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November 22 2012

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The ANC Tips its Hand - by Deirdre Fields
The Nerve of Mandela - By Emanuel McLittle
Black People Aren't Animals -But That's How Liberals Treat Them
By Andrew Kenny

The Boers
Made Fall Guys for International Capitalists

The ANC Tips its Hand
by Deirdre Fields
20 September 2007

South Africa: The latest edition of ANC TODAY has published a disturbing article. This article entitled "A fundamental revolutionary lesson: The enemy manoeuvres but it remains the Enemy Part 1" basically vilifies all whites as the enemy, intent on overthrowing the so-called "national democratic revolution" of the ANC.

While thus demonizing all Whites, and inexorably making ”your skin-colour your uniform”; the ingratitude expressed thereby, must surely ”hurt the feelings” of the vast majority of well-meaning White liberals who continue to support the ANC, disbelieving the evidence of their own eyes, trusting that this "nascent democracy" will mature into a real, western-type democracy.

Significantly, even the Democratic Alliance (DA) comes under suspicion: this successor of the Progressive Party through its many permutations under the leadership of Helen Suzman or her successors, and the ongoing patronage of Harry Oppenheimer, was ever the apologist for the ANC, and greatly facilitated its ascendancy to power. In fact, Harry Oppenheimer himself, in 1994 boasted that he had been the "quiet engine that had powered the ANC". (USA Today June 20, 1994).

Well, perhaps there are certain exceptions after all, for the ANC has meanwhile richly rewarded the Oppenheimer-Rothschild financial empire by granting it outrageous business favours, transferring the wealth of the old SA state, and the natural resources of the country into the grasping hands of this financial empire. In the process, a handful of the ANC leading lights have been transformed into Black oligarchs, similar to the Russian Jewish oligarchs that crawled out of the decaying body of the Soviet Union.

However, we see that the DA -- and its rank and file supporters, now seems to be viewed apart from the Oppenheimer multinational-corporation and banker class, for whom it has presumably outlived its usefulness -- and is indeed viewed with the same suspicion as that reserved for the Whites of the Nationalist Party.

Image: Anton Rupert, Afrikaner businessman & media mogul. This billionaire owes his fortune to Oppenheimer-Rothschilds. Bringing an Afrikaner into his financial Empire was the wisest move Oppenheimer ever made, for Rupert played a leading role as a Judas-goat, literally leading his people to their doom. Rupert has a direct partnership with Rothschild in Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons. As a frontman for Rothschild, Rupert was a founding member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), instituted to create trans-frontier parks worldwide; and he founded the 1001 Club to fund the venture.

The latter have become a metaphor for white supremacism and nationalism, despite their actual betrayal of the Whites into the hands of the ANC-SACP. Ironically, despite their varying degrees of collusion, Nationalist Party Government traitors; their misled supporters; liberal Whites; as well as the nationalistic Boerevolk who did indeed oppose the transition of power to this Black, communist regime, find themselves lumped together with all Whites -- not of the multinational-corporation/banker ilk -- and uniformly find themselves disempowered, in the process of being divested of everything they own, with their lives uniformly in danger, and all the while being entirely powerless to influence the current political dispensation.

The attitude of this ANC Today article has great significance when considered in the light of the Communist background of Mbeki and much of the leadership of the ANC, which often alternated between leadership positions in the SA Communist Party:

All Communist revolutions take place in two phases:

firstly the so-called ”national democratic revolution” which attempts to unite all the entities in the land. In actuality, this phase is used to undermine those entities opposed to it. This has already been achieved in SA as;

 1.) the nationalistic leadership of the Zulus has been systematically, if clandestinely assassinated, while the Zulu king has become alienated from the nationalistic leader Buthelezi, through the ANC appropriating to itself, the role of supplying the king’s income, and by persuading him to take Xhosa wives (a traditional taboo) from prominent ANC-SACP families.

2.) The white Boerevolk has been under constant attack, through Affirmative Action policies (Black Economic Empowerment) against the minority whites; Land Reform; integrating schools and universities and transforming them into English-medium institutions; cultural oppression; and especially through moving hordes of Blacks, frequently squatters, into previously White areas, creating White isolation and destroying security; and through ongoing murders.

Rape, while being something to which Blacks in Africa are particularly prone, is intended to pollute the gene-pool (thereby also being a means of genocide, as that people simply ceases to exist), infect the White population with AIDS, and humiliate and demoralize the White men through the degradation of their women.

The second phase is the so-called ”socialist revolution” or Stalinist or Jacobin phase during which the ”enemies of the revolution” are eradicated -- usually in bloody purges. The author of the ANC Today article identifies the ”enemies of the revolution” or of the ”national democratic struggle” in sweeping terms:

"The white population as a whole supported the system of white minority domination and willingly participated in the struggle to defeat the national democratic struggle."

