money and trillions of joules at something. It seems rather hit and miss. Anyway, my project was stopped because it was dangerous due to the potential my reactor has in creating macroparticles by way of particle degeneracy (BEC/String entanglement) which would eventually produce a black hole. So hopefully, CERN will be stopped as well, either by man or nature.





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