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November 22 2012

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Open Letter

Consider the following simply opinions, questions and/or subjective observations, at this point I allege nothing. In all cases, any statement pertaining to any event is to be considered subjective observation. The only purpose of this document is to clear up my past and hopefully motivate people to volunteer the truth or maybe to have the authorities do what’s right and reopen past investigations in South Africa concerning the Helderberg SA-295 plane catastrophe. Any photographs on this page I created and are my personal property. Any other scans fall under fair use policy and we will remove them on receiving a clear request by copyright owners. Most images used with permission. Please note the Copyright © notation in the upper left corner.

“For every life and every act
Consequence of good and evil can be shown.
And as in time results of many deeds are blended
So good and evil in the end become confounded.
In life there is not time to grieve long.”
from Murder in the Cathedral - T.S. Eliot (1935)

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An Open Letter to a few of my ex-Associates in South Africa

I don’t make threats and I don’t deliver ultimatums. I state a case and I wait to see if the people involved directly or indirectly will do the right thing, on their own. Obviously, no one has done the right thing or this Helderberg matter would have been cleared up long ago.

It’s been 17 years since I left South Africa and a lot has changed since then, in South Africa and Canada, unfortunately both for the worse. On a personal level, I am not well and am old for my age. I have disc herniations, my bones are deteriorating daily with lesions and cysts, as well, my organs are failing slowly and I have been blind two dozen times, most of which is due to the fact that I have a genetic autoimmune disease that presents itself in a number of seriously unpleasant ways. But, we are all dealt whatever lot in life we have, we just have to live with it as best we can I suppose. I am just stating a fact, there’s no I know, I look like a drug dealer or maybe John Stockwell's brother.sense in complaining or belabouring the issue, it won’t fix anything. In the meantime, I am determined to do what I can to expose everything about the Helderberg and the US/Iraq arms deals (short of talking to Greta at Forum 5 / Cineflix / Mayday as I don’t know their agenda and I find they aren’t very forthcoming, but as everything  here, that is just a subjective opinion based on past interaction).

Anyway, I’ve been living on borrowed time since the last “attempt” in Belgium in 1990  (or maybe the three before it in SA) and all I really want to do here is get to all the truth about past events. So, give the man that did so much work for so many of you (a few listed below, in some form or another) his only request and explain what happened concerning the Helderberg in 1987 and US/Iraq arms deals in 1988, honestly, completely and why they occurred, including who and/or whom in Europe planned the Helderberg operation. All the truth please, no lies of omission. I’ve protected the truth and the people involved for 20 years, I think that’s enough time to wait for everyone to come right. In this document, I have decided to address everything as questions.

One last note before I get into the rest of this, would a government have a reason to NOT honour an FOIA request about oneself? It seems they have found a/many reason(s) for me, while I was asking for information about myself. I simply wanted to make sure the CSIS files on myself were correct and accurate. I placed three requests, one with the RCMP, who have responded with “they have nothing on file,” one with External Affairs who seem to be ignoring me and one with CSIS. In the link below is a PDF file that contains the response by CSIS to my FOIA request and the relevant sections of the Privacy Act which CSIS quoted in their response. This kind of response, really forces one to give their head a shake and wonder what the hell is really going on?

CSIS Response to my FOIA request concerning myself
Privacy Commission Response to my Formal Complaint

Just to keep everything on the up-and-up, I have put the real names back into the book. I have also had the infamous “dead man’s switch” set up for quite a while now. Twelve notarized copies for release to newspapers, TV stations and government offices, including all documents and affidavits. Maybe I’d get lucky and land on at least one honest reporter.

One additional note, IP’s are logged as well as page access for specific IP’s and locations (California, Minnesota, UK, South Africa, government and other mercenary groups) on the main server, ancillary servers and logging sites. These logs are sent to a number of people daily. This applies to all my sites.

So, it begins...