The Jacobin option

Image: Gauteng victim of torture: 29 year old victim of a car-jacking, was tied to the back of his own car and dragged. The elbow of one of his arms was worn down as he was dragged.

The anonymous author who may be Thabo Mbeki himself, stresses throughout that the ANC has consciously rejected the euphemistically-termed "Jacobin option" i.e. of slaughtering all members of the former regime or its perceived opposition; all the while implying that that would have been the better option; and emphasizing the ANC -- new found ability to use the inherited military capacity of the former white state.

Let none be hoodwinked by the apparent assurance that the "Jacobin option" has been
rejected for whether or not an actual whole scale "Operation Vula" or "Uhuru," Night of the Long knives is being planned to break out one night and continue unabated until they have completely purged the country of Whites (and we get to fight back); or whether the daily onslaught of the ANC army of criminals bearing down on our people, murdering and torturing them in the most inhumane and barbaric manner possible, will be intensified, make no mistake, the “Jacobin option” is already in progress.

Like the guillotine, or ANC “necklace murders,” these torture-murders are intended to instill shock and terror, to cow the Whites into passiveness, terrorize them into giving up their land and fleeing. Meanwhile the brutal campaign of ethnic-cleansing advances relentlessly, decimating the ranks of the whites, ”killing the weak and defenceless, and running shamelessly from the strong” -- utilizing the tactics of the ancient Roman general Fabian, so honoured by the Fabian Society. This is undoubtedly an integral part of the first phase of the communist revolution and may be intensified to fulfill the second phase.

To date, there have been almost 2,000 brutal torture-murders of farmers and their families – almost as many as American soldiers in the full-blown war situation of Iraq, and an estimated total of 50,000 murders of the White population as a whole. Recently, it has been noted that urban murders increasingly resemble the torture-murders on the farms, with little or nothing being stolen. During the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) with the British doing their utmost through their Scorched Earth Policy and Concentration Camps for the Boer women and children, they succeeded in killing only 3,000 women, 24,000 children and 3,000 men in battle. This peace-time onslaught by the ANC-SACP’s army of brain-washed criminals has taken a far greater toll, and the Boers have not even been able to fire a shot in our defence. Meanwhile, the international media and UN, look on mutely and dispassionately, nay, rejoicing.

Typically, the ANC dissembles, attributing the ongoing genocide of the Boerevolk in particular and Whites in general, to a subjectivized aspect of the rampant crime situation. Even if this were true, the ANC is ultimately responsible for the causes of the crime, much of it arising from the flood of illegal immigration through SA's porous borders. It is also culpable for its inability to cope with the situation. However, it should be remembered that the ANC has repeatedly released tens of thousands of criminals from the jails -- around 70,000 when Mandela became president, and 40,000 to celebrate a recent birthday of Mandela, etc. Furthermore, as the prisons are so overcrowded, criminals are either not prosecuted at all, or released early. In 2006, an army of at least 63,000 were released to relieve prison overcrowding. Recently, it was noted that the fine for not paying a TV license is R1, 000 while murderers are frequently released on R500 bail!

Anti-White Slogans

 (Please refer to Youtube video of media report at bottom of page)

Furthermore, the ANC has slogans which promote white genocide, viz. "One settler,
one bullet!", and "Kill a farmer, kill a Boer!" These are still often chanted at rallies. They also have songs that take solemn oaths to kill the Boers such as "Bulala AmaBhulu;" and presidential hopeful, Jacob Zuma’s [1] theme song Awulethe Umshini Wami (Give me my machine gun), amongst others.

Blame it on the legacy of Apartheid

All pervasive too, is the incessant propaganda that blames every ill in the country on the "legacy of Apartheid." The typical perpetrators of these genocidal torture-murders are black youths under the age of 20. This implies someone who did not live under the "apartheid dispensation." These youths have been raised on a steady diet of anti-White propaganda, which not surprisingly is more than sufficient impetus for these blatant "hate crimes" against Whites.

ANC in bed with Global Money-power

Image: Namibian Mines & Energy Minister Erkki Nghimtina & Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman of the De Beers Group-exchanging signed agreement creating Namibia Diamond Trading Co. The pattern is always the same. The Bushman have been chased off their land to overfill Oppenheimer's pockets.

Lastly, the alliance of the ANC with the money-power has produced an upper-class of
Black billionaires,[2A] traitors to their own cause (as observed by the trade union COSATU), but the condition of the majority of the Black masses is far worse than under the "apartheid regime." However, their worsening lot is blamed on the "legacy of apartheid" and fuels hate and envy against Whites in general -- especially of those still able to retain their property, even though many have become the white shadows of their Black bosses, doing the actual work at half the pay of the Black pretenders. A special hatred is always reserved for the Boerevolk, whom they associate particularly with this ”legacy of apartheid.” [2b]

ANC Military Capability a Red Herring

Thus we see that the "Jacobin option" is indeed being implemented. While, it is gratifying to observe, that in the event of the ANC's ’consciously embracing the Jacobin option,' their much touted military capability is likely to be a red herring: AIDS is rife in the army, soldiers are inadequately trained and undisciplined; most of the capable Whites have been retrenched and replaced with Blacks, the army equipment is becoming old and unserviceable, while that which is usable, suffers from a dearth of trained personal to operate it; their ANC-SACP army of criminals seems to be far more effective.

