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November 22 2012

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Benefit to, or Bane of, Society
(or just another buzz program in a political bag of dirty tricks?)
Dave Meckanic - May 12, 2007

Any opinions are mine, blah, blah, blah

One small note, I am not affiliated with the WSAS blog, but my articles do show up there from time to time (and it is appreciated). Picture grabbed from Eli.

I don't know if anyone has looked at the problem of migration and species/breed importation this way, but it is a two edged sword. I am going to draw some parallels here to simple breed importation and subsequent migration. I wrote this for WSAS as an easily understandable analogy to present immigration politics. I realize people are going to play the race card and call me racist (even though I am not), however, document is simple logic.

Have you ever looked at ecosystems and the country-based laws preventing the migration and importation of plant and animal breeds/species to host countries. The laws are in place to protect the indigenous plant and animal breeds/species. In the case of invading breed or species, depending on its motivation and ability to survive, they can create a hazard or a nuisance, or in the seriously adverse scenario, can overcome and destroy a presently indigenous breed/species.

Example: Nuisance Breeds/Species - Zebra Snails

One example of a nuisance breed/species is the Zebra Snail, which now presently infests the Great Lakes chain in North America. They were apparently brought in, in an uncontrolled ballast hold of a ship, dumped and then they proliferated out of control. Now that the Zebra snails are here, cleaning them off machinery, boats, reactor water feeds, etc., costs millions of dollars a year.

Example: Destructive Breeds/Species - African Killer Bees

An example of a destructive breed/species would be the African Killer Bees. They are orders of magnitude more aggressive than natural North American bees. Killer Bees are destroying the honey producing industry and as well pose a serious health risk to humans and other animals. Because of the problems they are creating, whole new industries have sprouted to combat the migration of these bees from moving further northward, at costs to the host society of tens of millions of dollars yearly, not including damage to property and loss of life.


Ever action in ecosystem politics generally creates an equal and opposite reaction, unless managed with the greatest of care and how we attend to these breed/species based interactions. At present however, we don't even understand our planet, we can't control our weather, we haven't colonized any other planets as an escape route should we screw up and we are not even a Type 1 civilization. Yet we (the collective or the few economists out there) pretend to know better and espouse to understand what is right for the many when actually what they produce is what is right for the few. No one can know what is required in the management of this planet with absolute certainty, at least not yet as we are an immature society that lives within the delicate framework of a system that has taken a billion years to evolve and that requires very little to throw into chaos. Failures in greed based mismanagement are showing themselves now as what might become completely negative planetary effects, like Global Warming.

Kill the insects and the plants die, kill the plants and insects and the birds die and up the chain it goes until everything dies, including the collective “us.”

Animals, such as snails are indigenous to North America as are bees and of course there is not a single breed/species of a particular plant or animal in the world. Some are more aggressive and dominant than others, and moving these breeds/species to new habitats and host countries almost always ends in disaster. Which brings me to my point...

Multiculturalism - Human Integration

Every living thing on this planet has evolved to be best suited to the environment in which it adapted. Breeds of animal adapt for specific environments, otherwise, we would see polar bears in Panama and snakes in the Antarctic. Mammals however, because they are warm blooded can adapt almost anywhere, over a period of tens of thousands of years. Bears are actually a good example, one breed lives in the Arctic another lives in more temperate climates. Birds also, Penguins in the Antarctic and 1000’s of other breeds elsewhere.

Man (homo sapiens) as a primary group have many breeds/species, but we are thinkers, more sentient than most mammals and other animals, and therefore orders of magnitude more intelligent and adaptable. In our species grouping there are different breeds and percentages of "more intelligent and adaptable" individuals. In our case (as opposed to plants and other animals), a number of the individual elements from another human breed/species can be imported or migrate to the benefit of the host collective human society at large *IF* compatible or in the adverse, can be considerably more destructive than “Killer Bees.”

The mass migration or import of other human breeds/species, without sufficient checks and balances being maintained for performance and compatibility, would end much like the Zebra Snails or the African Killer Bees. The migration or importation of the new non-compatible breed/species will either create a nuisance or will destroy the host society in which the importation occurs. In both cases, the cost to the host society of repairing the mistake would be enormous. So, the manner in which we handle refugees and migration must be addressed and the flow must be curbed until such time that we can develop viable checks and balances. There is no sense or reason in allowing the patient (immigrant) to live while the doctor (host country) dies.