Work Permits for SinesonicsMy name and who I am at this point is irrelevant but what I did and who I worked for, was not. I was hired on the 5th and started on the 8th of December 1986, as the Chief R&D Engineer/Engineering Manager for Sinesonics (Pty) Ltd in Edenvale, South Africa, which is/was a company owned by Andy Synesiou, along with a host of his other “ventures.” There were two primary companies involved in defensive weapons production that I worked for/with on a day to day basis, Sinesonics (Pty) Ltd, where we designed and produced the data acquisition and controls, and Eclair (Pty) Ltd, not far from Sinesonics, where the actual fence generators were made. I was 30 when I took the position in 1986 and I developed, primarily, lethal detection and barrier systems (SCADA with an electrifying bite) for Armscor and the SADF to secure the borders, bases, military/government assets and key point installations of South Africa. I had two groups of staff in the R&D lab and Assembly lab, and communicated directly with field personnel, military bases (CO’s/CSO’s), consultants, Armscor/KMG personnel, Counterintelligence and South African government ministers and/or officials.

In addition, I performed private contracting for Counterintelligence, Armscor directly and Armscor related companies that involved offensive weapons and surveillance tools (with the permission of Sinesonics of course). I designed laser scopes (VR/IR) short and long distance (sniper), RF wiretaps with 100kv generators to “end” conversations while being RF monitored and a laser guided plasma/particle stream EMP Cannon  to take down the Migs in Angola during the Angolan Conflict/War (materials for Armscor and the EMP cannon were on the Helderberg, according to my CO). A little more sedate in the ID bookPeople shouldn’t ask me for weapons solutions because I can develop some pretty nasty devices. Colonel Jordaan once stated that I had the highest security clearance for a foreign national in Armscor’s history (I think CI just made me invisible to Pretoria) and I appreciated that, by always doing my “job” and then some.

When I left Sinesonics (but possibly even before leaving, due to my increasingly flippantly-arrogant disregard for a corrupt military, government and business sector), I turned from asset to liability. I was a “loose cannon” of sorts, since I had designed so much of the security infrastructure and had written “white papers” on the increasing probability of terrorists acquiring the technology (or technical personnel) to breach our military security. In these papers and reports, I laid down a very exacting yet modifiable scenario to ‘remotely’ turn off border and base lethal fence systems and I defined the potential ANC military strategies (for Armscor’s benefit) required to bring a small but versatile hostile force into South Africa. It was part of my job to find the holes in our “walls” and to build a better system, which I did. But it was never implemented as it was argued between Armscor (Jorie) and Sinesonics that retrofitting costs might be the responsibility of Sinesonics, at which point Sinesonics dropped the ball. Which simply means to me, it was easier to “convince” Jorie to forget the “white papers,” than it was for Sinesonics to pay for the upgrades (and they would not have been that expensive, less than R100k at the time).

The explosion of the Helderberg SA-295 and the aforementioned “white papers” may have been the “triggers” causing a change in the way Pretoria, CI or Armscor viewed my involvement in National Security and saying that “I knew too much” would be a serious understatement. I was paid well for doing my job and my silence, but there were three attempts on my life in 1988, two of which were on borders and all three were set up to look like accidents. Our company getting involved in arms deals with Iraq and the US, plus the additional security clearance paperwork was my final motivation in making a decision as to my future with Sinesonics and Armscor, consequently, I quit. I can kill terrorists but I won’t be party to supplying them with arms,  even if the buyer (Saddam) was a continent away and the sale was supported by the US, French and my associates inside and outside of the SA Government. CSIS and Foreign Affairs/External Affairs have had all this information since 1990. I know, I gave it to them.

There is enough information above and below (and in the balance of this website), that it should enable anyone with investigative capabilities and government contacts to connect all the dots. You want to check out my past, there are a list of people below that I have worked with or for to some degree or another. However, now that I have written this questioning open letter, I expect they will have less than anything nice to say about me and I do expect them to get “rude,” as one of my ex-military friends puts it.

There is no specific order of importance to the names listed below;

Commandant deVillers - Our buyer contact at KMG/QMG in Pretoria.

