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November 22 2012

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Nov 7 2008


So... What’s the deal with the Obama nation?

November 7, 2008 - I’m sitting here running a hydrogen generator and I am getting close to being capable of running a 400hp car on water plus H3NBH3 and then the girlfriend runs into my lab (I almost blow my ass into the NWO’s new hell on earth) and she says to me, “I know what’s wrong with him!” And I say, “Who?” And she says, “Obama, and his wife too!” I say, “Ahhh, OK, what?” And she says, “He changes, he isn’t what anyone thinks he is!” I give my head a shake and say, “Ok, what is he?” And she says, “I don’t know, but he doesn’t seem human, I saw him change, like he morphed a little into something else and back and her too! He started looking like something that wasn’t human and then he flipped back like in a movie!” And I say, “Ummm... have you seen this before?” And she says, “Never!?

I ponder her statement, after all, she has never (I mean never) been wrong, her intuition is as good as me using one of my computerized IIR scopes at two miles, but what does it mean? So I look around on the internet and the PC’s and MSM are literally screaming that Obama, is the new “Messiah,” the new “Savior,” how much does it cost to get that kind of “press or in the alternative, how many low friends in high places do you have to have?” Ok then.... that’s a little odd, I start remembering biblical scripture about the false prophet, the stuff Nostradamus said in Les Centuries and as well, Edward Cayce’s predictions. Hmmmmm, is this deja vu, a glitch in the system, just odd, who knows? But there are no coincidences, there is only enemy action. Now of course, being “rational human beings” we wait for proof, some alignment with predictions, after all, you don’t want to do anything rash without proof right?

So, survey says!, we have to wait to see if Obama is assassinated and comes back to life at the Temple of Solomon (the Temple Mount), that’s what it says right, we wait to see if he actually IS the false prophet? But is coming back to life on the “Mount” literal or rhetorical? I would think rhetorical and since there is now apparently a Muslim in the Whitehouse and the “Mount” is controlled by Muslims in Jerusalem, maybe “coming back to life after a mortal wound” means a resurgence in some type of “faith.” Maybe assassinated is rhetorical as well, as in character or faith assassination or maybe even faith assassination via war (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.). Who knows, but it is interesting to think about it, if only for a moment, right? Well, if you’re not one of those Sheople towing the party line....

But you know what the problem is with the average person? We abide by the scientific process, we have been programmed by the educational system, we wait for solid proof and therefore we don’t act until we have the proof, we don’t listen to the inner voice that says, “Whoa, this is seriously fucked up!” We are reasonable, we give the benefit of the doubt.... and by then it’s too late. By waiting and not “listening to the inner voice,” analyzing the problem and acting, we are always at least one step behind our protagonists, we set ourselves up for failure. I have to wonder, “How long will we wait?” I look at South Africa, a model of Hegelian hierarchical theory in practice, the people waited for proof, they gave the benefit of the doubt and didn’t act, now that they have proof and see the ANC for what it is, a nepotistic, bumbling and corrupt Marxist cesspool of incompetent asses frittering away resources while being incapable of controlling crime, now the people can’t act and are very possibly, fucked.

And then there is mother nature, are you ready for the bees and the butterflies dying off and what that will mean to food supplies and for profits for companies like Monsanto (terminate seeds) and Bayer (producer of the neurotoxin for bees)? Go look it up! I can show you the way, but you have to open the door to your own brain. This hive mind shit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Personally, I think Obama is just another 2-billion-dollar-in-ad-campaigns scumbag puppet politician with spin-doctor profiteering who’ll sit at the head of the Obama nation, the US and hopefully, any relevant “prophecies” are not fulfilled.

Funny though, the name “Mabus?” Simply take a reversal of “BaRRack OBAMa”
(it’s sometimes spelled with 2 R’s), “kcaRRab aMABO,” drop the “a” and then add the R+1
(for the second R) = S, then shift the O into a U and poof! MABOS=MABUS. Like math
(and Richard Hogeland) you can read anything into anything, right? ;-) In which case,
Obama is potentially the 3rd and final Anti-Christ, go

Let’s see if he sheds his skin between a forked tree in the basement of the Whitehouse, because according to the girlfriend, there is something seriously wrong with this “character?” But anyone can be wrong just as easily as they can be right, Obama is well educated and has the backing of his corporate masters, so who knows? Would companies like Monsanto that brought us Terminate Seeds and Agent Orange or Bayer who sold AIDS tainted meds to other countries rather than the US, or Eli Lily (I remember Africa) hurt the consumer because of profits?

So, in North America, we have Obama/Mabus in the US as the new “Messiah,” Harper the f**cking zombie in Canada (Kanadakastan) and the other corrupt garbage in Mexico (on the “bite”), all the while the Queen sells England by the Euro as of January 1, 2009. How long will it be now, before we have the Amero and the NWO with Prince Charles or some other mutant as el Presidente?

Maybe it will be Jan/Feb 1, 2009 or maybe it will be sometime in between now and 2012, except where prohibited by law of course, but you will have the inalienable right to shut the fuck up! Funny thing, there are more of us than there are of them.

A link to Lies your teachers told you, “Making the World Safe for Hypocracy.”

How’s my driving... are we there yet? Do we need to get pro-active?


Zeitgeist, Addendum

October 11, 2008 - Today I watched the addendum. I’d have to say it was an excellent exploratory view into the ridiculous way the monetary system works. I would suggest everyone see both movies, the first one and the addendum, then go out and sign their site at;

And as well, if you don’t have the URL’s for the movies, you can get them as a torrent, or you can look them up on youtube or you can go to

All this crap with the banks has to stop. How can the global debt be $485 trillion if the total global GNP is only $60 trillion? Watch Zeitgeist and you’ll understand!


Getting out of Dodge?

September 30, 2008 - How does one get the hell out of Dodge, life and sanity intact, when Dodge appears to be the entire planet? I was reading a little yesterday about the looming collapse in European Communist Community (the EU). Apparently the ripple effects of the banking situation in the US are affecting the banks across the “pond.” Like  no one couldn’t figure out that might happen sometime soon, duh.

In order to accommodate sweeping change in governance and its policies, it’s always a good idea to have your “mark” look the other way through distraction, so you can “stab” them with limited fear of repercussions. Hence the banking crisis, create a crisis, hit people where they have to pay attention so that they are so busy managing what little money they have and worrying about their financial future, so that they don’t see the axe about to hit their collective skull. Then offer the solution, complete with a paradigm shift in the way we are governed. Most of us have never experienced a “benevolent” totalitarian dictatorship (an oxymoron to be sure), so how bad can it be?

It’s neither a clever plan nor a new plan. This is simply the manipulation of our inherent survival instincts to gain total control.

BTW, for anyone interested out there, the real names are back in the first half of the book. It’s gone off to the publisher. As Jake’s used to say, “The truth may hurt, but it can never be a lie.” I’d have to add, “Except where prohibited by law.”


