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November 22 2012

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April 3 2008


A Wee Bit of Truth in Advertising

GovernmentLogo_1April 3, 2008 - Now, if there was truth in advertising, I think this pic goes a long way in identifying what a government is really all about.

Someone should make a movie and call it “Fun with Dick and Lame.” It could be a story about two dysfunctional politicians that go around robbing people of tax dollars, most of which they keep, but the rest they throw away at 3rd world countries in Africa to make themselves look altruistic and benevolent. Oh wait, that’s actually reality.


The Privacy Commission Response
You have the right to shut the f**k up!

March 29, 2008 - Another predictable outcome in this feudal colony/oligarchy called Canada... Yesterday I received a response from the Privacy Commission on my complaint concerning CSIS and their lack of cooperation in fulfilling their obligation concerning my FOIA request about myself. The Privacy Commissioner’s office was unable to come up with something more creative than their “towing the party line,” of course I could really expect nothing more from government meat-puppets. I find it hard to believe that we pay these people anything for so much obfuscation and deceit. So what happens next... hmmm... sue the government? This is always a possibility, anyone want to help me tear down the walls or is Canada just a colony of Sheople with a few Shagers? I guess I’ll just have to take the 8 to 12 hours and drive into a major city and see if I can find a constitutional lawyer that can do the job, but they work for the court which is again Canada. Anyway, here’s the response from these wankers at the Privacy Commissioners Office (pdf’d - 1.5 mbytes)...

Privacy Commission Response

You’ll notice that the Privacy Commissioner did not respond to the complaint concerning the External/Foreign Affairs FOIA and R. A. (Adrian) J. Brazeau. My response in the short term is simple, I said I’d go public, now I will and I expect it to take time to sort out. Some of the information may come through the internet and all of it hopefully through mass media and news agencies. I’ll start hunting down prospective documentary and media investigative people on Monday.

If you think you are going to get somewhere with an FOIA in Canada, think again, it’s a joke. The government has put legislation in place to protect itself and its ministers from criminal and civil prosecution. Possibly worse however, is the fact that the Canadian government can place and keep on record any lies, stories or fraudulent events they wish to dream up concerning you or anyone else and state that access to their lies is a secrecy issue. What a great colony this socialist experiment called Canada is... eh!


His Eminence Foamy

ssv5March 25, 2008 - I don’t normally post links such as the following, but;

Foamy the Omnificent
Ruler of the Fast and High Voice
Internet Warrior Poet Extraordinaire

 has something to say about scum-bag politicians, hence it’s worth a listen. Click Pic for Squirrel Songs V or the link below for the Topical Rant


SAPS/NPA All Over The Website

March 18, 2008 - I do try to take “things” head on. It’s always interesting to see who is on this site and for what, but the following is a bit odd considering no email sent asking for more information;

Visitor Detail

Unique Visitors


IP Address


18 Mar, Tue, 06:31:36

Net Speed



Government of South Africa





Operating System

 Windows XP


South Africa

Screen Resolution


State / Region


Screen Color

32 Bit (16.7M)





I have all the logs for the ANC, UN, Scorpions, etc. on file in multiple locations. I would have to ask the question... “Are they chasing criminals or are they chasing the messenger?” I certainly saw what happened in the past with the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority - Scorpions) when they were supposed to meet with me in June 2007 in Ottawa. Either the Canadian government or the ANC apparently quashed my giving affidavits and testimony at that time. They do have to protect their high friends in high places, or is it low friends in high places? The NPA and the SAPS needent worry too much, I’ve done most of their jobs, now it will just take a nice little public court hearing to get all of the information I have into the media. Of course, if this causes major political problems in Canada, South Africa, the US, England, France, North Korea and China even though it’s not my problem, I am quite sure it will be made to be mine. After all, if you look at the statutes listed on the CSIS FOIA response... they certainly don’t want the truth to interfere with their spun version of reality eh?


A New Map of the Debris

SW debris field March 17, 2008 - I am beginning to wonder if my FOIA request with CSIS and External Affairs and its associated levels of frustration are a “red herring” meant to steer me away from the rest of my investigative work on the Helderberg? So, I’m going back to the problems at hand and giving over my FOIA fight over to my attorney.