  • Please expand on your less-than-simple “relationship” with Andy Synesiou.
  • How is it we received pretty much all lethal and military defense type fence contracts?
  • Are there any “payments” or transferred value that you received that were missed on your tax returns?
  • Do you know if Barclays, Standard and other banks keep records back to 1985?

Donny at Eskom - Our buyer contact at Eskom.

  • Please expand on your less-than-simple “relationship” with  Andy Synesiou.
  • How is it we received pretty much all utility/keypoint/generating station defense type fence
  • Are you still living with Elise and was she part payment for services rendered?
  • Are there any “payments” or transferred value that you received that were missed on your tax returns?
  • Do you know if Barclays, Standard and other banks keep records back to 1985?

sp11nyand04Colonel Jorie Jordaan - I always had a lot of respect for you, even after your clever little ruse to get me to design “the weapon” (because the ruse was creative, it’s discussed in detail in the book) and the way I was “paid” through the University of Witwatersrand (because I wouldn’t take blood money for an offensive weapon system). I maintained my respect for you, even when people over here in Canada said it was misplaced and even still, after your “buddies” in special forces said you “pooched” Angola, I defended you because I knew a lot of the truth and how it was outside your control (re. the Helderberg being blown up). As you stated at the time, you were a target on the Helderberg SA-295 flight from Taiwan to Johannesburg (the flight you conveniently ”missed”). Please explain;

  • Who originally steered and consigned me to Sinesonics?
  • Who profiled me to determine that I could handle the “nastier” parts of my job?
  • Who approached me to design the EMP Cannonn?
  • What division of Armscor/Defense Force was I working under?
  • What projects were we were running at Armscor and/or others?
  • What companies were the designs handed over to for construction?
  • When did I start development?
  • When was the design completed, how many prototypes were constructed and where were they tested?
  • What do you know about arms/weapons shipments on passenger carrying aircraft?
  • Do you know others who have information on arms/weapons shipments on passenger aircraft?
  • Why you were in Taiwan in November 1987?
  • Why did you take your wife?
  • Who told you not to board the Helderberg and to delay your flight for a day?
  • What military related materials were being transported on the Helderberg SA-295?
  • Who was the other handler on the Helderberg SA-295?
  • Who were the ground support people that handled the “shipments?”
  • What do you know about the arms deals between the US, French and Saddam in 1988 and who was involved?
  • Who were the others involved in the 1988 arms deal with Iraq?
  • What do you know about the CFR/IMF - UN/ANC manipulations and the diamond and gold extortion (market flooding and price fixing for diamonds and gold) that in effect forced the release of Nelson Mandela?
  • What do you know concerning UN/ANC/CFR/IMF involvement in the collapse of South Africa?

It could have been a good plan, bring in the u239 without an audit trail that the US could follow (except covertly through the CIA and Diego Garcia), finish the weapon and finally win the war in Angola, but it failed through no fault of your own. You had an opportunity which was disrupted and interfered with, by “others” who had infiltrated Armscor and the National Party. It’s 20 years ago now, the security clearances and agreements have expired, the old guard is out of office (but still in Armscor and Denel apparently from what my contacts tell me, “old home week” I think he said). It’s over, give the Helderberg victim’s families, some closure. By the way, I’ve been trying to find you on the internet to ask you to come forward, unfortunately there are no references to you that make any sense since you would be about 65 to 75 by now and probably retired.