A little more on the book and my watchers

September 23, 2008 - I believe I made it abundantly clear, that although Teddy-andy, something rhetorically like Brundle-fly, was extremely charismatic, very likable and an intelligent businessman, these kinds of people have duality of mentality and purpose, they can be just as ruthless as they are philanthropic. That’s the way both business and life work, if you want to get ahead you have to be able to at least step on the still warm bodies of your competitors or enemies. I don’t know of even one public figure who hasn’t harmed multiple people or has blood on their hands. That’s why the adage of “kill one person and you’re a murderer, kill a million and you’re a king.”

So, if the system web logs are correct (they generally are) and my old boss or his spawn are tracking me, then so be it, as I said in the past, all the information will be released to the public domain and alternative news media (some MSM for good measure) through channels I haven’t accessed for more than two years. Google, Yahoo and other search engines pass by my “other” sites daily but robots are disabled, preventing the information from appearing in search engines. One line of code or deleting the robots.txt file is all it takes.


Have you looked at al-Britannia lately?

September 22, 2008 - I have to point this out because this is probably what is next for Canada as well if it isn’t already here - and the government do like to downplay and keep “little” items like this quiet.

I am both amazed and disgusted that our politicians are sinking so low. I don’t mean from the standpoint of Sharia Law, it may or may not be a good thing, but more from the hijacking of our culture by a people or peoples who’s primary focus is not to work with us, rather to take us over by sheer breeding numbers. I’ve always said that if you can’t integrate, stay in your own country. Personally, I find a different country’s cultures interesting, even refreshing and it’s a reason to travel and take it in for two weeks or a month, maybe more, but I don’t want it next door, down the street or to have whole cities like Toronto overrun with little microcosms of totalitarian cultural dictatorships. Especially, when their culture starts to dictate how I can live my life. If these people can’t be Canadian and insist on being some form of Prefixed Canadian, then send them back to their prefix and let’s de-complicate the issue of who is running the government based on what malformed agenda. It may be irrelevant however as I expect the next Prime Minister, who would become el-Presidente of this socialist and presently somewhat nationalized colony cum country, will sell us out the the US.

Unfortunately however, this whole multi-CULTi thing appears to be a distraction, a story weaving to intertwine emotions and divert attention from the upcoming government event. But it is important to give people enemies, other than the government and this may be what these moves through time are all about... It should get very interesting leading up to 2009, it may be a Christmas in Hell.

And then there’s the US, what a mess when empires fall. They go or stay at war, bring in McFascisti like McCain and try and polish him up with a Palin. Of course Obama is really no better, he has a closet neo-conservative as a running mate. It looks to me like it’s a win win situation for the skull and bones club and the CFR. If McFascisti gets in, or Obama gets bumped, it’s business as usual with the same bunch of neo-con ass-clowns which will just be more wars, more economic failures and of course, say goodbye to the last of the few individual freedoms you have now, ‘cause they be out da window!


Sometimes I hate being right...

September 8, 2008 - I was watching the news last night, which I rarely do and lo and behold, the US Fed. is bailing out Fannie May and Freddie, otherwise the economy will collapse. If I remember right, those two mortgage brokerage houses hold more than 4 trillion dollars in US mortgages. That’s a bit of coin! And what is going on with these 5,000,000 plastic sealable non-biodegradable coffins interspersed throughout the southern US states? Is the US government planning, err... I mean expecting, an outbreak of some form of disease that is going to kill between 5 and 20 million people (the coffins will hold between 1 and 4 people)?

In South Africa, thought crimes are rampant. Don’t you dare have an opinion or draw a cartoon telling the truth, you’ll end up sued or in jail. The truth is a dangerous thing and these pervasive “laws” outlawing the truth seem to be everywhere! An example, if I were to name names in my Canadian tax “affair,” I am quite sure they’d put me in jail. It really makes you wonder. Another example is the recent Mail & Guardian newspaper in SA depicting Jacob Zuma (ANC president in waiting preparing to rape the justice system while being held down by the ANC, SACP, COSATU and ANCYL). How can a justice system for all, favour and protect the few, rather than support the interest of the many? The 4 ANC based groups are trying to force the investigation into Zuma’s fraud, bribery and extortion case into be dropped. That is what it is like in Africa, dysfunctional to the MAX!


The article can be found here. We knew anyway, but thanks Zapiro for the truth!

More on (or moron) Canada, apparently we are going to have an election on October 14, 2008. I suppose this is to ensure that Harper is made el Presidente of what will be a Pine-Cone Republik cum Stalinist dictatorship on January 1, 2009 when Canada actually becomes a country (you do remember the Queen, the EU and selling England by the pound right, or is that the Euro?). Or maybe it’s just to ensure that Harper becomes Governor when the US annexes Canada on or before that same date as a stepping stone in forming the North American Union. They do need our land, fresh water, natural gas, oil, diamonds and technology you know and 35 million slaves for the corporate machine doesn’t hurt either. Watch for sweeping changes in the next few months in politics and constitutions!

Oh, and our government, how they waffle. They want security on military bases, then they don’t, then they do, then they wait, then they don’t, then they do, then they wait, then they don’t... It’s seems a never ending cycle of falling back and forth either side of the fence, or maybe “on and off the wagon.” Of course we still have that nagging immigration problem, the guvmunt is letting anything in these days and paying them to come here. What kind of sweetheart deal is that? All of this is of course being made possible with our tax dollars! There is no democracy here, our leaders are communists and they enjoy saying things like “a capitalist will sell you the rope with which you’ll hang him.” Guess what, they are tying the knots.

I have to wonder how many people out there really see what’s going on, the people who don’t have their heads in the sand or buried up someone else’s ass, or maybe their own. It seems highly self-apparent to me anyway, that we are being manipulated for the lesser good. When will the sheople wake up?


A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Internet

August 20, 2008 - It’s starting to get pretty messy with the banks, stock market and energy prices it seems, there is a lot of information suppression going on right now. Lately, we’ve had a small drop in the cost of gas, but expect that to be short lived. The MSM is prepping us for the big crunch, I heard today on the news that fuel oil is up 80%, flour by 35% and other food stocks will rise between 25% and 100%. We are past the oil peak and starting the downward spiral On to the funny stuff....

So, I happened to mention on a blog site that a biopharm company specifically infected 500,000 of the native population in Africa with Syphilis in the 50’s/60’s so that they could test their “cure” for that particular SDT (trying to be a little ambiguous I was). I also mentioned the company was kicked out of the “host” country where they ran their little marketing plan and funny thing, biopharms started looking at this website which wasn’t even connected to the site where I made the comment (and I didn’t sign a name either). It seems some of those blogger sites are seriously compromised by the big corporate interests! But you knew that right? It was just a test to see how quickly a little truth would make it’s way to the perpetrators of the crime, it took about two hours.

I am still waiting on information coming out of Europe and the middle east concerning the alleged “shoot down” scenario of the Helderberg and as well Helderberg info from the US FOIA people. They seem to be dragging their feet a bit but I’m not the only person on the books looking for answers and I suppose everyone in government is busy getting ready for the new NAU slave trade. The NAU is following the same model as the EU, trade treaties (NAFTA, CAFTA, SPP) which will be followed by political treaties, the canceling of constitutions and finally the merger of three or more countries into a super-state. And to think, all of this is paid for with our tax dollars, the inflation, the bank rates, the surveillance and of course the loss of essential freedoms.