Jacobin Option being exercised through Unconventional Means

The ANC Today article tips us off that we should look for this "Jacobin option" being exercised through unconventional means -- an effective strategy for as the onslaught is not clear and defined, our volk can be blind-sided -- like shooting fish in a barrel, and there is no retaliation to fear. Unconventional means include the ’criminal’ genocidal murders, Land Reform[3] using expropriation, including if expedient, Zimbabwe-like violent land seizures arising from vilification of the farmers due to claims that the Whites are holding up the land reform process; and last but not least, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) which is gearing up for a second phase:

The anonymous writer of the ANC article avers that "Despite our access to state power, which has enabled us to gather information not disclosed during the TRC process, and in other ways, the ANC and our government have chosen not to use the possibility they have, to confront those who, in reality, served as part of the apartheid forces of repression."

He thus concludes that confronting those who served as part of the "apartheid forces of repression" "remains an important part of the uncompleted part of the TRC and
related processes, which must be addressed."

As he previously stated that "The white population as a whole supported the system of white minority domination and willingly participated in the struggle to defeat the national democratic struggle" and he claims that

we have former apartheid agents in the ranks of the political formations in our country, in the machinery of the democratic state, in business, the professions, including the universities and the media, and civil society in general, who will voluntarily act in a manner consistent with what they did in the past, or submit to blackmail by their former ’handlers’ to advance a reactionary agenda; and, some of those who served within the apartheid machinery have not given up their objective specifically to defeat the ANC.

It appears that we should look forward to more vindictive, Nuremburg-like kangaroo trials, of which the present prosecution (despite his foot-washing), of former Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok and former Police Commissioner Johan van der Merwe is but the tip of the iceberg. TRC trials this time around, are sure to end not in amnesty, but in retribution -- to satisfy the blood lust of the masses.

Oppenheimers Major Beneficiaries of ’Apartheid’

Image: Lord Jacob Rothschild, on the Board of De Beers.

The Black masses are continuously being directed to lay the blame for their depraved situation on the white, erstwhile rulers of SA, rather than rightfully laying the blame at the feet of the new "democratic" ANC rulers -- who have been misruling the country for the past 13 years; and their multinational bedfellows who, have been plundering the country, and who were in any case, the major beneficiaries of the cheap labour [4a] supplied under the policy of Apartheid (as it was misapplied following Dr. Verwoerd’s assassination).

In truth, Whites in general and in particular, the Boerevolk, who have been unjustly dispossessed of a land to which they have every right in international law -- despite the propaganda that they "stole the land from the Blacks," are the fall-guys for this multinational corporation-international banker class of robber barons. [4b]

In fact, the Boers were the first victims of this avaricious, power-hungry and conscienceless entity, [4c] and remain a prime target within its sights. It was to enable this cabal to 're-colonize' and plunder, not only South Africa but the whole of Africa, to which it is the gateway; that the White, nationalist government in South Africa had to be dispossessed: Nationalism is the ultimate obstacle to internationalism. The smear of ’racism’ and accusations of ’oppression’ are what enabled it to achieve the dispossession of the Boers, though it had nothing whatever to do with their real motives.

Naively, the ’newly empowered" Blacks walk wide-eyed into London Bank-orchestrated privatization, Public-private Partnerships (PPP’s), set up parastatals, etc. and onwards into the African Union. This new form of colonization, which they are entering so trustingly, will make slavery look like a welfare system. Meanwhile, the aroused expectations of the Black masses are appeased by allowing them to murder and plunder the property and private possessions of the White former rulers of South Africa, who had to be eradicated to enable the multinational-corporation-international banker class to reap the mineral and natural resources of the entire continent.

Place in the Global Gulag

Today, the starving, under-trodden Black masses of Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic
Republic of the Congo[5], etc, grimly testify to the ’altruism’ of the robber barons,
who demonised the White ’apartheid regime’ so completely, and so hypocritically, in order to bring about this final lap of their New World Order -- the New Reich of the Rich -- that One World Government so feared by our grandfathers and fathers.

Unfortunately, the sad lot of Africa remains the ultimate lot of Western Civilization
-- indeed of the entire world -- as the world enters this new phase of the New World Order:

The dumbed-down populations of the world continue to be blissfully unaware of its very existence, and continue to fight each other over such red herring-accusations as racism/”apartheid,” or ”anti-Semitism,” Islamic dictatorships, etc. often identifying themselves with ”Capitalism” which they understand as ”Free Enterprise” but which has nothing in common with it: The financial Elite represents ”Monopoly Capitalism,” in which free enterprise has no place, and through usury, bribery and intrigue, it appropriates to itself, the wealth of the world, even our water, and basic freedoms.