AJ_karoo_93AD03Andre Jordaan - I read an internet report back before 2000 that you were in jail at some point for a weapons cache bust south of Pretoria (it sounded like your property from what I remember), I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I hope not. Please explain;

  • Why were you selected to come to me about the “problem with the Migs in Angola?
  • Who selected you to enlist my help in designing the weapon?
  • Where did we go to meetings in the Pretoria area, which companies and persons?
  • You had instructions to protect me in the event I remained silent about my job and to kill me if I was put in a position that I might be forced to release security information or if my conscience got the better of me and I decided to talk. Who gave you these instructions?
  • How I was pulled into the Armscor advanced NC weapons program, since you opened the door on behalf of Armscor and CI, and who was in control of the project?
  • What knowledge/information do you have and/or involvement concerning the “Machel incident” as you related it to me in the fall of 1987?
  • What did your father, Colonel Jorie Jordaan, tell us in my lab at Sinesonics concerning his trip to Taiwan, his return to Johannesburg and subsequent “investigation” into the perpetrators of the crime (the return trip of which he was supposed to be on board the Helderberg SA-295)?
  • What information do you have concerning the 1988 US/Iraq arms deal?

In your apartment Andre, you once told me while pointing at an ornate and rather large dining room table that, “this is what blood buys,” you probably remember this, it was also the day you showed me your plot outside Pretoria. I will reflect that question back to you, is this what blood buys as well? It certainly doesn’t buy piece of mind.

Magnus Malan - There is a lot of garbage flowing by in the river of life, garbage that you helped create through disinformation, subterfuge, obfuscation and covering your own ass. I am more specifically concerned with any part you played in the Helderberg crash and 1988 arms deals;

  • Did you or someone under your control, contact Dawie Uys and tell him to fly or else his employ would be terminated along with his family?
  • Did you and/or others under your control, know that what was placed on the plane (by an infiltrating operative) was an incendiary bomb?
  • Did you know Colonel Jorie Jordaan was a target?
  • Did you know the act of blowing up the Helderberg was designed to cripple the weapons program by placing its “contents” at the bottom of the ocean?
  • Do you know who the ANC and UN/CFR/IMF people were that had infiltrated Armscor and the National Party?
  • Were the people that infiltrated Armscor and the National Party the same group who were involved in the Pan Am 103 crash involving Brent Carlssen, the UN Commissioner for Namibia?
  • Are you aware of Colonel Jordaan’s independent investigation (12/88 to 01/89) and its
    results pertaining to the Helderberg SA-295 crash?
  • Were you or others under your control, involved in the shipment of Ammonium Perchlorate that was being transported on the Helderberg to Armscor related companies such as Somchem and PMP Detonics in Pretoria?
  • Were you or others under your control, involved in the embargo breaking tactics employed by South Africa through the SAA and others from 1980 to 1992?
  • What do you know about CFR/IMF - UN/ANC manipulations and the diamond and gold extortion (market flooding and price fixing for diamonds and gold) that in effect forced the release of Nelson Mandela?
  • What do you know about the arms deals with Saddam in 1988 and who was involved?
  • Are there any gifts or payments from “associates” you forgot to mention on your tax forms?
  • Do you still collect Krugerands and wine?

Pik Botha - Let’s look at 1988, the US/Iraq arms deal and the G5’s.

  • What do you know about the Helderberg SA-295, since it was an international matter?
  • Pan Am 103, care to explain what really happened and why you and Magnus got onto Pan Am 101 instead and the rest of the SA related UN party went back to Johannesburg.
  • Were the people that infiltrated Armscor and the National Party the same group who were involved in the Pan Am 103 crash involving Brent Carlssen, the UN Commissioner for Namibia?
  • What do you know about the CFR/IMF - UN/ANC manipulations and the diamond and gold extortion (market flooding and price fixing for diamonds and gold) that in effect forced the release of Nelson Mandela.
  • What you know about the arms deals with Saddam in 1988 and who was involved?
  • Expand on the meetings in Kruger and the Fountains to sell arms to Saddam (US/Iraq deal).
  • How were ADS, Sinesonics, Andy Synesiou, Esmond Myhill, the US and our other friends in low places involved? Were there more players?

Surely this was simply a stepping stone to bigger and better arms deals, possibly Thabo Mbeki and Joe Modesi down the line in the 90’s since Magnus and yourself already had all the contacts along with people like Esmond Myhill. After all, it appears that between you, Esmond, Magnus and Denel/Armscor, you guys had the entire “arms” field pretty much covered.

