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November 22 2012

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Leaving Africa

klm1Leaving Africa
Dave Meckanic - August 4, 2007

One small note, I am not affiliated with the WSAS blog, but my articles do show up there from time to time (and it is appreciated). Picture grabbed from Eli.

I'm a pretty normal guy, middle class, worked for Armscor and military contractors pre-1990 in South Africa. I arrived in SA in 1986 after friends told me how wonderful it was and to not listen to the global media reports that were depicting the "Apartheid Era Horrors." They were right, South Africa is by far the most beautiful and diverse country I had ever seen or lived in and was full of opportunity for a lowly hardware/software engineer and physicist like myself. More important, THERE WERE NO APARTHEID ERA HORRORS that I saw and I was all over, on borders, military bases, key-points, downtown in cities, etc. except Soweto, where the denizens of that pit killed each other by necklacing, the horror and legacy of Mandela. There was the nightmare pain of war on borders and I saw that regularly, but terrorists of any colour are like any other form of criminal; just a bit more heinous and insidious which required being dealt with quicker and more effectively. Over the four years I was in South Africa, I grew to love "her" as my own and even after 17 years, I still miss "her," desperately.

Being attached to the military, security clearances and my position in developing weapons systems, I of course had inside information on what was happening at the time and in the near future. After the situations with the UN/ANC Helderberg catastrophe in 1987, the Angolan/SWA conflicts, the US/Iraq arms deals in 1988 and the diamond/gold extortions by the UN/IMF in 1989 to release Mandela, I saw the writing on the wall and looked at the standard instinctive choices of which there are really only two, fight or flight. After much soul searching, I decided to give up everything, including my future in South Africa for the sake of my family and left, with literally the shirts on our backs and R3300. I'm a big guy and hardened over the four short years from everything I saw and did, but I cried having to tell everyone I was going. Not over losing material "things," but over the people I knew I would never see again and the country I had grown to love. I lost a bit of my soul when I left SA. However, if faced with the same situation, I would do it again.

Some people might consider it to be a cowards way out, but my family and their well being was far more important to me than my self-esteem or some future noble, yet ineffectual act, that may have put them in harm's way. Regardless, it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life. My country of origin, Canada, because of my military association with South Africa wanted to see me dead. At least the refusals and inaction of the Canadian Administrative Consul in Pretoria, R. A. (Adrian) J. Brazeau, spoke louder than words, even though he did tell my wife he would help her and the kids get out, "But only if I was dead first and they happened to still be alive" (it's a long story but when you are in charge of, and have designed military defense and weapons systems, you can quickly move from asset to liability after you decide to leave). This is not taken out of context and speaks to the liberal bias and world hate at the time directed at South Africa, or any involvement with them, promoted by the UN, G7 countries and the mass media. I was fortunate, in that I could return to Canada, as I was still a Canadian citizen, even if I did get grilled by CSIS a little and Foreign Affairs here told other Canadian departments and agencies that I was a mercenary.

Others will not be able to make it out as “easily” as I (even though my egress was not easy by any stretch of the imagination), as they will not be able to liquidate their assets and buy the required plane tickets. Even worse, where do you go and what do you do when you get to a new country? Countries all over the world have a bias against Caucasians, especially those from sub Sahara Africa due to the politically correct affirmative action policies in developed countries that favour the stupid, over the effective. With all the outsourcing being performed by huge corporations and multinationals that are shipping jobs to India, China and other third world nations, the requirements for engineers, scientists and key thinkers has fallen by the wayside in developed countries, for the sake of profits. Our countries are rapidly becoming the home of minimum wage meat puppets and zombies, biological automatons, directed to consume at all costs within societies driven by fear and all of this is supported by our governments.