Thus we all march unsuspectingly into the grinning, cavernous jaws of the Global Gulag, through such tunnels as NAFTA, ”The War on Terrorism,” The North American Union, The European Union, and the Pacific-Asian Union: The African Union is one more piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The Boers are just a stone in the collective shoe of this financial elite --the would be masters of the global gulag -- and as such, their extinction is the order of the day. We cannot allow this to happen.


[1] Mbeki and his likely successor Jacob Zuma, were, according to the USA Senate Committee on Security and Terrorism in 1985, the most militant after Nzo, Hani, Modise en Joe Slovo.

[2a] 1. Tokyo Sexwale, 2. Cyril Ramaphosa, 3. Saki Macozoma, 4. Patrice Motsepe, 5. Moss Ngoasheng, 6. Mzi Khumalo, 7. Cheryl Carolus, 8. Manne Dipico, 9. Kgalema Motlanthe, 10. Popo Molefe

[2b] Apartheid proper (Separate Development) really ended shortly after Dr Verwoerd was assassinated on 6 September 1966: subsequently Blacks gained ever increasing rights in the White mainland. Apartheid was surrendered piecemeal from that date, and when P.W. Botha came to power in 1978 he dismantled Apartheid in earnest, creating a Tri-cameral parliamentary system and doing away with the Mixed Marriages Act, while soft-peddling the Group Areas Act. Thus, ”apartheid” proper has been a dead letter for around 27 years.

Image: Lord Alfred Milner - Rothschild front man, executor of the "Scorched Earth Policy" and concentration camps for Boer women and children in 1899-1902; and spokesman for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which branched into such organizations as the CFR and the Trilateral. His spirit and his legacy lives on in the present genocide of the Boers.

Apartheid is properly the legacy of Britain -- which has been under the control of the Rothschilds and his London Elite for centuries, and which refused to give independence to the Black nations currently within present-day SA, as it did to the cannibal Basuto tribe (Lesotho), and to the Swazis (Swaziland), before forming the Union of South Africa in 1910 out of the two former Boer republics of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State; and her two SA colonies viz

  • i. The Cape Colony, to which Britain had added the conquered territories of the Xhosa tribe/nation in the later-named Ciskei and the Transkei; and
  • ii. Natal -- formed from territories gained when
  • 1.) Britain annexed the Boer Republic of Natalia in 1845, and
  • 2.) the Zulu kingdom of Zululand, which Britain conquered in 1887. This created yet another multi-ethnic country inevitably destined to experience strife see Iraq (Kurds, Sunnis & Shiites), Yugoslavia (Croats & Serbs), Sudan (Blacks & Arabs), Rwanda Hutus and Tutsis, etc. The basic planks of apartheid were also the legacy of the British Administration in SA, especially of Cecil Rhodes, whose fortune from South African diamonds and gold has provided the Rothschild-Oppenheimer empire with the means to subvert the world through the Round Table groups, the Pilgrim Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and its various offshoots including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Trilateral, The Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, etc. Further, despite their vociferous denouncement, and effective campaign --both internationally and domestically -- to depose the Whites in SA, it is the Oppenheimer-Rothschild mining enterprises that profited most from the cheap Black labour furnished through these racist regulations, as an example from the British-ruled past illustrates:

The inhumane Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 [instigated by these same mining interests to gain control of the mineral wealth of the Transvaal], saw 24,000 Boer children & 3,000 women killed in British concentration camps; and the Boer farm houses, crops and livestock burned down in the British ”Scorched Earth Policy”. The Boers thus impoverished were after the war, obliged to work in the mines. But, in 1922, Ernest Oppenheimer fired them overnight, replacing them with Blacks: Boers had worked for £30.00 a month; the Blacks would work for only £3.00 a month.

This substitution represented a saving of £27.00 per month per employee on the wage bill -- an immediate benefit to the company! The subsequent riot by the Boer miners was put down brutally by traitor General Smuts whose troops, armed with machine-guns, enforced the decision of Mr. Oppenheimer, the London Elite, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), which has directed matters in SA ever since, and upon whose Inner Circle, sat Rothschild and his henchman, Lord Milner. After the Anglo-Boer War, Milner whose aim it had been to exterminate the Boers ”for ever and ever,” declared ”It is no longer war with guns and bullets, but it is war still.” And so it has been ever since, and is still so today, though a new generation of Rothschilds and Oppenheimers now direct matters.