Andy with Dish in Bedfordview02Andy Synesiou - I sent you an e-mail explaining my position and my reasons for quitting the company (shown below). Even though I didn’t really expect a response, you still didn’t even have the common decency to say anything, “Vestri silentium testimonium consensio quod fatur volubilis.” I think you have some explaining to do;

  • What did we build at Sinesonics and Eclair?
  • Who were our products supplied to?
  • Did you make any additional payments to ministers and “associates?”
  • What did Colonel Jordaan tell you about the Helderberg SA-295?
  • Why did you take down the Sinesonics website, are you ashamed of what we built and what we did?
  • What knowledge do you have concerning “flipping” currency by exploiting the (old) Reserve Bank Commercial/Financial Rand error back in early 1987 to 1988?
  • What you know about the 1988 arms deals with the US and Saddam and who was involved?
  • What kind of Christmas or other gifts for ministers and associates or buyers at Eskom, or buyers and officers at Armscor and KMG/QMG did you provide?
  • Did you ever consider paying me royalties?
  • Do you remember what you told me, after I helped another past employee do a little design work on fencing systems after we left Sinesonics and Eclair?

I understand your motives and methods, and expect the good goes with the bad. Speaking of which, your daughter, who is now (and has been) a “baby broker” in California,  IMHO, has had pretty much her entire pre-marriage life and education, bought and paid for with the blood of the lethal fence (the ones we made at Sinesonics and Eclair), as is much of your son’s “education” and “career” of IMHO “questionable” design activity.

Andys_Property (Teddy from the book)In 1993, it appears your son may have purchased my patent documents for the AC/DC Power Line Communications System from Erol Scott and/or our patent attorneys. I cannot confirm or deny that this in fact happened. Therefore this could be the high speed AC or DC communications system which your company, it appears, has added to and then exploited nationwide in South Africa via Intelligent Metering Systems and possibly sold in other countries through Thermphase, US Power and GL Power, without ever giving me a single cent in royalties for my ideas, my work and my prototypes. I was not in your employ at the time that I designed and built the PLM in 1989/90 and they were documented and demonstrated for the Canadian government in 1991/92 through the NRC. From my position, it looks like you are still making money off my work and ideas.

I liked you Andy and I wrote you (in the book) as the person I knew when I worked for you, not the IMHO John-like person you seem to have become. And Andy, unlike your son, I have never given you an ultimatum and I never will, I’ve just explained my thoughts and position, in some cases refreshing your memory about events you would probably rather forget.

By the way, Thermphase, Andronics, Ash Electronic Industries,  Sinesonics, Eclair, US Power, GL Power, Intelligent Metering Systems, Taltronics... all appear to be connected to you (and can be found using a Google Search). I can also dig and most of this information, if not all, is available on the internet. I have noticed that IMS is trying to lever itself into the Canadian government and Utilities providers, I have drafted a letter for our government MP’s and Ministers, which was probably unnecessary since they already know who you, John and I are as you can see from the response by CSIS to my FOIA request.

Possible Corporate Layout
A Possible Corporate Layout

An e-mail to the past
April 17, 2007

No answer Andy? I know it takes a while to check these things out, so in the meantime, I want to tell you about why I quit at Sinesonics and also why Colin and Mike quit, as I never really told you my reasons at the time. I've thought long and hard about this over the last two decades.