There is a new document available (this date to the right) from a very intelligent and methodical researcher overseas concerning possibilities pertaining to the last dozen or so minutes of flight. It’s a short and well thought out brief on what might have happened and has a very nice map of the debris field and locations of large A/C components.


More Fun In Kanadakastan
The Sequel

March 5, 2008 - Well, this is a pretty typical situation, leave a message for someone in the canadian government to call me back and of course they don’t. What is really funny, is that if you offer to help them out with the jobs they can’t do (which is pretty much all of them), they won’t let you.

I think governments have taken their cue from porn sites, it’s just one big circle jerk. Or maybe their methods trace back to Rockefeller and the early days of “snake oil” sales. If you can make a man super rich by fooling the people, why not have a corporation do the same thing?

We really do need a new form of government, what’s in place is not working. This feudal monarchy and it’s parasitic personal and corporate oligarchy really have to go. It’s almost like the government is deliberately made to be inefficient just to burn up extra tax dollars so they can promote a way to continuously lower us to the standard of slave labour. We also have to get rid of this Bank of Canada thing. It isn’t even controlled by Canada, it’s controlled by the IMF through shareholders. To make matters worse, the Bank of Canada lends money to Canada so it can operate a currency base. What the hell is up with that, why should we have to borrow money from our own GNV/GNP?

Anyone out there want to form a new government? This shit’s gotta stop!


More Fun In Kanadakastan

March 4, 2008 - What the hell is wrong with the Canadian government? Actually, a better question that could supply a shorter list of answers might be, what the hell is right with it?

As has been seen by my attempts to get information on myself, from these wankers at CSIS, External Affairs and the Privacy Commissioners Office, they consistently break their own rules, laws and timelines. Today, I tried again to find out where my formal complaint stood with the privacy commissioner, again more excuses. “We have a backlog,” “we are changing our system,” “it can’t be helped,” “you can talk to our acting director,” they emphatically state, but it’s not my, or our, fault that the government is mismanaged and dysfunctional, but they sure want to make it our problem. These hair-balls are paid good money to a do a good job, not to fuck-up on a hourly basis. So I tried to reach the acting director, she has voice mail and I left a message with her and her personal assistant, but I really don’t expect a return call anytime soon.

All I wanted to do was see the information CSIS and External Affairs kept on me and anything that had to do with me, to make sure it was correct. But when some shit-head throws back a series a statutes telling me that I am basically a National Security Risk (obviously because of my past), well, I just want to confirm the information and check it, to make sure I am not being set up for something stupid “down the road.”

I don’t know anymore whether I should just start releasing information on the government or if I should take them to court? Of course it is kinda hard to get anything done when the government controls the courts and twists the laws to benefit themselves. What to do.....?


Plausible Deniability Inc.

February 20, 2008 - Thought I’d lay low for a few days and watch the “children” play. I don’t mean to break their bubbles, but seriously now, cgi-bin/ Survey says ---> WRONG! That Stats progy is buggy, duh, it’s a known fact. Please leave your IP at the door and don’t pass GO. Oh wait, you did (at first glance) on 19/Feb/2008:17:20:12 -0500 coming from Internet Solutions in Johannesburg ;-) Maybe I’ll check the packets later.

In addition, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of lawyers, brokers and “risk assessment” companies coming on and examining the site, some going through every page and printing them. Are there other groups preparing to sue SAA, the old NP or the ANC along with all their associates? Are the “jackals” handlers working towards putting me into court so I can tell “everything” I know? Or maybe they just want to buy time with injunctions (gag orders)? Even the FBI, CIA, US DOD, Interpol, the NPA (Scorpions), Armscor, the ANC in Pretoria and the European Parliament have been on here along with the Swedish National Police and the City of London. My logs read like the who’s who of government control and covert activity.