In Africa, a breed/species of intelligent and organized humans migrated from Europe, dominated the continent and forced it in certain areas to conform to a mean global average in industrial output and a raising of individual standards. One of the problems was however, that the indigenous population (host) was "forced" to comply with the dominant (migrating) breed’s/species “rules.” In this case it is not necessarily an adverse transformation, as the dominance of those migrating provided world standards to the indigenous people (host) as well as education, food and health care, to allow them to come to their full potential. The pre-1994 South Africa wrought order out of chaos and fought to maintain the standards of the global community. Unfortunately, they did it by force, as there was never a consensus within the indigenous people (host) population as  they could not get along with each other. A man from one tribe will never be willingly controlled by a man from another tribe and that is the original rule in Africa, hence there can be no consensus in the "ground state," only chaos between tribes and countries. This is evidenced by the ethnic cleansing that occurs in so many African Nations. Consequently, African nations WILL ALWAYS revert to their "ground state" of chaos if there is no intervention from a more advanced breed/species or until such time as the indigenous breeds/species develops similar ethics and morals to the level of the more advanced breeds/species in the world.

The United States, Canada, Europe and Japan have a different problem, these are societies with advanced human breeds/species allowing migration, or importing another human breeds/species, from other countries. The migrating/imported breeds/species brings with it, it's "ground state," ethics and morals (or lack thereof), where it is “normal” to steal from another "tribe", rape their women or murder to get ahead and become the "alpha male." This is evidenced simply in the damage done by, and the message promoted in, "rap" music (which has been created by the imported/migrating breeds/species and talking isn’t singing).

Because of the lack of controls by governments in North America and Europe, they have created a breed/species identity transference problem, where the ethics and morals of the "encroaching/invading" breeds/species are cast upon the host breeds/species, which of course leads to the transfer of behavioral characteristics, e.g. theft, murder, rape, laziness, etc. In effect a "dumbing down" of the host breeds/species and population at large occurs, as this transformation of the host population develops at a young age and is promoted by both government and educational institutions. Crime levels increase and productivity drops, which has an incredible economic impact on the "host" country and its ability to sustain itself and compete in world markets. Like the Zebra Snails and Killer Bees, the host country has a serious problem with both the nuisance factor and destructive capabilities of the invading breed/species.

So... what is the bottom line?

We can work together and we can live together, however, we must be selective in the manner in which we allow other breeds/species into our "space." Every human breed/species has good and bad characteristics and individuals, I don't care what breed/species you belong to, white, black, yellow, red. etc., there are always individuals who excel (at something other than theft, rape and murder) with the right education, training and nurturing that can be integrated into the "societies" of differing breeds/species of human. There are a number of excellent examples in the area of physics and math, where individuals from other human breeds/species groups excel and produce graceful and comprehensive theories in mathematics (most that are not from North America or Europe are from southern/eastern Asia it would appear).

However, the uncontrolled and/or forced integration of other breeds/species is not tenable when entertaining the migration or importation of a breeds/species that will cause negative impact and direct harm to a host breed’s/species society. The object is not to regress, it is to advance and move from a chaotic to an ordered society. Hence the importation of an advanced to a non-advanced breed/species has great benefit in increasing the productivity and general well-being of the non-advanced breed/species. The importation of a non-advanced to advanced breeds/species, has the opposite effect, the non-advanced breeds/species will drag the advanced breed/species down to their level and ultimately destroy them. My son has a saying, "Never argue with a moron, they will drag you down their level and beat you with experience." Such is the case in present day North America and Europe, the lax immigration laws and government promoted importation of non-advanced breeds/species is placing a serious drain on the economies, infrastructure, health and well being of the host breed/species.

One excellent and very apparent example is the US Mexican migration problem. Mexican's come into the US and use infrastructure without paying taxes, which places a direct financial burden on hospitals, roads, water supply, sewage systems, garbage disposal and many other services. The unpaid increase in infrastructure costs are as much as 25 to 35 percent higher than what would be expected without the migration problem in Southern States on the Mexican border. This quite simply results in tens of billions of dollars in increased tax payer burdens, which the migrant/invading breeds/species should be paying rather than the host breeds/species. In a way, this is theft by the Mexican migrants of money paid by the US taxpayers.

These are simple realities and common sense.