If it wasn’t so obscene it would be comical. I often wonder how long it will take people to awake from the dream and realize they are actually living the nightmare.

Oblivio aeternus


Now we’re Pooched ! (maybe, there’s still time)

July 17, 2008 -,2144,3490994,00.html,1518,560911,00.html


A Strange Website Hit?

July 15, 2008 - I am pretty used to the fact the military, CSIS, NPA, SAPS, ANC, governments, etc. come onto the site looking on a very regular basis, but this one I noticed from last night is a bit weird in that it was looking specifically for my SA ID book photo and or the bar code in the ID book.

Visitor Detail

Unique Visitors


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15 Jul, Tue, 02:03:52

Net Speed



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South Africa

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32 Bit (16.7M)





What is going on with the Banks?

July 13, 2008 - Apparently Forvis has pulled out 600 billion dollars (which is equivalent to one percent of the total global assets of the world) from North American banks in the last week sighting they expect a full collapse of at least the US banking system (6000 banks including giants like Citibank) by September 2008. So I did a little looking at US and Canadian banks, they aren’t too damned healthy. It almost looks like CIBC in Canada has lost close to 25% of its value and just did an emergency “shoring up” of its stock in an attempt to forestall the inevitable. Chase Manhattan, recently on this website, looks a little healthier, but many of the larger banks in the US and most of the smaller ones look like they are running into trouble. With the two recent banks going down in the US (in the last two weeks) there is either a planned “gobbling” of assets occurring or we are going to see North American countries go fully bankrupt by this fall/winter (2008) in a snowball effect. So expect martial law as I have said before and if you don’t have any survival skills, get some fast. Render everything important on your computers to paper unless you have your own permanent bio-diesel or ethanol generating facility.

This kind of debt based system is not supportable, the debt can never be paid back. If you borrow a single glass of water filled to the brim and you can’t get any more water how are you supposed to pay back what you borrowed with 1.05 glasses of water. By extension, if the world has a finite value and the IMF/World Bank prints and controls ALL the money, how are you supposed to pay back 1.05 dollars for every dollar you borrow, if you have to borrow the money to pay the interest from the IMF/World Bank, again? It’s a never ending cycle of debt based on NOTHING! Money has no intrinsic value, it is simply a tool to make commerce easier. But in our society money is considered of value even though there is nothing to back the premise that it has value (re world debt to world assets being in the range of 8:1, each “dollar” actually has a value of roughly $0.125 or 12.5 cents but jas been arbitrarily inflated to cover the debt).

This potential (and probable) collapse seems planned however, with the Queen of England handing over control to the EU on January 1, 2009 the next step would be for the US to annex Canada and Mexico, thereby forming the North American Union. What better time to have a continental cout de tat. I know how these fuckers work, they wait until you are extended (winter coming, bank collapse, anxiety, heavily in debt, possible loss of power/naural gas/heat, probably another false flag operation) and then they’ll tell us that we have to do this, we have to suspend all rights, institute martial law and suspend constitutions or we won’t have heat, gas and electricity. So basically, give up all your rights to the corporations/governments and they will allow you to live. Maybe? Wouldn’t Mussolini be proud, he actually coined the term Corporatism. He meant it to be nationalization of the corporations by the government. What we have is Corporate Fascism, the corporatization of the governments.

You won’t see this information in the mainstream media or the education systems, the corporate propaganda and programming tools for the masses. You’ll have to look it all up on the internet. Just remember that a PhD psychology or that Master in business administration isn’t going to help you when you have to build a house, a generator, make green fuels, kill a deer to eat or worse things to stay alive.


Something a little more esoteric?

July 9, 2008 - For a long time, I have maintained that we live inside something almost like a video game, actually more like a three dimensional movie. All of the character’s actions are predetermined based on the plot of the “movie” and neither you nor I can change a damn thing about it. The part you play has nothing to do with God given rights or your position in society, it does however have everything to do with who you chose to be, before you entered the system. Choices and making decisions appear to be limited to actions taken “outside the system.” Therefore, there is no free will.

Imagine for a moment you had a computer capable of measuring every subatomic function within a tiny closed system and you had formulas and algorithms that plotted and predicted outcomes based on the real time interactions of those subatomic particles. You’d need a huge parallel processing array with a great deal of memory and massive sensory systems just to monitor a CC of water (if Heisenberg stepped aside), but, it is not outside the realm of technology right now or possibility in the near future. If such a computer existed or was built, it could through simple mathematical deduction, predict with 100% certainty the positions and effects of all the subatomic particles in the closed system being measured and analyzed, until the end of time or the collapse of our present wave function.

Now let’s imagine that the universe (our movie, the hologram created by the interference pattern of bosons that is grounded in what we perceive as reality) is a closed system and that the creator of the universe, who is omnipotent, could obviously build/create a “computer” capable of monitoring all the subatomic interactions within our closed system of reality. Wouldn’t that mean, following the previous analogous scenario, that every interaction could be predicted with 100% certainty until the end of time?

If that is the case and it is possible, it would mean there is no free will? If every event and every interaction can be predicted with 100% certainty it doesn’t matter if WE know the outcomes, it only matters if someone or something knows, outside our system of reality.

It’s kind of a fatalistic view I suppose, but it really doesn’t matter if the Queen sells Great Britain to European Union or if George Bush suspends the constitution, enacts martial law and annexes Canada and Mexico or if WW III starts between Israel and Iran or if there are revolutions in every country in the world due to our cocked up governments and debt based banking systems. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not and we (collectively) really have no control. This “reality” and our alleged ability to make decisions, called free will,  is an illusion.

There is only one way we could truly have free will within the bounds of this reality and that is if we had total control over our constituent parts right down to the subatomic level. So that we could force them to behave as we choose, rather than them being controlled by ground states and almost incomprehensible quantum interactions. Unfortunately, quantum reality and classical reality are two totally different “animals” and control over the quantum is generally limited to probabilities.


Canada Day?

July 1, 2008 - Canada Day! The day we celebrate the arrogance, ineptitude, ignorance and deceitfulness of our politicians (there are a few good ones, very few), the shrinking monopolistic corporate oligarchy that’s growing in control and our rape through excessive taxation. The Canadian government has done a few things for me to personally “celebrate;”

  • Giving me no choice but to leave Canada in 1986 due to the old Mulroney SRTC program in which I lost $790,500.00 and;
  • Almost getting my family killed in 1990 via the Canadian Embassy in Pretoria through the neglect/negligence and deliberate inaction of Adrian Brazeau, the Administrative Consul in the Canadian Embassy in Pretoria and;
  • Foreign/External Affairs classifying me as a mercenary for being an engineer working for Armscor and the SADF directly and through military contractors, and spreading their “gossip” around as many government departments as they could including Revenue Canada and CSIS and Services Canada and;
  • CSIS and their wiretaps, black SUV’s and general interference in my life, including telling me basically that I am a national security risk because I might just know far too many embarrassing details about both local and foreign governments as well as government, military and educational institution corruption and;
  • CSIS and the government of Canada for telling me in 1990 that the Helderberg 747 mass murder was outside of their jurisdiction, while concurrently promoting the patently evil false “God” Nelson Mandela and;
  • The Privacy Commissioner’s Office, because they are simply an anal, do nothing facade and just another parasitic department suckling at the taxpayer’s teet and;
  • A government minister and a university which together with lawyers and accountants were allowed to commit criminal acts  between 1997 and 2001 of tax and public funds fraud ($150 million), tax evasion, death threats, threats to kidnap my children, break and enter, invasion of privacy (placing “bugs” in my house) and of course reading my private mails to government offices, all of which ended up costing me roughly $30,000,000.00 and 10 years of my life and;
  • The Superior Court of Canada for suppressing the above mention information via “gag orders” through a judge who was not interested in material facts, so that ministers, universities, large accounting firms, lawyers and individuals would not collectively become some inmate’s “bitch.”