There are 5 probable outcomes for what might happen as this continues;

  • They could ignore me and pretend that anything I say is inconsequential, which it might be. But that does not stop the digging and the release of new information, so this kind of reaction will only work for a limited period of time;
  • They could try to pay me off using what might be considered valid reasons to them, such as threats, but that’s too easy to tape or record and I am not sure if I even have a price;
  • They could try injunctions/gag orders, but that does draw a lot of attention as there are a number of people I have no control of, that would go straight to the media, internet, lawyers, whomever, if I suddenly fell silent;
  • They could try their hand at discrediting me and/or suing me through third parties, in which case all the information will end up in the public record for all to peruse and and use as it is seen fit, not a good idea. The “quiet engines,” the ambassadors, the consuls, the military people, the bankers and the governments don’t want you to know what really goes on and a massive release of information, won’t be pretty. Too many people know what I know already and revolutions can be bloody things, all one needs is a poster boy to focus the idea and that can be any putz, as they proved with Mandela;
  • They could just create an “accident” for me, it’s been done before a number of times, just not with 100% success obviously. That would probably be a bad idea as well, since everything I know and have would be released if I am incapacitated in any way or for any reason, including death by natural causes.

People all over the world are questioning how governments work, why there is so much corruption and why it’s not going away. It will continue unabated until someone puts an end to the “back room” control. The Helderberg is a stepping stone in this scenario affecting only one country, South Africa. By proving government, IMF/UN and/or ANC complicity in the act, helps to prove similar acts in other catastrophic events like Pan Am 103 or situations in other countries. Circumstantial evidence, may not work in a court of “law” as those venues are controlled by governments and their “handlers,” but it does work in the “court” of public opinion.

If one group controls the governments, the politicians, the money supply, the laws/courts, the police and the military of every nation in the world, you have to know they are feeding on every person in the world. It’s simply common sense, some people play “house,” others play at empire.

Why More Soldiers for Canada - We are not at War

February 15, 2008 - What is the deal with all the Ad Campaigns for Canadian Soldiers and Enlistment? We are supposed to be getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan. What dirty deal is the Canadian government up to this time?

It’s probably for preparation for the expected resistance to the SPP, which is the groundwork for the merger of Canada, the US and Mexico as a single currency based “union” and political entity. I am quite sure there will be resistance, everyone I know has no interest in releasing our sovereign right to act as an allegedly independent “colony” to the Bushes, Rockefellers and Rothschilds of this world. Of course one has to wonder if the Queen is any worse or any better. Would you be willing to risk your life and your freedom (perceived or imagined) on someone like Bush, a brainless puppet? Just watch the guy talk, IQ of 126? yeah right, divide it by two, he couldn’t collect his thoughts with a miniature dump truck and matching front end loader. Or worse still, the Rockefellers or Rothschilds who hold all of their critical meetings, like the Bilderberger summit behind closed doors with no indication of agenda or motive for their plans? What’s really lame is the fact that all the meat puppets with generally vacuous minds, the voters, keep eating this crap up, like dysfunctional rats dining down on an enticing mix of Warafin and dog food.

Of course, they say we don’t need to know why they do what they do, they say that know better, they know what is good for us. Just like the US government blanked out media reporting on TU24. It had a reasonable probability of hitting the planet, but don’t tell anyone, it might create panic. We wouldn’t want that screwing up commerce now, would we?


Corporately Sponsored “Fluff” Holidays

February 14, 2008 - Why is today Valentine’s Day? Was there a person named Valentine who did some incredibly romantic thing on February 14th? I don’t get it, is it a day simply placed between two other alleged holidays to promote spending? Maybe it’s all about better retail sales through chemistry? A few peptides here, some endorphins there, ahhhh, love is in the blood in the form of molecules that really only last about 4 seconds at a time and are generated by a series of neural chemical factories. So what’s the deal, do they have to take advantage of every chemical function to promote an agenda of spend, spend, spend?

I watched Zeitgeist today, a rather interesting and exploratory movie on the use of religion in controlling the masses and what the corporate elite have in store for us. I have long been a proponent of the kind of thinking outlined in the movie, eg. the Council at Nicea was like a government ad campaign storming session. Constantine must have thought, “What can we use that will effectively make people do what we want?” What I didn’t know, as I had not done the research, was that Horus, Dionysus and many others had the same religious “pedigree” as Christ.