[3] Chief Land Claims Commissioner Mr Tozi Gwanya, has frequently held white farmers
responsible for the delay in the execution of the Land Restitution Plan. Even farmers willing to sell are being accused of delaying practices, while land claims commissioners seem to deliberately refrain from executing the process efficiently.
(See "Focus with Freek" on SABC TV, Sunday 5th June 2005, et al)

[4a] Cyril Ramaphosa, prominent ANC member, today one of the Black oligarchs created by the Oppenheimer-Rothschild financial empire, was detained in the 1970s for his work as a black consciousness movement organizer. He organized and unionized South Africa's mineworkers, who were forced to live in single-sex, military-style barracks under the control of the mining houses. The Machiavellian Oppenheimer profited from cheap labor under the Apartheid government, forcing his workers to live under these conditions; while simultaneously financially supporting the ANC and developing strong ties to their leaders.

[4b] Following a trend from 1980, by 1990, just four mega-corporations, mainly mining companies, controlled 82% of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which represented
almost the entire GNP of the country: Oppenheimer’s Anglo-American (including De Beers) by itself, controlled over 52% of the JSE, however the gold mining companies paid a mere 2.9% of the taxes. Although White individuals constituted only 15% of the population, they contributed 77% of the taxes. The state then spent 45% of all taxes on the Black population, 5% on the Coloureds (mixed race), and 5% on the Indians, but only 38% on Whites. (The Star, 2nd May, 1990)

[4c] Anglo-Boer War, with its genocidal concentration camps, was instigated by the
Rothschild-Milner-Rhodes entity in order to gain control of the gold riches of the Boer Republic of the Transvaal.

[5] AngloGold Ashanti, part of the international mining conglomerate Anglo American
(Oppenheimer), won the mining rights to the vast gold concession in Mongbwalu, DRC
in 1996. Prevented by ongoing war, (until a peace agreement was signed and a transitional government was established in Kinshasa), from gaining access to its claims, the company forged links with the armed group, Nationalist and Integrationist Front (FNI), which retained control of the gold-rich mining site in the northeastern Ituri district.

Human Rights Watch researchers documented meetings between the company and the armed group leaders. FNI president, Floribert Njabu, told Human Rights Watch, ”The [Central] government is never going to come to Mongbwalu. I am the one who gave Ashanti permission to come. I am the boss of Mongbwalu. If I want to chase them away, I will.“ [That's what he thinks! -- DF]

The mineral-rich Northeastern Congo has been one of the worst hit areas during Congo’s devastating seven-year war. Competing armed groups carried out ethnic massacres, rape and torture. According to United Nations estimates, a local conflict between Hema and Lendu ethnic groups, allied with national rebel groups and foreign backers, including Uganda and Rwanda, claimed over 60,000 lives between 1999 and 2005. These losses are just a portion of an estimated four million civilians dead throughout the Congo, during the same time period, yet artisinal goldmining continued throughout the conflict.

Millions of dollars worth of gold are smuggled out of the Congo each year, some
of it destined for Switzerland. One starving miner told Human Rights Watch: ”We are cursed because of our gold. All we do is suffer. There is no benefit to us,” while a Congolese government official lamented: "We just watch our country’s resources drain away with no benefit to the Congolese people.” However, Anglo AngloGold Ashanti is showing a huge profit ...but it was this conglomerate which toppled SA’s white so-called ’apartheid regime' on 'moral' grounds.

A fundamental revolutionary lesson: The enemy manouevres but it remains the enemy / Part I

An Observation (by Meckanic)

When anyone mentions the de beers, the Rothchilds, Oppenheimer and Nambia, I immediately think of Pan Am 103, the explosion at Lockerbje, Scotland. You might ask why and the answer, although simple, never seemed to make airtime in the mass media.

Pik Botha, Magnus Malan and a host of other South African representatives were traveling to the US on Pan Am Flight 103 originally, to a meeting at the UN in New York concerning Namibia. Fortunately for them, they were warned or simply re-booked to the earlier Pan Am Flight 101. Brent Carlssen however, the UN Commissioner for Namibia, after trouncing de Beers, the Rothchilds and the Oppenheimers on public television, was held up in a meeting at de Beers, London, Uk for 7 hours. Maybe this was to make sure he got on Pan Am Flight 103?

Brent Carlssen was extremely vocal concerning de Beers “rape” of Namibian resources.

In Addition:

A Bloody Harvest



The nerve of Mandela
By Emanuel McLittle

All men are not created equal. There is but one single explanation for the 6,000 years of strife, the spilling of an ocean of blood, the sacrifice of light years of progress, and the basis for the current global power struggle. All of this is the result of at least two unalterably opposing types of souls, one vicious and animal like, the other enlightened and human, fighting. Both are wrapped in an immortal struggle to dominate one planet.

The goal of any confidence game is to create a sense of doubt about the obvious.
Sociopaths, the leaders of more than three billion of the earth's people, operate through the veins of nations, its political structure. But the swindling of retirees out of their savings, or the smooth tongue needed to motivate others to commit immoral or illegal acts is child's play compared to the international drama currently being acted out on the world stage. Let there be no doubt, the draw stings that open and close the intermission curtain, the lighting to control perception (the media), the actors whose lies boggle the mind, all hang from a ventriloquist's string. They want to fool us all.