Yeah! There’s a lot for me to celebrate, eh! Now onto other things....

I’ve been looking at this tax thing in Canada, it’s quite the joke actually. I’ve heard the politicians say  our income taxes pay for infrastructure. WRONG! The gasoline tax pays for roads, the land tax pays for schools and local infrastructure, the provincial taxes pay for Health Care, Provincial government infrastructure and most Social Assistance Programs. Corporate tax pays for the military, Research and Development and most of the Federal Governments Infrastructure. The Victims tax pays the courts and of course for the “Policeman’s Other Ball.” Grants in many cases come from the Lotteries of which the government decided it was a good idea to get into public gambling since they have been doing just that with our tax dollars for decades (bad loans to third world countries, does that ring a bell?). So what does Federal Income Tax pay for, and don’t say CPP or UI because that is paid for out of a fund we all contribute to separately. Then we have the GST which pays for the balance of Federal government infrastructure and the PST which caries the Provincial governments.

But where does Federal Income Tax fit into this picture????

That is a pretty easy question to answer if you do some research! The Bank of Canada, which is owned and/or controlled by IMF/WTO/World Bank shareholders lends money to the government of Canada in the form of printed and coined currency, which it of course mints and applies an interest rate of between 2 and 6% taking into account the current rate of interest, inflation and gross national product. The Federal Income tax is used to pay the interest on the money loaned by the Bank of Canada, to the Canadian government. But how does the bank make money from nothing? See the link;

So why is it called the Bank of Canada if it’s actually the World Bank????

Well that is another easy question to answer ;-) People just assume that if it says Bank of Canada that it is in fact owned and operated by Canada via parliament. That is not the case. The IMF/World Bank supply a list of potential governors to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and the governors are picked from this pre-approved list. The government may not interfere with the Bank of Canada for fear of total economic collapse, plus I expect the politicians are paid off very well to keep this little secret. Therefore, the governors, who are puppets under the control of the IMF/World Bank can steer economic policy based on the wishes of their masters at the IMF/World Bank.

But there are other secrets that hide in plain sight, the corporation of the Government of Canada is a good example. Prime Minister means second in command, the Governor General is actually in control since he/she is the actual head-of-state’s Viceroy, meaning the Queen is President and CEO of the corporation of Canada. This impacts the colony of Canada in only two ways, Canada’s self determination as an entity, of which it has none and we are still apparently British Subjects. Just because we have a “national anthem” doesn’t mean that we are a country, it’s all a facade and when Great Britain is dissolved on January 1, 2009 it will play havoc with colonies such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Countries and Colonies are corporations and just like people they can go bankrupt. The extension of debt by a central bank goes on all over the world, resulting in banks controlling governments, the new corporate fascism. There is so much borrowing that the present Global Debt is $485,000,000,000,000 ($485 trillion) and the Gross Global Production is about $60,000,000,000,000 ($60 trillion). Global debt is more than eight times higher than our global assets (see the link above and watch the movie as it explains how the IMF/WTO/Word Bank play this shell game).

Can we ever get out of this cycle of debt?

Yes we can! If a country’s central bank was really controlled by the government and cut ties with world banks, there is a high probability that with fiscal responsibility and proper management, every government in the world could control its own money supply based on the gross national product. Local banks would also have to be reined in and stop generating loans at 10 to 100 times their deposit levels. Currency values would then seek true levels rather than those artificially generated levels dictated by some world bank economist. But the truly impressive change would be that there would be no more income tax and a flat tax to support the government and infrastructure could be implemented, probably in the range of about 10%. Our parasite, the World Bank and the IMF, would no longer be able to feed off the labour of honest people.

A hypothesis on taxation.... Well, apparently as of January 1, 2009, Canada will no longer be under maniacal control, I mean monarchical control since the Queen will abdicate her throne and power in favour of the European Union. Since taxation was introduced under the 1867 BNA when Canadians were British Subjects (and still are), taxation will no longer apply as we will no longer be British Subjects. In fact, I am not sure if any laws will apply since Canada should change from an ex-British Colony to possibly an actual Country. It does however look like Canada will be annexed by the US to facilitate the development and implementation of the North American Union. I wonder how much the Queen was paid to do that little number?

As I said on the main page of the web site, watch for a false flag operation in Canada in the near future. If you don’t know what a false flag operation is... It’s an operation by the government that is blamed on terrorists or some bogeyman that allows the government to rally the people around the “flag” and generate support for whatever daemonic process or law they want to institute next.


And again....

June 26, 2008 - I just revisited Aaron Russo’s documentary “Freedom to Fascism,” everyone should see this documentary, in every supposedly “free country.” It’s been a long time since I watched it and I just wanted to see how close he was to the mark. I hate to say it, but he was right, so I think I am going to start looking at Canada’s laws, the real ones that were actually ratified. This has been in the back of my mind since I made the FOIA request on myself.

Our monetary and taxation systems are very similar to the US, except our tax rates are way higher. I think it’s time to do a little research into our alleged Canadian Tax Law and the Bank Of Canada (another private bank owned by the IMF shareholders) to see if the similarities actually exist. From what I can see however, section 91(3) of the 1867 BNA does give the Federal Government the right to tax and the Provinces the right to collect Direct tax under 92(2) of the 1867 BNA, however, these were “powers” vested by the Queen. Now the question would be, once the Queen becomes obsolete in 2009, should the EU Treaty go through and since taxation was never ratified by the Canadian Citizens, since people living in Canada are still British Subjects, would taxation be legal at the onset of 2009? Of Note, since Canada is a feudal oligarchy and a colony controlled by a monarchy that will abdicate its right to govern on January 1, 2009, the Governor General and all the provincial Lieutenant Governors also become obsolete and it would appear, so does our constitution.

I think we can call all of this Corporatism, not unlike Mussolini and the Fascisti (fascists) and look where that got them.... There’s a link on Wiki that can be explored at;

A little snippet from the UK follows courtesy of
(btw, has been killed off and I am cross-linking to be fair to the authors);


    “It's a burden.

    To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard.
    To tell the truth when it is illegal is even harder.

    If you know it, say it anyway. No matter what pressure THEY put upon you to desist.

    Just to give you a bit of a clue as to what we're up against I'd like to introduce you to the most Orwellian declaration of intent that I have ever read in a mainstream British newspaper.