Personally, I tend to believe that there is Intelligent Design over billions of years as there seems just too much evidence to support the hypothesis. I think something set reality, as we know, it in motion. If the strong nuclear force was different by 0.1% we would not exists, could not exist to even question our place in the universe. So whatever Cosmic Muffin did all this, did a damn good job. But with organized religion, I have some serious problems. As a socially interactive program, they do a good job, but I think the ride on the doom and gloom train is getting a bit old and tired.

As an example, a baby is born mentally defective, FAS/FAE or crack related. It grows into a person that can’t think right and it doesn’t know right from wrong, kills someone and gets off because of mental incapacity. The “church” might say that they will be judged and go to hell. What I say is why, if they didn’t know right from wrong? Of course the second problem is, who amongst us can know the “mind of the Cosmic Muffin” and what is really right and wrong? It’s a little egotistical and presumptuous to claim superior knowledge and then force it on everyone else. Morals, ethics and laws are simply a human construct that pretends to know what is good, evil and/or normal. Take South Africa with its corruption, it seems that normal there is to be corrupt along with the rest of Africa. If the majority swing a certain direction, that becomes the norm. It’s sad but it’s true.

On the banking system, it’s got to go! The world (200+ countries) are controlled by money. The “reserve banks” make the money out of nothing and a few individuals control the entire worlds banking system since they control the reserve banks. Is it wise or prudent to allow a few people you have never met, who meet behind closed doors in non-documented or published meetings, who’s agendas you have never been given, who control the media and the governments, power over YOU and the rest of the world? I don’t think so.

See the movie Zeitgeist... It’s a start in the right direction. You might give your head a shake.

Mayer Amschel Bauer, who founded the Rothschild family had said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." His son, Amschel Mayer Rothschild said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." Another son, Nathan Mayer Rothschild bragged, "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."

Harry Oppenheimer himself, in 1994 boasted that he had been the "quiet engine that had powered the ANC". (USA Today June 20, 1994). And when it comes to Oppenheimer, I always remember Brent Carlssen and Pan Am 103 in 1988, and of course the Helderberg in 1987.


Monopoly Money

February 13, 2008 - A little more on Iconography and the new “bills” and Hillarys...


You just gotta love it, useless money or burned out money, take your pick!


Look Out EU, We’ll have more Slaves

AmeroFebruary 12, 2008 - Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s I came across what was alleged to be a CIA document from 1964 outlining the full takeover and merger of North and Central American countries, right down to Panama, by a projected date of 1984. It concerned me, but I thought, nawww, it’s unmanageable and at the time it was.

But now it’s 2008 and we have Bush, code named Magog while at the Skull and Bones Club and participator in Bohemian Grove Rituals. In 2005, the US, Mexico and Canada signed a cooperation treaty known as the SPP or the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America." It’s nothing more than the blueprint to merge all of North America into one big unhappy Slave State.

There are rumours floating around about a new currency in North America, allegedly named the Amero. Go google it, you’ll see it might actually be real. This is not an attractive prospect by any stretch of the imagination. Some sites debunk it as an urban legend, others make blatant statements as to its authenticity. Personally, I don’t care either way. Our economies, banking, politics and countries are all in such a corrupt corporate mess that it might be a good idea to start over and try to get it right this time around.

There is a  CNN Report here, the CNBC report is here and the joint CFR/Canada/Mexico report here. If you want to just Google quickly, simple add amero dollar in the search field.

If our politicians weren’t corrupt, if we didn’t have a corporatized ruling class, if we didn’t have the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the Illuminati and every other conspiracy theorist’s wet dream, a unified currency plan might actually work and make things better. But merging countries, the US health plan model in Canada or King George Dubya Bush? No, I don’t think so.

But the reality is, our politicians are corrupt, our legal system sucks, corporations control the politicians and the major shareholders control the corporations, so our lives, economies, entertainment and everything we do or can have is controlled by a handful of individuals. Our rights have been eroded away to almost nothing, a little bit a time so we wouldn’t notice too much and revolt against the government, but people are waking up. Just ask a person who’s 70 or older about the differences between the 50’s and 60’s, and now, and what would have happened if the changes in our rights over the last 45 years occurred in the space of a week during the summer of say, 1962.

Here’s a little examination of these alleged coins from an icon based perspective...