Even when the plot is hidden, the international players reveal enough for us to figure out the motive, as well as who is pulling their strings. This said, let us focus on Nelson Mandela, who recently emerged from retirement, at 85-years-old, to play a pivotal role in yet another scrimmage between the two great sides. Today the stage is set in the Middle East. The names are only coincidental. In every age there was an American viewpoint and an Iraqi viewpoint, with every man and woman in the world on one side or the other.

Mandela's job is to use his reputation as a persecuted black man, freed from a dungeon in the dessert, in 1990. His very presence impugns a conviction. White people, all white people, locked him away for 26 years of his life. He was branded a hero for all the dark people of the world for opposing white domination.

International brokers, his soul brothers in "high places," took control of Africa's wealthiest nation, placed a living martyr on its throne to reign over an idea far beyond the borders of South Africa.

People of color, in this case, the Iraqis, are said to be the perpetual victims, Mandela implies, of nation-thieves, white, western Christians out to rule the world, a desire of their own hearts.

Mandela was strategic. South Africa was merely the staging ground for the false guilt used all around the world, for various scrimmages. Mandela's impact on the rest of the world is psychological and works like a silent weapon. When Mandela speaks, as he did recently, when he accused, "America of introducing chaos in international affairs," it is a strategic chess move. With little to no experience in politics, except the killing of whites and rival Zulu tribesmen, Mandela has no legitimate claim to greatness. There are no intelligent papers penned by Mandela. Others wrote all the speeches he delivered. His thoughts belong to others. He solved none of South Africa's internal problems. He is of average intelligence and has no money other then what was given to him for his role in South Africa's fall. So,how did he become a hero?

Mandela is called one of the world's "tallest" statesmen even before he emerged from his prison cell. Fellow Marxists around the world who created Mandela now want him to use his racial capital to influence President Bush, who is smart enough to refuse to take Mandela's telephone call. It did not take a lot of nerve for Mandela to show his face after reigning over the destruction of South Africa's prosperity. To accuse America is his true nature.

Like billions of his soul brothers, Mandela is incapable of creating and building anything. His type waits for others to create and build. Then they infiltrate and take over.

I believe apartheid, set aside in 1992, was a feeble, unjust and unworkable attempt, on the part of white South Africans, to separate from the dissimilar personalities obvious in the two rivaling types of humans.

South Africa is now the AIDS capitol of the world, with 55 percent of its black population testing HIV positive, according to the U.N. South Africa also leads the world in violent crime. There are more murders and rapes (per capita) in South Africa than anywhere on the globe. To cover up, Mandela and his successors have created new forms of censorship in order to hide the mess. South Africa's Jesse Jackson, Desmond Tutu, recently asked for American aid, following the mass exodus, since 1994, of more than half of South Africa's commercial farmers. This has cut food production down by 60 percent. The reason for the mass fleeing is the near 1,500 murders of small and large white farmers by black thugs carrying military weapons, possibly distributed by the ANC.

The U.S. media is silent about South Africa's killings and rapes,
where white women and even small white children are intentionally infected ( RAPED !!! ) with the AIDS virus. To suppress the truth about their ( MARXIST ) brethren, world wide, is their job.

There are deep and vital reasons why the news is twisted by the elitists.
Western liberals claim that the leopard-like carnage we see in South Africa is due to pent up rage, for years of apartheid. But I disagree.
I propose that humans are not created equal and that what we are seeing in South Africa is the evidence that at least some men are endowed with the souls of vicious animals. Like Saddam Hussein, billions of people are dark in nature, murderous without flinching and seem gratified by horror. I further propose that this is not based on race or national origin. In fact more than half the world may belong to this race. Most are not black.

The real reason for the so-called third world is the mentality of the third world. The left says that education; the removal of poverty and the elimination of racism will make men equal in prosperity. But if that were so, America and England would be a heavenly paradise. This is where the most educated people in the world live, work and play. No, education is not the key. Wealth is not it, nor is racial equity. It is spirit gifted with some degree of illumination, without which one cannot see which way to go.

No, it is not IQ. It is Spirit. Entire continents like Africa, with 2,000 varieties of vegetables, roots, fruits, legumes and grains, to say nothing of the immense wealth in minerals, diamonds and gold would not have a third of population starving, continuously. Africa could be among the wealthiest continents in the world. But it is not. The spirit is not there. It is here, in America. And everyone knows it. Does that mean that we do not make terrible political misstates? Certainly we do. Nevertheless, that has not stopped heaven's gift basket from falling on us.