    The journalist who wrote what you are about to read, felt secure enough in his own elite, establishment role to lay his totalitarian beliefs on the line in his own column and, as the newspaper's editor and owners were content to see such material published, one must presume that they also were not averse to seeing such a Brave New World imposed upon the dumb, British herd.

    This is what was said:

    "Widespread and vigorous miscegenation (race mixing)... is the best answer...

    Teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country,
    this means more than education in other religions, it means a form of
    POLITICAL EDUCATION. Only people who understand the economic forces changing
    their world, threatening them... have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants.

    And the final answer, frankly, is THE VIGOROUS USE OF STATE POWER TO COERCE AND REPRESS!...


    STAMP HARD on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost KILL THEM OFF!...


    When I read this article I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

    1984? Animal Farm? We had arrived, we were there already.
    It wasn't paranoia after all, it was very, very real.

    It didn't matter what we did, it didn't matter what we said, it didn't matter
    what we wanted, it didn't matter how we voted, the same old dark manipulators
    would always be in charge and we better start getting used to it, or else.

    The liberal commissar responsible for the casual sabre rattle recorded above,
    was none other than that most languid Master of political ceremonies,
    Andrew Marr, top bloke at the BBC and one of the most powerful political
    journalists of the age.

---End Quote---

Now really, with these kinds of statements introduced into the mainstream media, you have to at least give your head a shake and when it comes to the UK and the EU and their plans ask, “Are we next? Or are we already there?” What follows are a series of links, that might make you think a bit about the EU and the situation in the UK that will probably spill out worldwide.

Has the Queen made a deal for her son, Prince Charles, to rule the EU? Funny that he has an un-bonded red dragon in his coat of arms, figure that one out. I can pull up hundreds of articles on what is apparently happening between the EU and Great Britain, so can you and I really don’t think the queen would make a deal that didn’t secure her son a high ranking position in the European Union. But think on this and look seriously at what is going on in Canada, Australia or New Zealand right now? Are we going to see the same kind of totalitarian EU situation occur, except with the North American Union (remember the Amero?) or the Asian Union? Looks like dirty business to me...

The world has a global debt in excess of 485 trillion dollars, but a gross yearly product of only about 60 trillion dollars. Where did that extra 425 trillion dollars come from???? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, we’ve been had by the banks and global multinationals, and the next steps are towards world government. Do you know why? It’s easier to control a “problem” population with soldiers who can travel anywhere unrestricted. If there’s a situation in ex-Canada, send in the ex-Russians, if there’s a problem in ex-England, send in the ex-Chinese and so on.

Soon it will come down to conflict. It’s a well known fact that soldiers from a specific country in most cases refuse to fire on their own citizens (US 29 Palms Questionnaire is one such reference). Go do the research, I did. Once you have all the facts and hard evidence, try to get someone in the mainstream media to listen and do a show. It will never happen! If people knew what was really happening and why, there would probably be world wide revolution and the bankers can’t have that, remember what happened to Mussolini...?


I’m Breaking My New Rule...Ooops

June 16, 2008 - To those that wonder if I was directly involved in the events in the book, yes I was and yes, I was a “meckanic” and an R&D engineer for the South African security forces, I designed weapons and spent quite a bit of time on borders and military bases. My nom de plume is also a job description, I “fixed” things both directly and through the use by others, of the devices I designed. I have also worked with the ORF/ORDCF, NRC and Canadian universities designing generally much friendlier devices, in many cases for patently evil people, the morally bankrupt and ethically obscene that wear their altruistic masks atop a philanthropic tapestry to hide their true natures. I’m sure you know one or two, they sit in banks, government offices and universities and hide behind the maze of corridors that are our supposed laws.

When it comes to war, I tell all these young kids that I meet who are going off to the campaigns, that it’s a nasty business, it only takes a second or two kill up close and personal and then throw-up, and after the first time it gets easier as the body count rises, BUT IT NEVER EVER LEAVES YOU. The psychological baggage of death and destruction hides behind your eyes and in the crevices and folds of your brain. You will carry it for the rest of your life and it will show its ugly side when you least expect it. Even now, twenty years later I still feel it every day and I regret that I had to do what I did in order to help secure a country by removing inhuman morally vacuous monsters by whatever means necessary. Then again, someone had/has to do the job, terrorists, in governments, the open plains of a battlefield or the canyons between buildings in a city, have to be stopped permanently, they have no honor, no code, no rules of engagement and know no other rules, except no rules.

Do I sound a little nuts, possibly in need of some psychotropic med to keep me balanced? Maybe, but I deal with my PTSD in my own way, no meds, I just write and never forget what happened 10,000 miles away twenty years ago or what happened not too far from here in 1997.


A Quick Note

June 4, 2008 - I am trying to limit myself to updating these pages hopefully once per month, so near the beginning of every month, something new should be here either in the form of a blog, information or documents.

I am constantly plied with questions as to why all this happened and who gained by downing the Helderberg. As I always say, follow the money, there is great deal of information contained in this grouping of web pages and you need simply look at South Africa from 1990 forward as a template of things to come in other countries. Pertaining to SA, you might want to remember that Oppenheimer (World Bank, IMF, deBeers, AngloAmerican, Bildebergers, Rothchilds, etc.) stated publicly that he was “the quiet engine behind the ANC,” I suppose that means planner and funder? Back in 1988, I already had credible information that the ANC and IMF had sleepers within the NP government and Armscor so this comes as no surprise.

I do try to answer questions, if I don’t get to yours send it again, but please try to ask questions about issues where the answer is not already contained in the information available because I like to answer everyone personally and limit the amount of “form” mail.

To those that wonder if I was directly involved in the events in the book, yes, I was and yes, I was a “meckanic.” My nom de plume is also a job description, I “fixed” things both directly and through the use by others of the devices I designed. I tell all these young kids going of to war or campaigns, it’s a nasty business, it only takes a second or two kill and throw-up after the first time and it gets easier as the body count rises, BUT it never ever leaves you. The psychic baggage of death and destruction hides behind your eyes and in the crevices and folds of your brain. Even now, twenty years later I still feel it and I regret that I had to do what I did in order to help secure a country. Then again, someone had/has to do the job, terrorists, in government, the open plains of a battlefield or the canyons between buildings in a city, have to be stopped permanently, they have no honor, no code and no rules of engagement.


Buy the Book, So I Can Publish All The Truth!
(I can’t do that living in Canada for legal reasons)

May 7, 2008 - In life, situations can change rapidly and one may have to put everything they have into managing something more profitable. Therefore, this will be the last post on the site, probably for some time. I have added additional information to the documents page and have also set up a mirror site for others to manage at but I will try to upload documents as they come in if I can maintain this site or if by some miracle, things change.

I’ve kept the secrets for 19 years and only started releasing information in 2006. Even though I wrote the book in 2000, I was never really sure if I should publish or not, but it seemed like a lot of work to waste. The book was meant to be more of a historical record of what transpired in SA concerning day to day life working for Armscor and military contractors, so that if the NPA/Scorpions actually grew some balls and called me into court as a witness, at least I would have all of my notes, documents and a rather verbose history. Apart from rendering what I know to paper, computer and affidavit, I have investigated this catastrophe for 8 years, spent thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours collecting and communicating information. I cannot financially afford to keep this up at my past pace. Through the public’s apathy, lack of interest in the truth or corporate and government wars of attrition, I have to step back for a little while.