The purposes of these icons and images may be of importance or they may just be the artist’s interpretation of what he or she was asked to produce. Regardless, Columbia or Isis from the Ancient Egyption appears to be sitting on the Throne of Ra, ruling through knowledge, war and fear, and considering the Earth and its people as a “side issue.” It’s interesting imagery, I hope someone professional takes a run at it (but only of course if these images represent the allegedly real coins). Iconography and Sigil Magic, two rather interesting topics, considering the embedded information coming out of all of the ad campaigns and corporate logo’s these days. You can’t turn on the TV or walk down the street without being assaulted by a message from some corporation.


The Horror of Mandela

February 11, 2008, Again - Today I watched TV, an unusual thing for me as I find so much tripe and propaganda that I usually can’t take it for more than 10 minutes. Yesterday was no different, almost as soon as I turned on the “glass tit” I was assaulted by the Biography Channel, blathering away about Nelson Mandela. I watched the entire program this time, just see how they would spin this “story” of an allegedly great man who allegedly did great things. I was left empty, as most of what I heard were vacant meaningless accounts meant to make Mandela look like more than he actually is and was, a terrorist. One has to look at what someone actually did, not the events inspired by media frenzy meant to hype someone to world fame for whatever flavour-of-the-day political purpose.

Mandela was a terrorist nobody, a criminal and a lawyer, and apparently not a very good one, if there is a possibly of such in reality as a good lawyer. Of course he was also married to that Winnie thing, the one who thought up necklacing, murdering underage kids, 87 counts of fraud, extortion, theft, you know, that Winnie. But, even when he was a lawyer, he was a communist cum marxist and still a terrorist. He was thrown into prison for acts of terror, sedition and his association with those acts and their organizers and anyway, the ANC needed a poster boy, jail might work to create a martyr. His prisoner number 46664 should tell you something about what he is.

What did he do when he got out in 1990 after UN/IMF pressure? He went to Russia, for a little more indoctrination and training. When he came back the media frenzy was at an all time high. This man, Mandela, who never had a single bit of experience managing a town, a few years later ended up running a country, thanks to the media. Of course what followed is the miserable failure that is now South Africa with rampant crime, government corruption, pandering to other sub-Sahara states like Zimbabwe and of course, Eskom, load shedding and blackouts. Oh, and there’s also BEE and AA, personally I thought AA was supposed to help oppressed minorities and it seems the Afrikaans are oppressed and a minority, so what’s the deal?

At one point in the Biography program, it was said that 40,000 children came to the Toronto Skydome to see the venerable “do-nothing” Mandela. The narrator asked “why would so many come to see him?” and proceeded to provide the requisite “spin.” Either the programmer or the announcer must be an idiot, as the reason was that it was a field trip that was deliberately promoted by the Canadian Education System via the Canadian Government. This field trip was almost literally forced on our kids and to not go, you had to sign a paper and give a reason. Another exercise in mass programming. Anyway, it was a free day, no schoolwork and if I remember right, they even gave extra marks or bonus credits for going. I refused to have my kids endure any part of this hyped up governmental garbage, simply because I know the truth about Mandela. After all I was in SA before and after he was released and I worked for the military.

But anyway, as I watched this well put together, albeit, stupid show, I just see another blatant example of how the bullshit is driven into the unsuspecting masses, the great truly unconscious population. Mandela did nothing, however, the media around him caused everything. And who benefited in this mass ad campaign surrounding Mandela? Could it be Rothschild in South Africa and deBeers (it’s a shame Brent Carlssen isn’t around to tell the whole story, but he was delayed by deBeers and ended up on Pan Am 103, can you say ooops). All you have to do is follow the money and it will always tell you who is pulling the strings.

I’ve always maintained that 99.9% of the world deserves the Nobel Prize more than Mandela (or the traitor deKlerk) for our simply having to put up with the media bullshit. I am quite sure that 99.9% of the people of the world have killed, or caused to be killed, fewer people than Mandela did. He leaves a legacy of millions dead of HIV/AIDS, plus hundreds of thousands killed in typically racially motivated murders, millions in rape and a country in a total shambles. His legacy in simple terms is crime, corruption and genocide, and his new instrument was Mbeki, another do-nothing and will be followed by Zuma who will more than likely accelerate the situation towards higher numbers of dead, maimed and raped and new atrocities. But how does that saying go --- “kill a few people, you’re a murderer, kill a million, you’re a king.”