I understand there will be a great number of "politically correct" individuals out there who do not agree with me, but like the Zebra Snails and the African Killer Bees, one should not fuck with mother nature. Natural law and its rule subsets are reasonably self-apparent, are there for a reason and should be followed within limits to the benefit of the planet and society. But the UN/IMF does not follow natural law and would like to screw with mother nature. As an example, the CFR/IMF via Canada and Monsanto Corporation have introduced UN based cooperative legislation to promote the forced use of "Terminate Seeds" worldwide, this is just another example of screwing with mother nature and IMF global control. Terminate Seeds produce one crop, no more, and the genetic material from the Terminate Seeds can cross pollinate to other plants. At best case, every farmer in the world and hence every government will have to obtain their crops from seeds produced by Monsanto or some other CFR/IMF controlled corporation. Control the food supply and you control the world, which is the object. In the worst case, 99% of all natural indigenous plant life on the planet will die within 10 to 20 years.

In addition to the case against the CFR/IMF and the UN, just because the planetary "norm" might be that children can marry and have sex at nine years old (as allowed by the UN in the Treaty of the Child because of the unbridled population explosion in Asian, India and Africa), it doesn't mean that it is right. Just because one breed/species believes that it is a normal "job" to steal, rape and murder, doesn't mean it is right. Just because groups like the UN believe we should all open our borders and allow the mass migration of other breeds/species into our countries and that it should be normal, doesn't mean it's right. Countries like Canada and the European Union have backed the CFR/IMF/UN attempt to change the world view of the entire planet and this has been ongoing since the 60’s or earlier.

There are limits to how much shit humans will take, but like the frog in the slowly heated water, humans have become more and more acclimatized to the garbage governments, corporations, the UN and the IMF spew, and the violence, the lack of consideration and complete ignorance in society, possibly to the point where we don't seem to see the real “picture,” that in a few short years the water will boil, and we will all be lost. Take a man from the 60's and throw him into the "now," he would be taking up arms and telling the governments to get the hell out of "Dodge." But governments (or their controllers actually, like the IMF), were clever, they gave us negative change and 16,000 new laws per year over a period of 30 years, time enough to subconsciously adapt to the shit we were fed. It's really time we all opened our eyes, gave our heads a shake and looked at what is really going on in the world.

Up until the late 1950's and early 1960's North American and European society was extremely selective in “who” they allowed into their countries. Government, at the time, being a little less insidious, less subversive and with possibly less self-interest and self-importance listened somewhat to its constituents and behaved reasonably well, as at least a "part-time" servant of the people (even though the CFR/IMF were still scheming in the background). Today however, government's role has changed, it only listens to itself and its controllers, those being large multinational corporations, global economists, the world bank, the CFR/IMF and the UN. The sound of constituent’s complaints have been silenced by a change in government focus. Countries are split and divided amongst imported or migrated ethnic groups to the point where there can be no consensus among a majority of population groups. Like the tribes in South Africa, each breed/species in the multicultural morass has its own agenda and will generally refuse to compromise or support another group. This is very similar to the tactics used in South Africa, pre-1994, as there was no common consensus between all the different ethnic and tribal groups, therefore the government made all the decisions without a referendum.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that the IMF/UN/ANC destroyed South Africa to rape its resources, as this is normal behavior for the IMF/UN/ANC and exactly the same as Apartheid, which they criminalized for the sake of their own programs while introducing the new Apartheid under the guise of Political Correctness and Affirmative Action. Hence, the dynamic of government control has made a shift, whereby, they don't have to listen to their constituents as they (the people) cannot focus and agree on a direction. Therefore, the government runs wild (presently within limits but not for much longer) and makes its own rules to accommodate its controllers first, itself second and finally the people who elected them, last.

One of the methods of causing a fracture in society and population focus is to increase group breed/species diversity and to increase conflict driven group dynamics, or what is known as multiculturalism. This limits maximum breed/species group size to something less than a majority (51%) of the controlled population, and that plus "political correctness" (the outlawing of opinions) insulates governments and keeps them in power, and it of course keeps the population powerless. If you don't believe me, open your mind and look at your own country, look at the parallels, look at the problems and the common denominator. It will always come back to problems similar to the introduction of Zebra Snails and African Killer Bees. You can't migrate or import breeds/species into new environments or other breeds/species die.

Posted by Eli the Bearded on WSAS at 11:25 AM 50 comments



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