I have come to the conclusion based on everything I have and all that I found during my research, that the IMF used the UN to manipulate politics in the region and then used ANC sympathizers and IMF corporate operatives (sleepers within the NP) to mobilize and execute their plans to bring South Africa into the IMF “fold.” The orders would have come from upper IMF controlled corporate interests (banks generally) in Europe and America as well as deBeers and Anglo-American. It was necessary to destroy the Helderberg to enable the sociopolitical plan that would eventually force capitulation of the NP government. If SA had developed the weapon we were working on, using materials carried on the Helderberg, there would have been no reason for the cessation of hostilities towards the Marxist terrorists and SA could have “cleaned up the neighborhood.” Of course, that would have placed control of the region with the NP, rather than the IMF.

But South Africa had to be “broken” so it could be used and abused by the IMF, hence the state of the country we see today. SA is wallowing in crime (highest in the world next to Columbia) and disease (AIDS=7m to 10m, drug resistant TB and XTB, Cholera, Polio, etc) with its infrastructure crumbling while corrupt despots in power sack the country and sell it off for their own personal gain at a deep discount to IMF related corporate interests.

What really bothers me is that in Canada, CSIS, ambassadors and politicians knew this was coming to SA and yet they did nothing, actually, they helped promote the destruction of South Africa. Canada the good eh? I don’t think so. They talk the talk but that’s as far as it goes. One has to wonder what else they haven’t told us for their own “good.”

The world is a very sad place....


Getting Busy

May 4, 2008 - Well, I’ve been a bit busy and may be getting more so, therefore I may not have as much time as I would like to continue doing research on this mess (I am still waiting and following up on the US FOIA and am in contact with others performing direct investigation and analysis). I’m involved in another business startup. If the blog goes a bit dead, it doesn’t mean that I am just yet, send me a pulse confirming e-mail. I just don’t want to fire in updates across a PDA and wireless link because it’s insecure (you should see my WiFi software, be afraid, be very afraid, problem is anyone can get it), but mainly because in the Governments Socialist Republik of Kanadakastan, the phone companies rape their clients, especially for wireless net time. Plus when they give you credits for their mistakes, they make the mistake of not remembering to put the credits on your bill. I tell ya, Bell Canada is some piece of work!!! Especially when they get 3 or even 4 of their collective brain cells firing... it’s just scary! They are actually only slightly more intelligent than the government.

The Document FTP is available, but you have to e-mail me with a username so I can provide a password. I reserve the right to DENY intelligence agencies, private investigators or other wankers access. If you are one of the aforementioned and do not agree with this policy, shame, send me an FOIA request. Your FOIA request will probably be responded to in form letter as follows;

Dear Wanker,

addressed_toIf you want to know something, please do the fucking job  we pay you to do, as opposed to the fuckup job you presently do. Don’t ask me to provide information you should already have, as this indicates you have failed us and yourself. It’s no wonder your wife is sleeping around as since you came up short between the legs in your job, you must have done the same with her as well. It would not surprise me in the least to find out you are some demented Politically Correct ass-clown.

I am not the least interested in your bitching and moaning about National Security Issues as neither you, nor your employer, have any interest in the security or well-being of the people of your respective countries, other than controlling them like sheep. Please refer to my CSIS debriefing in 1990, “it’s out of our jurisdiction.”

I don’t want to hear about statutes or policy and how you are helping the UN, IMF, WTO, ANC or some other idiot government or organization in protecting themselves from criminal prosecution or full scale rebellion. I expect the picture to the right is an accurate rendition of your political position, so, please take your head back out of your ass (or whomever’s ass it is in), wipe the shit from your eyes and do your fucking job.

You have received all the information to which you are entitled and I consider the matter of your request closed. Have a nice day dickwad* (*please substitute dickwad with whatever combination of expletives and noun that provides the greatest amount of personal indignity and disgust).

Sincerely - Dave


Finally, a day to relax a bit...
then up comes the ugly head of Political Correctness

April 13, 2008 - Today is the calm before the storm, I see it brewing on the horizon. Fortunately, I still receive a little information from friends locally and overseas about who is trying to do what these days. But today, I decided to do a little reading.

A few days ago I went onto a “controversial” site hosted by Google Blogger, one that I visit quite regularly, only to find the site deleted, apparently/allegedly for TOS violations. The site is “Why South Africa Sucks” and I was quite shocked since I believed that Google might actually be “above” the pressure tactics of the politically correct liberal scum and special interest groups, especially when this rather popular site was approaching its first million hits. Was WSAS becoming too popular? Were they making too much sense? Is there a paradigm shift occurring in thinking processes that allows people to actually see the truth and is that a problem? Was the WSAS blog just too contrary to the lie promoted by our governments and the rest of the politically correct?

    "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."
     (George Orwell, 1984)

    "The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
      political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important
      for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of
      the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State."

     (Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels)

    "Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise
     as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."
     (Adolf Hitler)

terror_alertI only quote Goebbels and Hitler for one reason, our present governments mirror their actions and sentiments. The enemy of the government’s lies and the media’s propaganda is the truth. WSAS, was showing the truth about South Africa, the fallacy of Multiculturalism and the lie of the “Rainbow Nation.” I have to admit their were always quite a few racial epithets and invectives, but anyone with intelligence (even moderate) should be capable of filtering out what they don’t need to read without the help of politically correct government or corporate censors. Freedom of speech is just that and this type of censorship by Google, begs one to ask the question, “Is there really freedom of speech? Or is this just some propped up illusion?

Personally, I would have to say NO, there is no freedom of speech. Truly, there can be no freedom of speech if your right in stating your opinion is defined through legal limits created by others who pretend to have our best interests at heart.

The most common indicator of a slide into a dictatorship and/or Marxism can be seen when two events collide; the disarming of a population and the limiting of its freedoms by increasing the number of laws to unmanageable terms. In Europe and North America there has been a dramatic increase in the number of useless laws and of course, we are all being disarmed. In Europe under the EU, there are 111,000 laws, most of which are useless and many of which turn the common person into a criminal invoking possibly jail time for fixing their house, plumbing, boat or their car. Changing a tap in your house is a crime under the EU as is changing an electrical fixture or not having the length of your boat measured. Soon in North America, under the SPP, we may have the NAU using a similar model to the EU.

But, “hate crimes” are the “staple food” of the corporatocracy and the politically correct. Anything can be made into a hate crime, as long as the perpetrator of the “crime” is male and of the Caucasian flavour. There are stupid men and women in the world, call a man a stupid man, no crime, call a woman a stupid woman and there you go, a hate crime. It’s a simplistic example really, both insults are directed at a stereotypical gender group, men or women, but one statement is a crime and the other is not, which means political correctness is based on hypocrisy and is inherently unequal, otherwise, there would be equality and both insults would be deemed a crime. This actually gets a bit ridiculous, because the insult is based on subjective opinion, which means stating one’s opinion is now a crime.