When Mandela dies, it would not surprise me in the least that some moron will get his heart going again and he’ll live for another two or three years, but this time I expect he’ll actually create havoc directly and in his own name, rather than sit on the sidelines apathetically while collecting his media sponsored accolades from other do-nothing politicians and public disservice groups.

Giving Mandela a Nobel Prize is like giving George Dubya Bush a Ph.D in English or Science or Math or anything for that matter. It doesn’t make sense! But if you believe that puppets run countries, it of course makes perfect sense.

Ahhh, to finish with a Bushism!
"I heard somebody say, 'Where's (Nelson) Mandela?' Well, Mandela's dead.
Because Saddam killed all the Mandelas."

George W. Bush, on the former South African president, who is still very much alive, Washington, D.C., Sept. 20, 2007


Let’s Remove Some Spin From Those Political Molecules

February 11, 2008 - Speaking of “Electron Footprints,” I set up the Adiabatic Reactor again. I haven’t run it for a number of years because my computers would always have been too damn close to it. Since it pumps out 140k gauss and the field rotation is in the millions of rpm’s, it works as a rather interesting magnetic eraser “at a distance.” I don’t know how much information there is on the web about this kind of process, but mine was designed and built in 1991/92 with National Research Council support and was used in BEC research long before JILA labs produced their machine. When BEC research and Adiabatic Reactors went public in Time Magazine in 1995, there were a couple of items they didn’t tell you about. One is that when controlled properly they produce energy through mass conversion during electron/particle degeneracy and string entanglement. The second is that because they create BEC’s through electron/particle degeneracy and string entanglement, there’s is a reasonable and certainly non-zero probability, that one could create singularities (micro black holes as large as a few hundred angstroms).

BEC production has the capacity to merge millions of subatomic particles together within a confined and controlled space. It does this by cooling a very small area (less than a millimeter in diameter) to very close to, or at, absolute zero. When this happens, the “space” between electrons and neutrons and protons decreases to an infinitely small distance, for all intents and purposes, plank length. The sum of the wave function of all the particles becomes chaotic. The net result is that hundreds of millions of particles can fit into the “space” of a few hundred, which of course means that the mass and density of the original space increases millions of times. I suppose what is produced could be considered something like the material of neutron stars, but considerably more dense. When the field is removed, the macro-particle’s individual components fall back to their original ground state, but there is always loss of mass during the process, which is the mass that was converted directly to energy and removed by the reactor’s collection process. Fortunately, the unit produces little or no ionizing radiation (less than 1% above background at worst case) however, it does generate a magnetic field that can be picked up on magnetic tape 50 feet away and of course there is the credit card erasure issue within 12 feet.

We left this project alone for a number of years but have decided it’s time to start it up again and now that private producers can supply the electrical grid and get paid for it, possibly my little 5k watts will help out a bit.

And on to some humour! How a country can elect someone this stupid, this grossly incompetent, a person so puppet-like you can see his bloody strings, escapes me. And to elect him twice! I guess the Americans deserve what they get -- lol. A link to George Dubya Bushisms.... The American economy, infrastructure and military are probably collectively, the best globally and run by the most competent and intelligent people in the world, but what’s running the “ship” aground is an absolute retard who would do better as the “ship’s” cook. All HAIL THE CHEF... er, I mean Chief!

It’s really not much different in Canada, it’s just here the politician’s controllers were smart enough to install an intelligent set of criminals.



February 10, 2008 - It’s a Sunday evening, there’s not a lot of damage I can do today, but tomorrow comes quickly. I noticed another couple of those stupid Virus Warnings this weekend, the two Hoaxes of the “Life is Beautiful” and “Olympic Torch” alleged viri. It seems pretty easy, to me anyway, that in order to confirm the reliability of information before sending out spam e-mail, one need look no further than a search engine like Yahoo or Google. Using these simple yet powerful tools, renders accurate information on potential threats. So, next time you have the urge to send these useless e-mails around, warning of impending viral doom and gloom, give your head a shake, use Google rather than waste the bandwidth of your port 25 and my port 110. As Al Gore might intone if he did actually invent the internet; “Have you reduced your ELECTRON FOOTPRINT today!”