For me it goes back to 1987 when the Helderberg went down and Jorie came in and told me all about it. At the time I was working on the weapons project, on the side, for Armscor directly. The projects that Jorie had cleared with you (so he could use some of my time). When the plane went down and we lost material for the weapon, I thought that things were getting a bit strange. I am sure you remember Jorie's Taiwan trip and as I said in the last email how freaked out Andre was that they had tried to kill his father. Anyway, that was a bad enough situation. Then after that, you might remember my Easter working trip to Messina and Crocodile Bridge, I reversed that trip at the last minute to be Messina first. I got there and the next morning drove down the border road and looked at the past work and how I would interface the electronics. After I was done, I left and went to a game farm for a couple of days then traveled to Komatipoort to meet up with Ken. When I got to Komatipoort, Ken told me two things, 1.) was I crazy, they (I presumed he meant terrorists at the time) put mines on that road at Messina, didn't anybody tell me? (and nobody had told me that previously, but call it happenstance) 2.) two soldiers in civi's were killed at the Nkogomo fence near  (between) sub 1 and 2 where I was supposed to be with my wife, by frelimo "stray fire" on the previous weekend when I was in Messina, but was supposed to be at the Nkogomo (Mozambique) fence (which told me as Jorie would say twice, a coincidence), but you knew this anyway. This told me there was something seriously wrong. Then, when I had to go in for dental surgery with Dr. Goldbierg (a dentist who treated yourself and military personnel) he used an experimental anesthetic on me and I had to be paddled out, my heart stopped, but once back I hemorrhaged for around 7 days through my sinuses (which of course Jorie would call thrice, or enemy action). These situations taken individually appear on the surface to be simply unfortunate events, however, taken collectively, they show a trend, but I believed the entire time that you were not involved and still believe that. I don't think it was Jorie's people as Andre already had an agreement that if I stepped out of line they'd kill me, which he told me directly. Personally, I think the military was trying to clean up their mess with regard to the Helderberg fiasco and either Jorie or someone else, told somebody in the military what I had been told by Jorie about the Helderberg.

Later in 1988, Colin fell across something that really bothered me (more even than someone in the military attempting to kill me that was trying to make it look like accidents and I mentioned this to a few people in SA, so there is a history of confirmation). Colin was upstairs with Esmond and noticed a huge stack of waybills for arms destined for Iraq on Esmond's desk, of course Colin told me. I was quite shocked, it was one thing to protect the people from terrorists, it was quite another to be in the arms trade with a psychopath named Saddam, even if it was US supported. So, to confirm this, I went up and looked at the waybills myself, by making an excuse for Esmond to see you, and there they were, on his desk for anyone to see. That would normally have been enough for me, but I dug further and I found out about the meeting in Kruger (I won't name names in this e-mail for that affair). Then because of the Helderberg and these arms deals, Armscor clamped down on security, started passing out forms and Jorie became "distant." That told me the crap was really coming. I was in a position of trust and security cleared by Jorie personally, I always did my job and I didn't speak about it, I didn't understand why "I" needed to be cleared again. I considered it an insult, a rather brazen slap in the face. It was then I decided to quit as you didn't seem to have control of the situation any longer. I didn't tell Colin or anyone else why I was quitting initially, I just told them it was time for me to go. Both Colin and Mike however, surmised that the stack of papers on Esmond's desk was the reason and they both quit as well and then pressured me for my reasons, but then Mike was the pilot and Colin did alert me to the waybills in the first place.

Quite honestly, I never wanted it to work out that way. I loved working with you and I certainly loved my job, but it just got too weird and the request for filling out additional forms was just the icing on the cake that made my decision. I like to be complete in everything I do, so I felt I had to tell you the reasons why. Of course a book came out of this in the end which is to be expected and it wasn't terribly hard to write since all I had to do was draw from memory and my notes/diaries. In the end I managed my PTSD myself with no therapy, because at times my life was so weird in both South Africa and Canada,  I had to write about it. CSIS didn't even debrief me properly when I got back, so I had to do it all on my own.

One last note, I have original letters from Sinesonics signed by you and notarized copies, as well as the original weapon drawing for Armscor, software, documentation, photographs and negatives, etc. Like you and your past, I have gone to great lengths to protect myself and my future, what little is left anyway.

I don't expect an answer to this email, I just wanted you to know "why."


As I said Andy, I wrote you in the book as the person I knew then, not the person you became. It is a shame that sometimes we had to be surrounded by so much evil to appreciate the good.