Mandela presided over great wealth earned by others and still he left South Africa in chaos. He helped to reduce a wealthy nation to near poverty status.
He stands next to Saddam and defends Iraq not because he believes so much in Iraq's cause but because they are brothers in the truer sense that FOX, CNN or ABC can comprehend. Saddam and Mandela are of the same heart and they know it. All of the evil of this world know each other.

North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, most of Europe, Asia, Syria, and the majority of the UN Security Council, are all on Saddam's side, no matter their rhetoric. This treatise is not entirely about Mandela. It is about redefining the real nature of our current global conflict, with Iraq in the middle at this time. All the political deviants know each other. It is the people of good-will who are strangers. This is also about every other conflict we have ever had, since a man with one world view bludgeoned his brother, who had a different world view, to death. The friction is eternal. The stakes are higher than ever. No more wooden clubs. Now comes the threat of atomic weapons. Prophets predicted their use.

This is the time to know for sure, what side you are on.

Black People Aren't Animals -
But That's How Liberals Treat Them

By Andrew Kenny

In South Africa the news is so terrible and the response of our leaders so contemptuous and inept that something close to despair is seeping through the land. Every day there are on average 59 murders, 145 rapes and 752 serious assaults, and now a new crime is being reported: the rape of babies. (Note - these are only the officially reported crimes - ed) This month a five-month-old baby was raped by two men; afterwards the surgeon had to remove her bowels.

Women and children are being abused and killed in high numbers within the family, and the response of our minister of safety and security, Steve Tshwete, has been to declare airily, "We cannot police this; there is nothing more we can do." Mrs Marike de Klerk, the ex-wife of the former president, has been murdered in her flat. The rand, which was at five to the pound in 1994 when the ANC took over, now stands at 17 to the pound. Unemployment is at 33 per cent.

The Actuarial Society of South Africa estimates that 12 per cent of the population is HIV-positive, but this is of little concern to the government because President Mbeki says that HIV cannot cause Aids. This month, at a Southern African Development Community (SADC) meeting, the South African government gave its unqualified support to President Mugabeí s reign of terror and lawlessness in Zimbabwe. Emigration from South Africa (mainly of skilled people) is at its highest level ever.

So, is South Africa doomed to follow the rest of Africa into oblivion? No. There is a remedy, but it is a radical remedy. There is no way forward except by liberal democracy; that is, the rule of the law and a government elected on a universal franchise. It is true that black Africans were better off under colonial rule than they are now. It is also true that South Africa has the strongest economy in Africa simply because it had the most white people who ruled for the longest time. However, bringing back any form of white-minority rule is morally and politically untenable - and anyway no whites would want the job.

For liberal democracy to work in Africa it is essential that two principles should be put into effect. First, we must tell the truth in public. Second, we must treat black people as human beings. I realise that these are shocking and radical departures, but without them there is no hope.

The fundamental moral difference between a human and an animal is that the human can be blamed when he does wrong. When a dog behaves badly, we blame the human owner for not bringing it up properly. In Africa, when blacks behave badly, we blame the colonialists (or the imperialists or apartheid or globalisation or something) for not bringing them up properly.

When panic-stricken policemen of the apartheid regime shot dead 69 black people at Sharpeville in 1960, the world rose up in outrage. When the minority Tutsi regime in Burundi set about the cold-blooded slaughter of more than 100,000 Hutus in 1972, there was utter silence. This is because the killers at Sharpeville were whites and so morally culpable, while in Burundi they were black and so not morally culpable. In both cases nobody cared a row of beans about the black victims.

In the 1980s President Mugabe, who regards ordinary black Africans with a degree of contempt unmatched by the worst white thugs of apartheid, systematically butchered some 10,000 black people in Zimbabwe without any objection from the world. Today the ANC, which screamed for sanctions against Ian Smith and apartheid, has issued not a single statement condemning the massive violation of human rights ó far worse than under Smith ó under Mugabe. Again, the reason is that Smith, being white, is a human who can be blamed, while Mugabe, being black, is a subhuman who cannot be blamed. This belief is the fundamental reason for the disintegration of sub-Saharan Africa.

In South Africa, we do not tell the truth in public (what we say in private is entirely different). This is because Thabo Mbeki, like Robert Mugabe, has perfected the technique of silencing all criticism by declaring all critics to be racists. It is very similar to the 15th-century Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) used to convict people of witchcraft. ëIf we say you are a witch, you are a witch,í has become, ëIf we say you are a racist, you are a racist.í Suppose you were to say, ëThere are too many traffic accidents in South Africa.í This would be proof positive that you are a racist: you would be giving out a ëcoded messageí that blacks cannot drive properly; you would be suggesting covertly that blacks are incapable of ruling the country; your agenda would be a return to apartheid; your criticism a veiled plea to protect the narrow white self-interest and deny advancement to the black masses. Such censure would stop any attempt to improve road safety.

In a country where millions of people are without running water and sanitation, the ANC has decided to spend R60 billion on gleaming new weapons, far in excess of our needs. Following an inquiry into corruption surrounding this arms deal, President Mbeki declared that its critics had ëthe racist conviction that Africans, who now govern our country, are naturally prone to corruption, venality and mismanagementí.