On the global political front, the UN which is socialist supports other socialist nations under the edict and control of the IMF which is in turn controlled by the owners of the major multinational corporations and banks/insurance companies that are turning developed countries into economic wastelands. Socialism, is a form of Communism and therefore it is not hard to understand that the UN would support Marxist regimes, which is another form of Communism. If we take it one step further, if Marxism is the evil son of Communism, Socialism the retarded daughter and since the UN is "in bed" with the ANC and other Marxist dictatorships, like the one in Zimbabwe, isn't that some form of political incest? It's not really that unlike Monarchistic regimes where the ruling elite interbreed to produce both physically and mentally dysfunctional offspring. Hence we have the New South Africa, as dysfunctional as they come for a once first world nation.

The shepherding of multiculturalism by the UN was thrust upon us all in the early 60's under the guise of tolerance, which of course spawned that "thing" now known as political correctness. Now thoughts and opinions have become crimes against humanity and the laws, weapons against free thinking. In many cases in a number of countries, it is far worse to be considered a racist, rather than a murderer or rapist. A new "label" has been applied, "hate crimes," which is considered far more dangerous by the powers that be, than the murderer of whole families, which is especially prevalent in South Africa. But even nations like Canada tend to give more air time against these so called "hate mongers" than all the interracial murders and rapes that occur every year within our borders. This paradigm shift is an easy thing to accomplish when you have control of mass media, just suppress real crime and inflate the imagined. After all, we can't have the truth interfering with perceived reality or clouding the issues, can we?

Race, which probably came from the Greek Olympics, is a new "old" word for breed. We are thinking, sentient, mammals that have ability to quantitize our own definitions because we are self aware, but we are still mammals and as such, animals. Therefore like dogs, bears, cats, whales or any other mammal, our species of homo-sapiens, like any dog or cat, are defined by breeds, not races! If you forcibly place a violent or aggressive breed in the same environment as a passive/semi-aggressive breed, the passive/semi-aggressive breed will become a food source for the aggressive breed, or might even simply be killed for "sport." If you put thirty violent Pit Bulls in a pen with one Chow, the Pit Bulls will fight each other and the Chow until the Chow is dead and one Pit Bull is left. However, pit them one on one and the Chow will make short work of the Pit Bull. But the Chow doesn't want to fight unless it has to, so if there is an exit vector, it will take it and leave allowing the Pit Bulls to kill each other off. (I've seen a Pit Bull after it got off its leash attack a Chow on the street, the Chow put it down in less than 2 minutes and there was nothing I could do to stop it. In the alternative, I've seen the two Chows that I had, fight over food and it took me 37 minutes to get them apart and I tried everything. So I am trying to make an analogy concerning something I have seen and experienced.)

There is a similar situation occurring in South Africa and I used the ratio of 30:1 for a reason, it's close to correct. South Africa is now truly a nation of incoherence and hate. The "allegedly" indigenous peoples (and illegal migrants) have been conditioned by Mandela and the ANC, in effect, bred to hate. They were told to not get an education, to burn their schools and that it was OK to kill and rape any Afrikaner or Caucasian, because they owed them, big time, for all the oppression of Apartheid. It's easy for Mandela to speak tolerance out of one side of his face and then hate from the other, we've all seen it in videos that for some reason just don't reach mass madia airing. This of course, by association, falls to the UN and their support of Mandela, the ANC and Marxist regimes such as Mugabe's hell hole of Zimbabwe. Support can be active or simply silence, "I say nothing, therefore I agree." Give a "thing" that preaches hate a Nobel Peace Prize and hate becomes normal, a goal to be attained. Receiving a prize for the chaos that one creates, causes others to aspire likewise. It’s interesting that in order to procure a Nobel Peace Prize, all one must do is kill a little (or a lot), directly or indirectly, plot the overthrow of a government, spend some time in jail for your crimes and preach violence.

If I can see this extremely simple relationship between the UN, Hate and a Nobel Peace Prize, surely the UN and many others see it as well. That being said, there can only be one logical conclusion, the UN and/or their controllers know exactly what they are doing and ultimately it seems, the goal is to murder and rape its way to all the resources of South Africa or any other country they target and screw the collateral damage, it's just people in the way. Personally, I don't advocate violence or the overthrowing of legitimate governments, but where does one draw the line on legitimacy? When a government refuses to honour or maintain its constitution or bends to the will of an outside force allowing harm to come to its citizens, it is no longer legitimate in my humble opinion.