And..... Please don’t feed the trolls.


More Helderberg Information

February 6, 2008 - I hate to be cryptic, but more information is surfacing in support of the original story which came from Jorie/CI/Armscor, most of the new information supports the original story but a small part shows differences. These differences may be considered minor as they deal with the actual method of delivery of military “orders.” The details will follow when I am given leave to release them. As information comes in the truth becomes clearer and the finger begins to point to the actual murderers and their purpose.

I found out the other day that some additional records of mine with the Canadian Government have disappeared. So, I fired off another letter, trying to find out the source of these changes. Back in 1990 when I came back to Canada, Revenue Canada and Foreign Affairs had similar problems with records disappearing, however, they eventually found them and labeled me as “that mercenary back from South Africa,” even though I am not a merc, well, not really. The common denominator between then and now it seems is CSIS. At this stage in the game, CSIS might have copies all of my government records, the data files expunged from the servers and the original documents may have been placed in secure locations. It sounds like what they might do. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if my Social Insurance Number and Driver’s License records disappeared along with any Revenue Canada data. It seems like I am being made invisible.... again.


More Idiocy With the Government

February 4, 2008 - More demand for my book, I guess that’s a good thing ;-) Now I just need a good movie deal ! But, don’t we all...

I have to wonder about our government here in Canada. I remember back in the summer of 1997, Canada was hosting UN troops on training exercises north of Balsam lake. No notice of course, they just ran the Hercules in at 500 feet, so close to the lake you could see their helmets in the plane’s windows. Of course if you complain, you get phone taps, accusations of being pre-postal or better still a terrorist (seems the shoe is on the other foot). It’s happening again, making flight paths wherever they damn well please, no consideration for the people who pay their salaries through an illegitimate and potentially illegal tax system. So I think I am going to have to bother CSIS tomorrow and tell them to get the taps off my bloody phones and maybe call the Privacy Commissioner and ask them why CSIS won’t honour an FOIA request for information on myself and maybe call Revenue Canada too and ask them what they did about that “alleged” 150 million dollar tax and public funds fraud that’s been buried for so many years and maybe I will have my lawyer release my affidavits to the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa and formalize who’s who in the zoo.

Back a man far enough into a corner and there’s only one way he’s coming out and that’s through you.


A Quick Note on the Book

January 25, 2008 - One thing I should mention --- if you are purchasing the book to obtain the entire story on the Helderberg or US/Iraq arms deals, well, sorry, I didn’t write it that way. That’s not to say that I didn’t give some information, just not all of it. There’s a certain amount I need for court, should that ever occur or maybe as insurance. The book is simply a real life account, showing I was in South Africa and working for the military directly and through military contractors. I write about the Helderberg catastrophe and the arms deals, simply because people I worked with, or for, were directly involved in some manner and therefore they fit into the day to day situations and events as they occurred.

I just heard about the NEO TU24 which is allegedly about 620 feet by 250 and small for an asteroid, but nonetheless, dangerous as hell. Apparently, TU24 is set to either come very close or cross Earth’s orbital path sometime January 29, 2008 according to NASA/JPL. You can see their Java Applet of the upcoming event at NASA-TU24. Please note, that if you orient the orbital paths horizontally, you can see an error in the Java Applet that indicates an incorrect position for above/below orbital plane locations (the blue line is off by something between 6 and 12 million miles). This places the asteroid orbital transition extremely close to Earth on January 29, 2008 and shows a mean distance from Earth to TU24 of something between 140,000 and 330,300 km’s (according to Berkeley and 0.0038au to JPL calculations which seem at odds). I have to wonder, if there are all these differences in calculations and NASA/JPL can’t even get the orbital plane transition position correct in the Java Applet, does that mean this is like Weather Science and the predictions of NASA scientists have the accuracy of those of weathermen?