A little on Weapons Movement

Possible Shipping Routes

How to move over $800,000,000 in US Arms plus SA G5’s and Ammunition

From my research, direct and indirect knowledge, what I get is circumstantial, but is as follows; The US, developed a plan using the CIA to promote an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The reason for the invasion was manifold. On one side, Saddam’s support from the US during the Iraq/Iran war was an embarrassment and on the other, he had oil. The best way to get Saddam onside to be set up, was to throw support at him by way of the CIA in the form of weapons (primarily older weapons) and at the same time promote a different campaign that Saddam could “win,” since he had failed against Iran. Kuwait, was close, small and could be easily overpowered, it was also the ‘jewel” that Saddam always wanted. With the CIA in place telling Saddam the US would turn a blind eye to the invasion, all the US needed to do was get Saddam the weapons. The US enlisted the French and ADS to move the initial shipments, which once in South Africa would have G5’s added to the order (remember CNN and the G5 story?).

With South African under a UN weapons embargo, some government entities were only too willing to help as it would make a few ministers and companies very rich. The CIA were very knowledgeable on how to set this up as they had people such as John Stockwell, a CIA point man, in Angola/SWA and others on the ground for years. I don’t know any of the CIA ghosts, but I do know many of the “players” in the arms deal, personally. Around this time, in 1988, the UN and IMF/CFR started putting more pressure (threats of Gold and Diamond price fixing) on the National Party in South Africa to for the NP to capitulate to their demands of creating an easily corrupt-able ANC government (at some point I’ll write a complete paper showing all the linkages between ANC, UN, CFR and IMF activities pertaining to South Africa). The US gets Iraq, the IMF/CFR gets South Africa, watch what happens in the world, it is quite telling.

To distill what I just said; The US set up the war in Kuwait as the reason to remove an embarrassment named Saddam, to test their new weapons systems in a true combat environment and so they could put US interests in control of Iraqi oil resources. In order to accomplish this, all they had to do was inflate the ego of a sociopath, give him a target he was already aware of and supply him with weapons. Sounds thoroughly Hegelian to me.

Now here is the real moral dilemma... Since Saddam had US and other weapons purchased from the US primarily and also through South Africa, what does one tell the families of the US soldiers killed in the Gulf War? Is it “friendly fire” if you sell your opponent weapons and arm him in a planned conflict?

I see you are dabbling in politics again, I hope the dinner went well with Matt Entenza & Lois Quam at your house in Minnesota on March 30, 2009, link here. Let’s hope he’s an honest politician, oops an oxymoron, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more ;-)

Esmond Myhill (one of Andy’s henchmen) - There’s not much about you on the web, except the Cell C Fiasco here or here or here, which was probably the easiest, but not the dirtiest money you have ever made. Please explain, if it applies;

  • Your relationship with Armscor, local and overseas intelligence agencies, Sinesonics/Eclair, Andy Synesiou and any Reserve Bank currency movements as well as any and all of the offshore accounts and/or IBC’s that could have been in “play.”
  • Payment structures, who was Andy “paying,” for what and why?
  • What you know concerning the weapons deal between the US and Iraq in 1988 which the companies and government shipped to Saddam through SA after adding the G5 Cannons, with the blessing (and assistance) of the SA and US governments and State Department.
  • One additional item, weren’t we under an arms embargo, how’d we get around that?

A little on Exploiting Currency Law Loopholes

The watchdogs are lost in the translation or is it transactions?
Above is an example of a currency flip (lost in the transactions)

South Africa had a Financial Rand (incoming investment rate) of 4.10 Rands per US dollar and a Commercial Rand (outgoing payment rate) of 2.60 Rand per US dollar. If one “pays” a offshore license holder (or your own company made to look like an offshore license holder) in Commercial Rands, then through banking channels one can re-invest in ones own company in Financial Rands from the “other” company outside the country, but it must be, or appear to be, at arm’s length, so instruments such as trusts, blind trusts and/or IBC’s are required. In the example, a company in South Africa is owned by Person A. A trust in Geneva is owned by the same Person A which owns a company in Cyprus which is the licensor of technology used by the South African company. The Geneva trust sends the license fees to a trust or IBC owned by Person A in the Cayman Islands which sends the money to a trust or IBC in Panama owned by Person A which owns a company in New York. The company in New York invests the money back into the original company that started the transaction loop in South Africa.