FW de Klerk’s government in my opinion was illegitimate, it bent to the will of the UN and its member nations, promoting in effect the utter destruction of South Africa over time. The present ANC government was installed on extortion and a lie by the UN, IMF, ANC and de Klerks government. Allegedly in SA, everything was going to be OK. WRONG, they all lied and at first or second place as the worlds most violent, crime ridden country now, after the last seventeen years since I was there, it's slid a long way down hill on the global scale. Someone in the past NP government should “spill the beans” on the diamond and gold extortion by the IMF and see what shakes out of that tree before Vlok provides more information, or maybe Vlok could pipe up about that one as well. You can't change your situation or win if you don't know your enemy! Which of course brings us full circle;

Fight or Flight?

If you can get out, do it, even if you think you can't, do it! Research refugee status in other countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Find out what your options are and get out. Let the UN/IMF/ANC "marriage made in hell" implode all of Sub Sahara Africa, because you don't want to be there, not if, but when it happens. You're in a bullet train and there's one last stop before that final tunnel which has no power (Eskom forgot), MagLev is going to fail, the train is going to come off the guides in the tunnel at 600kph and help will come too late, but probably not at all. When I left South Africa, I found I could not rely on anyone for help from outside, so I was in the same position you are now, except I had a country I could go back to and couldn't be refused, even though they could have hit me with tens of thousands of dollars in fines, but I still went back.

You can't fight this. No matter how smart you think you are, it would be suicide and give the ANC what they consider a legitimate reason for genocide, remember 30:1 and if there was a revolution, think about what will happen. If you make and take "ground" there's always the UN and other troops that will come in and put you down, because they can't have those damned Afrikaners making any headway, that would be bad for multiculturalism and the politically correct in the world. Like the Pit Bulls and the Chow, you would be working against insurmountable odds with absolutely no support from the world community due to the UN and mass media pollution of present day thinking.


In the meantime, the only thing you can do, leave or not, is get the message out there, hope it is out there in time and it's taken seriously! Don't be racist because you want full media coverage and to be able to speak to every person without them changing the channel or flipping the page because of the professed, offense, to their petty, ignorant and programmed sensibilities. Don't give them a reason to turn you off or ignore you! Be in their face as much as possible. If you can, get human interest stories from the actual people that have been directly harmed by this trend in South Africa or Zimbabwe. Nothing impacts like real life and the horrors people experience at the hands of the government and others, especially when written by themselves. Use analogies to help connect people to your ideas, because analogies help people visualize your content. You need to educate people on a level playing field first, then take the high ground when you have made some headway to accelerate the process. You need to use mass media to your own advantage to get the true story out there, use its weight against itself. Always remember your audience! If the content is racist or isn’t interesting and entertaining, you will lose 80-90% of your audience immediately. Imagine what it would be like “touching” the minds of 5 to 10 or 100 times the number of people that visit this blog right now.

One last item, “The measure of intelligence of a person is not what they know, but what knowledge and comprehension they can give freely to another, that they can use.”

I have no prejudices myself and the standing joke is that "I hate everyone equally" but not because of colour or religion or creed or race/breed, but because of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance, therefore I have no trouble filtering what you say on this blog and seeing the real implications of what is happening and what is coming. Not everyone is like me, already hard conditioned to killing terrorists and the covert acts of war, the majority of others have not had world experience, certainly not on borders or battlefields. If people refuse to watch horror, show it to them in a different light, change it to retain the impact but make it more readily acceptable by making the inhuman, human, so you get your message across.

These are just some of my thoughts, my past and opinions on the presently accelerating situation in South Africa. I am not one to give up on anything if I can help it, but in this case like mine, I don't believe there are a lot of choices. I do however, wish everyone in South Africa, health and happiness, whether you stay or leave, but not at the expense of others.

Posted by Eli the Bearded on WSAS at 9:03 AM 96 comments



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