There’s more information from people on ATS about this event, but take it with a grain of salt. If TU24 is going to hit the planet, there is not a damn thing any of us can do about it anyway,

so don’t worry, be happy!

Just a note to open the blog

January 23, 2008 - Only fitting I suppose that I start this off on this date, which contains the Mason’s “magic number,” 23 ( a little levity there since I allegedly have Templar Knights way back in my ancestry around 1180 and my great-great grandfather was Captain of the Queen’s Horsemen at Buckingham Palace). On a more serious note, I will be adding password protected information (just started the web page) and I see a number of viewers of the present web pages that denotes the necessity for a little comment;

  • Me - My Uveitis kicked in again (the pain is similar to an abscessed tooth, but in my eye when it starts, you can’t nurse it, scratch it, rub it, it’s just nasty), so I am a tad blind right now, one eye patched and the other with only about 60% vision, so it makes it a bit difficult to write these new pages, but I keep going. I’ll just keep pushing for the truth. For all those people out there with Uveitis or Iritis, I use Pred Forte (name brand) as I am allergic to the preservative in the generic brands. If you find that you are getting a lot of ocular pressure, change brands. I also cut my dosage roughly in half to one drop every 6 hours instead of two drops every 4 hours to reduce ocular pressure and the potential for corneal tearing. Also, I find Celebrex works really well, sometimes Ibuprofan for globally reducing the inflammation component of the disease. If you have any questions about Uveitis, Iritis or my regime in treating it, you can send me an email. I try to be helpful and answer all questions the best I can. But, always listen to your doctor!
  • SAPS, Pretoria, South Africa - Hmmmm, these characters have been on my pages many times before, both NPA and SAPS directly, what are these guys up to? I thought Mbeki already castrated the bunch at the NPA? These guys took down every page again. Are they finally doing an investigation into who’s who in the Helderberg catastrophe? Or maybe they are planning something a little more sinister to try and misdirect attention away from the Mbeki/Selebi scandal (and others) playing out in South Africa? Last year, Torie Pretorius was supposed to come see me in June but was prevented from doing so by either the NPA, ANC or the Canadian Government. I wonder why that is? No one has given me a reason yet as to why he never showed, other than, he was not allowed to proceed.
  • The Campus and the BBC - I found two browser spyware hijacks, one back to the University of Witwatersraand or the SABC in Pretoria/Johannesburg and one to the BBC in the UK, both hijacks told these two groups when I logged onto the internet and possibly what I was doing. Well, sorry people, I’ve blocked the hijacks ;-)
  • Alamo/Danville, California, US - A friend/associate of the daughter of an old friend? Wondering how to buy the book without leaving a trace that the book was bought? Just get it off Amazon, it’s more discreet.
  • Palm Desert, California, US - The truth may hurt but it can never be a lie, Jakes used to say that. I am a little surprised you people are permitted to sell babies, but heh, in the US you can sell anything I suppose.
  • Canada - Funny group (as in Odd) at CSIS and External Affairs, they don’t want to release my information to me even though I made an FOIA request. So now I have gone to the Privacy Commissioner and placed a formal complaint, re-requesting the information. All governments are basically the same, they all break their own laws to protect their ministers, ambassadors and other “friends” in educational institutions and the private sector. Canada is not exempt from this kind of behavior, I know first hand. This is probably one of the reasons the Canadian government does not want to release my information to me, they know what they did and they know they have broken their own laws. I’m expecting that sometime in the near future, they will try to trump up (make up) something against me, in an attempt at levering me into being quiet.
  • US, FOIA - I sent an e-mail recently to check on the status of my request. They have hundreds of pages of classified and non-classified documents with more classified documents coming. I still have to wonder, “why so many classified documents” for a supposedly simple South African plane crash? We know the answer, it wasn’t simple and I am just trying to obtain all the third party proof and confirming information to show who did it and why it was done. If other people check around I think they might find there is a connection to the people who took down Pan Am 103 as well.
  • Fly Africa Forum - It’s become like a tomb on the Helderberg thread which is a real shame. People still view it daily, but no one comments. The people that have more evidence as to what happened to the Helderberg seem too scared to come forward. So, please at least leave a deathbed confession and the evidence you have in a safe place so it can be retrieved and published.



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