Therefore, 2,600,000 Rands (Commercial rate) leaves the company in SA and is then converted into $1,000,000 US, which is then re-invested in the same SA company, but is converted into 4,100,000 Rands (Financial Rands). That is a profit of 1,500,000 Rands per transaction loop. Pretty smooth scheme eh? I seem to remember Martine’s boyfriend in the NP tried this after they closed the loophole, but a great deal of money was made by others before that “door” was closed.

Andre used to tell me how much blood money could buy, so how about that Baby Broker of yours!

Piet Botha - Your position at Sinesonics was like smoke and mirrors, even though I generally saw you ever day that you were actually there. I don’t think I can remember one time that you didn’t have unreasonable levels of alcohol in your system.

  • Explain the things you ‘fixed’ for Andy as well as any involvement in the 1988 US/Iraq arms deal.

Erol Scott - I realized long before I left SA that you were a mole for MI, God knows, your house on Homestead Avenue in Bryanston didn’t even exist in the public records. It was all I could do to find out that the houses on either side of you belonged to Armscor and the National Party.

  • Why did you sell my work, if you in fact did (as this is what I have heard)?

I’d like to know for sure. If you did, you could have at least warned me ahead of time or at the time. Thank you however and your wife, for helping to get my wife and kids out of SA using your contacts and associates (it was infinitely more than the Canadian government did), but I am sure there was a secondary motivation on your part. Did you already have a deal lined up before we even left (since we knew the same people)?

Canadian Consul in South Africa, R.A.J. (Adrian) Brazeau - I realize as a Canadian political “tool” that IMHO you are utterly and completely spineless, but it’s no excuse. You should contact Foreign/External Affairs and tell them what you did (or should I say, didn’t do, CDN Consul Adrian Brazeau's Business Cardthe truth would be nice since I am exhuming my records from CSIS, the RCMP and Foreign Affairs) and how you almost got my family killed in 1990. I told you at the time I would take the bullet, I offered to stay and be killed as a trade, my life for theirs. You didn’t have to keep my wife and kids involved, you could have gotten them out, regardless of how, as you  said, “politically hot” I was at the time. You are guilty of inaction, which is the same as a lie of omission (at which Canadian government personnel are quite adept). It’s about time you owned up to what you adamantly refused to do. And BTW, I know you filed some kind of lame-ass report, otherwise Director Baronette’s secretary at Revenue Canada wouldn’t have told me in 1991 that I was “that mercenary back from South Africa.” I wonder at times, how colourful that report at External Affairs actually was/still is, as I have never seen it (but I know CSIS and Revenue Canada both have and I will see it, hopefully very soon).

In Closing for now....

I am imperfect just like everyone else mentioned here. We have all had our successes and our failures. However, I choose the truth over the lies, being forthright over omission and certainly right over wrong. We all think we make choices in our lives, but I don’t believe that’s true (and I’ve proven it anyway in virtual experiments) so we were all meant to do what we did in the sequence of events that is now simply our collective history. I was angry at one point at how I had been used by Armscor, Andy, John, Erol and Jorie, but I’m not anymore, I just want the truth out there after all these years. It is time to set the public record straight and if I can admit to my part in all of this (by way of my book), then so can the rest of you that were involved in the same or different situations and connected events.

“All time is eternally present,
leading inexorably to an end that we believe results from our actions
but over which our control is mere illusion.” T.S. Eliot

I wouldn’t bother asking these questions if I didn’t know the answers or have a good idea of what all the responses would be, but my real interest is not in who blew up the Helderberg SA-295, it’s more about who told them to do it and somehow proving who laid the plans in motion as it is key to so many events.

I might get to more people later or say a lot more, but this is a good start.




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