Thus few dare to criticise the ANC in public, and this lack of honest criticism is crippling our economy, shutting out the normal signals that feed information into a healthy democracy, and condemning millions of blacks to brutal, grinding poverty. Our dreadful crime levels are caused partly by our dreadful unemployment, which is caused by our dreadful labour laws. These laws make it so difficult to fire anybody that employers are too scared to hire anybody. The Employment Equity Act requires compulsory racial classification of workers using apartheid definitions such as ëColouredí and ëIndianí. ëAffirmative Actioní requires you to make appointments on race, not on merit. Our business leaders donít attack these ruinous measures for fear of being called racists or losing government contracts.

Instead they smile, nod their heads and quietly shift their businesses and money overseas. Anglo-American and other major South African companies have already moved to London, and more would love to follow. In the companies still here, cynical white senior managers implement the Affirmative Action policies as they prepare for their retirement. Eskom, the public electricity utility, has a ëspace-creationí policy whereby white engineers and managers are encouraged to resign to make way for blacks. The main criterion in a manager's performance appraisalí is the percentage of blacks he has working under him. The education ministry had a policy of redeployment to get rid of white teachers.

The fact that jobs are awarded on the basis of skin colour has many evil consequences. Blacks getting jobs this way feel humiliated, while the excluded whites feel resentful. Some blacks, knowing that employers are desperate to fill their racial quotas, demand far more than a white would for the same job. Some blacks become rentiers who feel entitled to high pay and fancy company cars simply because of their colour. No matter how poor the performance of some blacks, employers dare not dismiss them, and can get rid of them only by giving them enormous severance packages. The competent blacks are associated with the incompetent blacks and they, too, get caught up in the cycle of frustration and resentment. Business efficiency falls, race relations suffer, and whites leave the country. Affirmative Action applies only to a tiny elite of educated blacks, while the vast majority live in desperate poverty and the huge black army of unemployed keeps growing. And if you say, "Get rid of these terrible laws that are shutting millions of black people out of the economy", you are condemned as a racist protecting white privilege.

The outstanding achievement of the ANC government has been financial management. Our debts are small and inflation is low. Unfortunately, the phrase ëOur economic fundamentals are soundí is always followed by the phrase ëThe rand drops to a new lowí. There are all sorts of silly explanations for this, including ëspeculationí and ëracismí, but the simple reason is that the South African economy is less efficient than that of other countries and is becoming worse. To produce a unit of added value in South Africa costs more than in other countries; rand costs cannot be reduced because of restrictions such as those caused by the trade unions; and so the rand drops against other currencies to compensate. The inefficiency is caused by lack of investment, low levels of skills, low morale, the labour laws and a poor infrastructure of communications, health and law enforcement.

Amid the gloom there are two recent examples of how things can be made to work well. The official opposition in South Africa is the Democratic party, which had an impeccable history of fighting apartheid and included the wonderful Helen Suzman. It is now led by Tony Leon, a tough, articulate liberal. The ANC loathes the DP far more than it loathes any of the former supporters of apartheid.

Two years ago, the DP formed an alliance to rule the Western Cape province. And, lo!, they were able to solve problems thought to be insoluble. They distributed free anti-retroviral drugs to all poor pregnant women with HIV and to women who had been raped ó something that has never been done in any province ruled by the ANC. They rapidly stopped a wave of assassinations against black bus-drivers and black passengers. They provided a measure of free water and electricity to the poor. Their education minister, a dedicated and courageous woman, Helen Zille, provided proportionately more funding to the poorer schools (which happen to be black), and made sure that the pupils rather than the atrocious black teachersí trade union were the primary consideration. Things improved markedly. Of course, the ANC vilified them for this, ceaselessly accusing them of racism. Unfortunately, for disgraceful reasons, the coalition has broken up and the ANC will now rule the Western Cape.

South African newspapers are free, but almost all are craven supporters of the ANC and feel that their civic duty is to protect the government from the people, especially people such as Tony Leon. They do not allow any potent criticism of President Mbeki with one conspicuous exception: Aids. Here they constantly condemn Mbeki's stance. This has given courage to civil organisations, and one of them, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), has taken the government to court for its refusal to provide poor people with anti-retroviral drugs, and won. It is an inspiring triumph for South African democracy.

South Africa has huge resources and many talented, industrious people. We can make our country safe and prosperous, but to do so requires great moral courage. We must condemn Mbeki when he does wrong. We must get rid of callous idiots such as Steve Tshwete. We must say what is true, no matter how loudly we are called racists for doing so. We must appoint, criticise, praise, pity and punish black men in exactly the same way as we appoint, criticise, praise, pity and punish white men.

If we carry on with the lies, smiles and silence, we are surely doomed.

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