You have the unalienable right to shut the fuck up! And that, according to our “masters,” is the only right they won’t take away from you. The governments and corporations want you to remember that you are just a slave and slaves are less than human and therefore have no opinions.

Since these observations are the reality, it must mean that we are in the process of entering into, or have already entered, a fascist society, one which our fore bearers feared. Slavery in real terms is here and totalitarianism is not far behind. We are slaves to our credit cards, slaves to our banks, slaves to our governments, slaves to the school system, slaves to our thoughts, slaves to our fear and slaves to our future. The banks primarily and the corporations are the new Fascisti, but in their “Newspeak,” they are our saviors, protecting us from ourselves, much like Hitler and Mussolini did so well in organizing their societies. Their mantra of hope radiates from the “glass tit” daily in the form of adverts telling us over and over again how good they are to us in general. And when it comes to a fear driven society, our “masters” manage their program to near perfection, but it’s really only “slight of hand” for the mind. Just look at the “Terror Alert” sign and ask yourself, “Why isn’t there a NO THREAT PRESENT indicator?” It’s probably because there always has to be an enemy, something to fear, some threat lurking in the shadows to “drive” the assimilation program. Fear causes you to focus on the threat, real or imagined and at the same time this distracts you from what is “really” happening.

The most disturbing fact about this entire process of getting to where we are now, is that we have given away our freedoms to a ruthless corporatocracy that has fooled us and hijacked our governments. Their system has been designed to enrich a few and leave us to our slavery and it’s only going to get worse. We are like frogs in the slowly heating water. Our rights and freedoms have been leeched away as the temperature has been increased and now we are only a few “degrees” a way from our own demise.



April 11, 2008 - I noticed a flurry of it, activity that is, last night. Obviously I have struck another nerve somewhere (I know where). As a note, if someone feels I deliberately missed something or someone, didn’t ask all the right questions or didn’t get it quite right concerning others I interacted with in my past, then they can send me a quick note on how they would like their part on the web site changed. Asking for it to be removed is not a valid request. A little note to one of my viewers;

At the top of the stairs on the third floor after receiving three copies of the new security clearance “booklets” that were required to be filled out in triplicate and in of course, black pen;

    I stated/asked, “What is their problem, I don’t have time for this and why do they need new security clearances for everyone now of all times?”

    To which a rather droll and tedious Englishman yelled at me, “I don’t care if you’ve got no time, just fill the fucking things out!”

    I asked, “Has Andy approved this?”

    And the Englishman, “Fill the fucking thing out or you won’t be around long to ask questions!”

I walked away so I could talk with Andy and CI later. The Englishman knew I had been security cleared by CI roughly 20 months earlier. I quit shortly thereafter, I was disgusted with the arms deal, corruption, the effects of my job and the position Armscor/the NP took on the Helderberg, and I was certainly not prepared to take any abuse, verbal or otherwise, when I was putting my life on the line every time I went to a border or a base. Especially while this wanker sat in his office, moved money, shuffled waybills and played at “empire.” -- I have an excellent memory and even though the above means very little, it is a small example of attitudes and detail from 20 years ago and a continent away. I don’t think any of these people have a clue as to how much I remember, documented and kept.

If you can prove what you say involving anything in which I was not a direct participant and can prove who you say you are, I’ll put up revisions and make minor corrections. If however, what you send me is just some dreamed up fantasy of how you would like the information to read and I know better because I was there, I may put that up too, but I reserve the right to add notations.

On the Mayday “Cargo Conspiracy” episode. One person told me that “you have to think like the public when you look at what they are trying to say.” She said it looks like they are just trying to say that the checklist was wrong, the crew followed it to their detriment and that it was an unfortunate accident, but why didn’t they go deeper into what actually caused the accident? Another person, who I have a lot of respect for, said;

    “thanks for alerting me to the "movie", just saw parts 1 - 5 on youtube, well, some entertainment value for people who care for such kind of entertainment.

    Otherwise, as I expected, omissions, exaggerations, unsubstantiated statements and add-ons, to the point where it gets ridiculous.

    It must have come to the manufacturers of this flying pressure tube as quite a surprise that, where there is fire, there is smoke, and v.v., although I have to admit that, some materials burn nicely and clean without smoke.  But almost anything  on an a/c that can catch fire produces smoke, and mostly the kind that is very nasty. And this smoke surprisingly has the audacity to move around in that tube, even dares to move from cargo area to pax area, who would have thought of that!!

    And no highly flammable material listed in the cargo docs! I would have expected to have a box listed and declared as dangerous cargo, class 5, not to be loaded on a/c. Sloppy paperwork!

    Agree, RvZ looks pretty decent, but then he also most likely was not free to do as he (had) wished, and certainly info was kept away from him.

    Fortunately they did not present a final answer as to what and how it happened. So, the whole things remains as some sort of digital memorial, which is at least something.”

The Helderberg was a tragedy, a mass murder caused by a few “closed-mouthed” men. In my opinion, the pilots did exactly what they were trained to do during an a/c fire, so I believe no fault lay with them whatsoever. In dealing with fire Boeing and/or the pilot’s trainers seem to have created those errors in procedure, but I doubt Boeing ever envisioned an accelerated fire of this nature would ever be deliberately created. Realistically, the Helderberg was doomed as soon as it took off. I still maintain that no matter how the pilots and crew were trained or by whom, they would not have been able to contain and extinguish the fire. Which brings me to who may actually be at fault and that comes down to who put what on the plane and why? Who benefitted from the destruction of the Helderberg, sabotage of the weapons programs and forced the National Party to capitulate? That quite simply comes down to the UN/IMF, US and European corporate interests and of course the ANC. Some of the answers may lay with who was supposed to be on the plane, but wasn’t.

There is a war that has been fought in the shadows for 100 years or more. But now the perpetrators have started coming out into the open, anyone with a brain can see how the media manipulates everything. The economists and corporations use their ownership of the media to promote the agenda of choice, to provide publicity and “spin” to select our “leaders” which are simply “tools” of the trade. Bush is a perfect example of controlled idiocy. The global economists use the same media outlets and the education system to program us on how to think, to inject guilt and passivity under the new religion of Political Correctness. theproductisyou02Words, thoughts and opinions materialize magically into heinous crimes while politicians laugh and joke about billions going missing to political friends and their allies in HRDC or other scandals. Our protagonists twist the financial systems of countries and create unfounded reasons for wars to further enrich its supporters while performing mass population control in the effected area. Once the wars are finished, the corporations move in, changing the political topography of the country being remolded while raping its resources. The wake-up calls have been seen on TV and in the news so many times, but like programmed PC Sheople, the population is forced to be only concerned with their own material gain or simply staying alive. The new macro-slave state is almost here, are you prepared to be a corporate “product?”

One other quick item, you may note that the “Characters” page under the “Excerpts” tab has not been changed for a very long time. It will be updated to its current, non-published form, when I start all of the final information release. All the “Characters” page really does is match names in the book to real names to assist those with copies of the book that have already been printed and shipped.


Can we get some more pudding, please!

April 10, 2008 - We have a lot of information collected so far, but we need some first hand/first person information from additional people who were on the ground in Taiwan, in Magnus’ office, Armscor, CI/MI, US Military/Navy/CIA and people in the IMF/UN as relating to the Helderberg, arms deals, malfeasance and of course extortion. One other thing, someone from CSIS or External/Foreign Affairs in Canada that can help with my FOIA requests would be a nice touch.

I realize this is probably falling on deaf ears, but I have to try.

Thanks to Sam and all others who have helped! Some I can’t name that live in Canada, the US, France, Israel, the UK, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Africa, Asia and Oceania, but they know who they are.


Forum 5/Mayday “Cargo Conspiracy”
The Helderberg Catastrophe

April 9, 2008 - I was probably a little too kind in my initial review on the FlyAfrica Forum of the Forum 5/Mayday “Cargo Conspiracy” Episode. On watching it a second and third time, I find it to be little more than fluffy “entertainment” about a seriously tragic event that changed many lives and South Africa as a country, forever.

As I said in the Forum the effects were pretty good, Rennie van Zyl came across as credible and I might even say remorseful that he was unable to solve the puzzle, but the story line leaves so much up in the air. Way back when... when I talked to Forum 5, I pitched the idea to Larry (who may or may not have been already considering such an episode) and I had high hopes that Forum 5 would pursue the reasons behind the crash, rather than just the mechanics. Greta of course quashed that idea intoning that Mayday was only about plane crashes and didn’t pursue what was actually behind them. Why would anyone want to know who planned the murder of 159 people and helped to destroy a country, that’s not important is it? I suppose they have to follow the Politically Correct party line. I imagine they didn’t perform a full investigation as it might have been too costly, not just financially but also from a government perspective. Forum 5/Cineflix, which appears to be part of Astral Media gets government handouts and grants from time to time it seems and I guess it’s not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you. So much for independent and objective journalism, “nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.” If Forum 5/Cineflix’ potential government “attachments” shown on the web are correct, then the reluctance of the Canadian government to produce information on me, to me, seems a rational and logical move in protecting the Canadian, British, French, Chinese, NK, US and SA governments from what they perceive to be harm, but then they must consider justice and the truth harmful to themselves as a collective.

Seriously, what would happen if it was proven in court that the UN and IMF, through corporate interests, placed ANC sympathizers as sleepers in the old NP government and subverted the weapons programs by murdering 159 people on the Helderberg so the IMF corporations could rape the South African economy and resources through an installed puppet government called the ANC? (IF the mass media actually did their jobs and reported it) Survey says... wholly shit and what else did they do? Did they do the 1993 WTC bombing (evidence and admission by the FBI says yes), Oklahoma City, (hmm, looks like a big maybe leaning towards a yes), 911 (all of the evidence points to yes) and the train bombing in England (maybe)? One has to remember that there had been a blood feud going on between the UN/IMF and South Africa since Dag Hammerskjold’s (UN Secretary General) assassination in the 60’s, allegedly by Rois Rus (Swanepoel) a South African mercenary.

The Forum 5/Cineflix/Mayday version of the Helderberg disaster was horribly incomplete, plane goes up, plane catches fire, plane disappears, who dun did it? Who knows, we can just drop the ball here because we’ve made our money. Personally, I think the episode was almost “criminally” incomplete, as they seem to have spun this episode into what could be construed as a “closing of the books” on the entire catastrophe, which is really what I expected from Forum 5/Mayday after talking to Greta and I stated this would probably happen, which was the primary reason I refused to be involved. I also asked them not to use my information, the episode is being analyzed by others for objective legal opinions on copyright infringement. As I have also said before, I don’t think we will ever have resolve to all of the outstanding issues concerning the Helderberg until we get a deathbed confession.

Any job worth doing is worth doing right, which also means complete. You don’t build a table and call it a table, while not bothering to make or attach the legs.


Selling England by the Pound” - Is this real?

For Sale - As Is
England and Colonies
All Items Must Go, We will break up sets of items!
Heavily Used and Abused but still sort of working
Comes complete with functional workforce and extra inflation!
((Please read the entire product description as there
are no returns and no refunds, all sales are final))
Price: Negotiable, Best Offer
Payment plan for qualified buyers !
We accept Paypal, Bidpay or direct deposit to our Cayman Island Accounts
Warranties are neither expressed nor implied

Please contact Queen Elizabeth II

April 6, 2008 - The other day I read something rather strange (that’s understatement actually) which pertains to the EU and England. The article states that in roughly June of 2008, Queen Elizabeth II will abrogate power to the EU by signing the 6th EU Treaty, without ratification by the English citizenry.

Now, since we all know Canada (or Kanadakastan as I so lovingly refer to it) is not a country, but rather a colony of England (just read the 1947 Letters Patent making the Governor General the ruling Monarch’s Viceroy), I have to wonder what is to become of colonies like Canada, Australia, the Barbados, New Zealand, etc. when this treaty signing occurs and England becomes allegedly Zone K (or whatever) of the EU?

Has Canada and the rest of the British Empire been sold out from under us without our knowledge as the report tends to logically suggest? Why is there no coverage in the mainstream media of this event? Actually, that’s a silly question since mainstream media is politically/sociologically controlled to imprint mindsets and world views by our “rulers” and I don’t mean politicians, since they are just puppets and extensions of the actual “rulers.”

If this is truly the direction in which we are headed, constitutions abolished and our rights raped, don’t the “powers that be” expect a revolution? Or maybe that is the plan, the wholesale slaughter of a large percentage of the world’s population legitimized under the guise of national security. The collapse of social systems, health care, wide spread pandemics caused by stock market and bank failure? One has to wonder...




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November 22, 2012

Tax Compliance

March 22, 2012


December 1, 2011

SA Secret History

November 5, 2011


February 22, 2011


September 14, 2010

A Comic

March 29, 2010

Security Systems

February 11, 2010


October 24, 2009


March 6, 2009

Baby Brokers
Open Letter

March 4, 2009

Baby Brokers

March 2, 2009

Open Letter

December 31, 2008


November 17, 2008


November 15, 2008


November 7, 2008

Bernt Carlsson - Pan Am 103
Bernt Carlsson - Pan Am 103
Bernt Carlsson - de Beers
Brent Carlsson- Googled
Bernt Carlsson - de Beers Reasons

October 23, 2008

Links Added

Zeitgeist Movement
Zeitgeist Movie Site

Torrent Files
Zeitgeist Addendum

Freedom to Facism


September 26, 2008

Author Chat Schedule
October 15-29, 2008

September 22, 2008


September 1, 2008


August 20, 2008


June 26, 2008

Archive April 3, 2008
Cabin Air Systems
Comfort above the clouds
Tips for the Traveler
Recovered Items
DF Combination 2
PW at impact
Cargo Positions
CAA Board Addresses IRP Reports
Halifax747_ex_ZS_SAR a
Speed Dist Time
debris distrib
Osler Memorial
Currents MRU area
Numbered Items
debris sw ne
currents & debris
Nuclear Weapons Programme Dr Andre Buys
Nuclear Website Links a
Johann Ahlers
IntroMemo_Flight_Recorder_Pa nel

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